Best Gas Powered Weed Trimmer Reviews


How to Buy a Top Gas Powered Weed Trimmer


The products highlighted in the best gas powered weed trimmer reviews continue to be the most sought-after yard maintenance machines because of one thing: their proven versatility. Powerful enough to handle thicker weeds, a weed trimmer is also maneuverable enough for use anywhere. You want your gas-powered string or weed trimmer to carry these characteristics.

Best gas powered weed trimmer

Reliable Power Output and Engine

When going over the best gas powered weed trimmer reviews, check out the engine style of every product. The power output is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). While two-cycle or two-stroke machines, which use a gas-and-oil mix, are more common, four-cycle engines that run on gasoline alone eliminate the need for a fuel mix. Four-stroke engines require more frequent oil changes but offer greater fuel efficiency so you won’t have to stop more often for gas. The large engine of a four-stroke string trimmer can be heavy but can produce greater overall power.

Two-cycle engines pack about two times the power into the same space as four-cycle engines, offering a superb balance of weight and power. Two-cycle weed trimmers can also generate higher RPM.


Suitable Shaft Style

By “suitable” here, we mean a component that matches the most frequent application you have in mind for the best gas powered weed trimmer 2018 that you’re eyeing.

A curved shaft machine is easy to use around flower beds and for other simple tasks. The trimmer is not that easy to handle in tight areas because the inward curve does not offer as much flexibility in hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Straight-shaft machines are more commonly used by landscaping pros due to their power and torque, making them great for ripping through brush and thick grass. A straight-shaft weed trimmer is great for working under fences and other tight places. With a straight-shaft machine, you can reach under benches, shrubs, decks and other obstacles.

The working height of the machine can be modified to a comfortable level with an adjustable or telescoping shaft.


Reliable Features

The self-respecting landscaper or gardener will not even look at machines that don’t come with some highly useful features. These include the top rated gas powered weed trimmers 2018 that are easy to crank. There are models built with smart start and purge systems that enable easy startups.

Some machines are engineered with a fixed line head that enables easy loading of precut pieces of line without requiring winding, a design that also prevents tangles in the line. A bump head feeds trimming line from the spool when the cutting head is tapped against the ground.

Some models have a wide cutting swath to help you complete the trimming tasks faster. A dual line head trims faster by cutting twice with every revolution. Others have a split shaft that accommodates a range of attachments for greater versatility of applications.


Top Gas Powered Weed Trimmers in 2018


Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to just check out the weed trimmer models on the market. Why? Consider the fact that there are now plenty of manufacturers of yard machines, so making a single selection will require some decent reading and research. If you can’t spend that extra ten minutes or so to read about the available models and distinguish which is the best, just check out these three consistent top sellers.


Husqvarna 224L Gas Trimmer


1.Husqvarna 224L Straight ShaftThe Husqvarna 224L Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer is outfitted with a four-stroke engine. The machine starts like a dream even when cold. It comes with easy starting thanks to the expertly designed smart start system of the engine. This element is an air purge system that eliminates air from the fuel and carburetor system so the string trimmer starts with very little effort. This means no stressful pulling by the operator, so energy can be used more efficiently for the trimming task at hand. The Husqvarna 224L Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer is a considerably light machine weighing in at just 11.24 pounds, which enables you to carry it around more effortlessly.

The lightweight Husqvarna 224L Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer also offers good mobility, so you don’t have to huff and puff to run it or carry it around in your yard. It is a piece of equipment that even professionals will love using. The 25 cc 4-cycle engine frees you from the messy and often burdensome mixing of fuel and oil, which produces annoying and potentially toxic fumes. The Husqvarna brand is renowned for reliable customer service and after-sales care, ensuring help with the machine should any problems crop up with use.

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WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK Gas Trimmer


3.WeedEater 967184401 W25CFKEasy to put together and use right out of the box, the WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer is outfitted with a very capable 25cc two-cycle engine that can offer around twice as much power into the same space as a four-cycle engine counterpart. This ensures an exceptional balance between power and weight, while generating a higher RPM to handle the trimming task better. The gas powered weed trimmer is a high-quality machine that offers remarkable value for money. The engine starts effortlessly thanks to its use of the Simple 2 Start technology. The 15-inch cutting width ensures that you can complete yard maintenance tasks in less time.

The WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK Gas Trimmer is equipped with a curved shaft that enables effortless maneuverability around flower beds. It can handle other basic tasks, as well. The dual exit fixed line trimmer head ensures easy refilling of precut pieces of string or line while eliminating the need to wind, a unique design that also gets rid of tangles in the line. The WeedEater 967184401 W25CFK Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer is a US-made yard machine that assures you of reliable quality and craftsmanship. It is light enough to use even by a woman with average build.

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McCulloch T22LCS Curved Shaft Line String Trimmer


2.McCulloch T22LCS CurvedGeared with an efficient motor that boasts a cylinder displacement of 21.7 cc, the McCulloch T22LCS Curved Shaft Line String Trimmer can power through thick grass and brush quite efficiently. The engine has a superb power output of 0.8 HP to produce a superbly high maximum power speed of 7,800 RPM so you can tackle the trimming tasks much more easily. The two-cycle engine packs around twice the power into the same space as a four-cycle engine, resulting in an exceptional balance of power and weight. The curved shaft of the McCulloch T22LCS String Trimmer makes it easy to use in working around flower beds and other simple trimming tasks.

This newly designed trimmer is easy to use and offers many possibilities, making it ideal for home use. It is equipped with a split shaft that enables use with a variety of attachments. The McCulloch T22LCS Curved Shaft Line String Trimmer boasts an easy start system via Soft Start and Purge, so you can get on with the yard maintenance tasks faster while using less effort. The auto-return stop switch enables the weed trimmer to always be ready to start. The McCulloch T22LCS Curved Shaft Line String Trimmer provides fast and accurate cord feeding thanks to the integrated tap n’ go feature.