Best Garmin GPS under 100


How to Select the Best Garmin GPS under 100


Garmin GPS systems are one of the most popular and dependable, and many people couldn’t image driving without one. While some Garmin GPS devices can be expensively priced, it is possible to find one that is affordable. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier for you to find the best Garmin GPS under 100.

Best Garmin GPS under 100


When you are looking for an affordable GPS by Garmin you want to carefully consider the unit’s construction. Most lower priced models have been reconditioned by the factory, which means that you do have to watch out for a little wear and tear. Along with ensuring that the GPS is durable, it should also include a warranty and an inspection certificate issued by Garmin.


Easy to Use

The best Garmin GPS under 100 should be easy to use, which is especially important when you are driving. Large, brightly lit screens are generally easier to read at a glance, and models with voice activated directions ensure that you safely get to your destination. Once touch buttons make it easier to navigate through the menu, and an included owner’s manual can help make set up quick and easy.



Free map and road updates for the life of the GPS will ensure that you always know the best route, and an included mount make it easy to attach the device to your dash or windshield. Flashing directional arrows can prevent you from missing a turn, and bright color screens that display the posted speed can save you money on traffic tickets.


Top Rated Garmin GPS devices under 100


While we can’t choose the right device for you, we can show you the best Garmin GPS. Affordably priced and certified by Garmin, maybe one of these navigational systems is exactly what you need for your next road trip.


Garmin nuvi 42LM Portable Vehicle GPS 


1.Garmin nuvi 42LM GPSThis GPS device is certified and tested by Garmin, and also includes a one year warranty for your peace of mind. Even though it has been reconditioned by the factory, it still looks like new and includes all of the original features. Perfect for use in almost any vehicle, it also includes a convenient stand for mounting on your dashboard or windshield.

The 4.3 inch color display is easy to read in any lighting, and the split screen clearly displays exactly where you are going. The directional arrows help to ensure you never miss a turn, and you will also appreciate being able to see your arrival time. The friendly voice will alert you to upcoming turns and lane changes so you never have to take your eyes off the road, and with a lifetime of free mapping updates you will always know the best route to take.

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Garmin nuvi 52LM GPS Navigation


2.Garmin nuvi 52LM GPSThis Garmin GPS has been reconditioned to look and function like new, and also includes a one year warranty. It has been certified and tested by Garmin to ensure that you are getting a quality product, and you will love its affordable price. It also includes all of the original features and accessories, including the convenient suction cup mount.

The bright 5 inch color screen is easy to read in any lighting, and the friendly directional voice helps you safely get where you are going. Not only will it alert you when a turn is up ahead, it will also announce the street name so you know exactly where you are going. This GPS also features a convenient touch screen so you can easily navigate through the menu. With directional arrows that clearly mark your route and a lifetime of free map updates, you will never know that this Garmin GPS was not newly purchased.

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Garmin nuvi 65LM GPS Navigators System


3.Garmin nuvi 65LM GPSCertified by Garmin to function like new and with an included one year warranty, there is very little not to like about this affordable GPS system. You have the advantage of the bright color display that can be split into two screens for easy viewing. The directional arrows will show you exactly where you are going, along with highlighting upcoming turns and lane changes.

The voice activated commands let you keep your eyes on the road while you are driving, and will alert you anytime you need to merge or get ready to make a turn. It will also let you know the exit number, along with the approximate distance to the next turn. It includes preloaded maps for 49 of the U.S. states so you can easily start planning your next road trip. With a lifetime of free map updates also included, along with a convenient mount this GPS is perfect for city and long distance drives.

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