Best Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Reviews


Expert Buying Guide on Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer


Trimming hedges with handheld clippers can be such a drag, which makes the machines featured in the best gas powered hedge trimmer reviews quite popular in the garden and lawn maintenance industry. When making this type of purchase, consider your own gardening needs. Or better yet, take note of these essential elements that you should check out when buying a gas powered hedge trimmer.

Best gas powered hedge trimmer

Blades of Glory

No, we’re not talking here of the 2007 comedy film about two rival Olympic ice skaters, but the essential components of the hedge trimmer that can bring you glory if they do what they are designed to do: cut more efficiently compared to a pair of handheld clippers.

Most of the top rated gas powered hedge trimmers 2018 are equipped with double-sided blades that cut more effortlessly. With two moving high-speed blades at work instead of just one, the hedge trimmer can cut more quickly. Dual-reciprocating blades produce less vibration than single-action blades.

Small blades are sufficient when you have to trim average-sized bushes and hedges, but longer blades let you do more even trimming despite being tougher to handle.


Easy Balance and Safety

Find out if you can carry the trimmer’s weight. This factor should also be perfectly distributed so you can easily switch from vertical to horizontal trimming in seconds. Virtually all units featured in the best gas powered hedge trimmer reviews feature a throttle lockout designed to prevent accidental operation of the throttle control. The throttle control is automatically locked in the idle setting until the throttle lockout lever is depressed. Only then is full throttle control allowed.

A safety guard or front handle shield prevents loose objects from being thrown in your direction and prevents you from accidental contact with the cutting component.


Versatile and Easy Use

The best gas powered hedge trimmer 2018 boasts a host of features that make it easy to use. It should be designed to handle both ground cover and tall hedges. Some models have a swivel position handle that enables the user to change positions and get a more comfortable grip. Others are equipped with a remote blade adjuster that enables the operator to alter the angle of the hedge trimmer without ever touching the blades. The machine should have provisions for easy transport and storage. The machine should start with minimal effort from the user. Other extremely useful features include a rear impact guard and auto return feature.


Top Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers in 2018


Trimming your hedges will not be a dreaded chore when you have a premium quality hedge trimmer to handle the job. Buying this type of equipment, especially when you’re not a lawn maintenance professional, will require some decent research. If you can’t spend an extra ten minutes to check out reviews and hedge trimmer literature, we recommend three machines, any one of which should be in your shopping cart.


Poulan Pro PP2822 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer


1.Poulan Pro PP2822You can manicure your shrubs easily when you have the Poulan Pro PP2822 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer as your lawn maintenance partner. The hedge trimmer is outfitted with a hardworking 28cc engine that powers the 22-inch dual-sided serrated blades to handle your hedges in no time. The dual action blades allow the machine to cut more quickly and efficiently. They also work with minimal vibration, ensuring less stress on the operator. The long-reach hedge cutter has a safety knife guard that protects the operator from debris or loose objects. The Poulan Pro PP2822 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer is easy to put together out of the package.

This hedge trimmer is equipped with a swivel position handle that enables the user to change position to get a better and more comfortable grip. The Poulan Pro PP2822 starts easy and handles well. The machine runs strong so you are assured of consistently clean cuts and impressive trimming results. Since it is gas-powered, the Poulan Pro PP2822 does not need an extension cord so you can go around trimming hedges easily. Handling the toughest trimming jobs easily, the Poulan Pro PP2822 offers real value for money. It has a solid build that ensures lasting use.

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Echo HC-152 Echo Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer


2.HC-152 EchoThe HC-152 Echo Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer is outfitted with a robust 21.2cc professional-grade two-cycle engine, which ensures a perfect balance of weight and power. The two-stroke engine has earned EPA certification to ensure durability. The 20-inch double-sided razor-edge blade on this machine is made of precision hardened steel, ensuring more than enough capability to cut and prune overgrown shrubs and tall hedges. The extra-sharp laser-cut blade runs in a reciprocating scissor-like motion that ensures clean cuts. Handling tough jobs really well, this hedge trimmer gives you impressive results to keep your lawn looking neat and well-maintained.

The throttle lockout is a safety feature developed to prevent the throttle control from getting activated accidentally. The throttle control is kept securely in the idle setting till the lever for the throttle lockout is depressed, which enables full throttle control. The HC-152 Echo Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer is equipped with a large front handle with safety guard to keep the operator from the blades and to protect the engine and the user from flying or loose debris. The hedge trimmer starts easily whether hot or cold. It trims both large and fine-stemmed branches quite well. Users have proven that the hedge trimmer runs a long time on a full tank of gas.

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Husqvarna 327HE4X Gas-powered Hedge Trimmer


3.Husqvarna 327HE4XBoasting an extremely lightweight build, the Husqvarna 327HE4X comes with an extended length of 4m reach ideal for the average height user. The well-balanced trimmer can be used for commercial, horticultural, agricultural and residential applications. The trimmer head can be remotely controlled in elevated use thanks to the innovative articulating cutter bar, with a 90/85 degree up/down angle range that works really well with the counterweight effect of the E Tech II engine. The E Tech II engine is certified for its reduced emissions. The rear guard/handle shields the engine from flying debris and offers maximum reach.

The remote control enables the cutter bar to be adjusted during use, without the operator having to touch the sharp and often dirty blades. Operator comfort is ensured thanks to the comfort grip handles and isolated drive shaft. Easy starting is guaranteed by the Air Purge and Smart Start. The Smart Start minimizes resistance in the starter cord by an impressive 40 percent. Get precision cutting from the high-speed blades, whose angles can be adjusted to the setting you prefer. The 55cm double-sided blade helps deliver that extra bit of reach. The bar folds easily against the shaft to enable problem-free transport and storage.

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