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Everyone loves grilled food, burgers, cheeseburgers, stakes, vegetables and fish, with a subtle smoked flavour. It is important to have around a professional gas grill which can help you prepare delicious food, worthy of sharing with friends and family members on special occasions. Still, the huge number of models present on the market today makes it pretty difficult to select the right one, especially if you don’t consult some of the current best gas grills reviews. With a carefully designed gas grill you will be able to precisely prepare delicious grilled food without putting in too much effort into it.


Weber 386002 Q 100 gas grill


Best gas grills under $500If you are attentive to the food you want to prepare and serve to your friends and family members, then a professional gas grill should be present in your backyard. Today’s technical statistics recommend people to use without reservations Weber 386002 Q 100 portable gas grill. Considered as one of the best gas grills under $150, this portable gas grill offers an impressive 189 square inch cooking area and also a powerful 8.500 BTU stainless steel burner that uniformly heats up the food. The grill is made out of cast aluminum with subtly painted finish and also glass-reinforced nylon frame.

“I love my grilled food as much as the next fellow and this is why I chose this grill for my home from Weber which runs on gas. I also got it because I can take it with me wherever I want so I have a picnic or a camping trip with the posibility of some excellent tasting food.” – Robert Goss

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Weber 1520 gas grill


Today, looking at the latest user testimonials it seems that one of the best gas grills under $100 is Weber 1520 Go Anywhere model. This powerful grill is very easy to manage and uses, letting you start it off with a simple push of a button and regulating the heat through the valves. The model also comes with solid porcelain-enamelled flavorizer bars for added flavours during the food preparation. This gas grill incorporates pivoting legs that can safely lock the lid in place for additional safety while you prepare food. It has a roomy 160 square inch cooking surface, and a surface composed out of triple nickel-plated cooking grate.

“I wanted to get a portable grill and after some consideration I settled for the Weber 1520 gas grill. The grill area is quite large even if the whole grill has a compact size, so that I can grill all the meat I want for my family in just one go.” – Jake Newman

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Weber 46100001 Spirit S210 gas grill


Do you want power and efficiency while you cook? Well, if the answer is yes then you should take with confidence Weber 46100001 gas grill, a model that works well and helps you prepare delicious grilled food. Regarded as one of the best gas grills under $500, this powerful cooking device comes with 2 stainless steel burners that deliver an impressive 26500 BTU per hour which is quite impressive. It offers 360 square inch of cooking area and also a precise 90 square inch area for warming. It has a cast iron set of cooking grates and also especially porcelain-enamelled flavour bars for that special flavour to sink in better.

“I don’t think I could have bought a better gas grill than this one from Weber with its excellent features that allow me to make the best grilled food for my family and guests. The reasonable price is another reason why I bought it and for which I recommned it.” – Jake Anders

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Weber 566002 Q 220 gas grill


If you are an adventurous person who loves to go camping with friends and family, you need to have around a portable gas grill. To this end, you should consider using Weber 566002 gas grill, which delivers 280 square inch coking area, where you will find porcelain enamelled cast-iron cooking grate. It will be so easy to cook with this grill that comes with a powerful 12.000 BTU burner. Furthermore, the gas grill has a built-in thermometer, a precise electronic ignition system that limits the apparition of accidental burn outs. The gas grill also comes with an exclusive 5 year warranty.

“This compact grill has been with me in many camping trips and has proven to be extremely reliable. The cooking grates are porcelain enamelled, not allowing the meat to stick to its surface. I must also point out that the ignition system is really safe.” – Rick Rooney

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Dyna-Glo Smart gas grill


One of the best gas grills under $500 is Dyna-Glo Smart gas grill, a model with thousands of satisfied users. This powerful gas grill comes with 30.000 BTU and a reliable electronic ignition system. It delivers a solid 350 primary cooking space of primary cooking and more importantly 547 square inch of total cooking space. It has 2 enamelled cast-iron cooking grates, 2 steel enamelled heat tents and also 2 stainless steel p-shaped burners for precise coking sessions. The gas grill comes with cast aluminum end caps for additional stability as you prepare food anytime you want to eat something delicious.

“The Dyno-Glo smart grill has been by my side for quite some time now grilling some excellent tasty foods. Its burners allow me to cook different types of foods an different temperatures at the same time. Also I like it shelves, which prove to be very helpful.” – Henry Thomas

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