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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best glue guns? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best glue guns on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Surebonder PRO2-100 appears to be the best you can buy right now. This model is designed to offer you performance and comfort in the same package. Weighing just 1.35 pounds, the glue gun is lightweight, and due to the ergonomic designed of its trigger, it will feel comfortable in your hand. This glue gun works with glue sticks with 7/16 inch diameter. Because it comes with an interchangeable nozzle, you can use this unit for a wide variety of projects that require the use of a glue gun. No matter what kind of project you are dealing with, you will find this model to be quite a performer and worth the money spent. If the Surebonder PRO2-100 is unavailable, you could also consider the Attican Black Iron as the second best option.



Buying guide


A glue gun is one of the most ubiquitous tools used in crafting, and any crafter or a mom with too many school projects in need of help on her hands should have one. Capable of working with different materials, from wood and metal to more delicate ones, like paper, a glue gun is convenient and necessary. As manufacturers sell plenty of glue sticks and glue guns for arts and crafts, you only need to choose one that is according to your needs. Follow the next recommendations and you will be able to get a glue gun ready to help you out on all your crafting projects.

1.Surebonder PRO2-100

Temperature levels

The best hot glue gun can be picked on the basis of many considerations. The maximum level of the temperature used to melt the glue sticks supplied to the tool is important when picking a glue gun. In case you need a model for paper crafting, you do not need a glue gun that works with really high temperatures. One that can melt the glue at around 250 degrees is just enough. However, if you need a glue gun for wood, capable of binding together such sturdy materials, higher temperatures are highly recommended. These crafters usually go for 380 degree models, since they are much more efficient and they do not risk their work to become undone because of poor execution. In case you want a glue gun that works for fabric, as well as for other tasks, like for sturdier materials, such as wood, get a model that comes with dual temperature settings. While this will be a bit more expensive, it will be handier for various projects.



What kind of feed should you glue gun have?

There are two major types of feeds on glue guns: trigger and manual. When you use a trigger model, what you do is to put the glue stick inside a hole placed on the back; as you work, the trigger will advance the glue stick, making it melt and then forcing it through the nozzle. The somewhat automatic feed will help you reduce the amount of operations needed beforehand. If you get a model with manual feeding, you simply push the glue stick yourself, using one of your thumbs. Of course, such a model would not, by far, be the best professional glue gun in existence, but it will get the job done, nonetheless, on smaller projects. The type of projects you intend to work on is obviously important, and you should not use the same glue gun, let’s say for electronics and for small crafting projects.

2.Attican Black Iron Hot

Cordless or corded?

Having a cordless glue gun is very handy. You do not have to deal with an annoying cord and you can take the glue gun with you anywhere you want to go. Also, as you are working with a friend on your projects, you can simply hand out the gun over the table and they will be able to use it, too, without too much fuss. These models must be charged in order to be ready to use, so keep in mind that they may not be the smartest choice for a really large project, where you need to do a lot of gluing. Also, you must remember to charge it each time it becomes depleted, to avoid any mishaps. Corded glue guns have a few advantages, too. They are commonly available for sale and they are cheap. Plus, because you just need to plug them in and have them ready to use, there is no attention needed from your part to have it charged, like in the case of cordless models. The latest additions on the market are battery powered glue guns that can really come in handy for those who love crafting for hours and also want to enjoy the advantage of going cordless. If you are supplied with a model that can easily switch between low and high temperature, then you should be wishing for nothing more.



Top glue guns in 2017


Do you want to find the best rated glue gun around? Take a look at the models showcased below, as they are the best glue guns currently available. Read our reviews and decide for yourself which unit best suits your needs and budget.



Surebonder PRO2-100


Best glue gun reviewsIt is important to have in your toolbox a powerful glue gun that can help you get the job done. Now, you can choose a top rated glue gun in 2017 from Surebonder, PRO2-100 industrial model. This high temperature glue gun can deliver around 2.5 pounds of glue per hour. It has an impressive 100-watt of heating power, more than enough to handle even the hardest of tasks. The model comes equipped with a solid state positive temperature control set of heaters which you can manage without problems. It has an ergonomic design which maintains a comfortable working experience.



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Attican Black Iron


1.Attican Black Iron Hot GlueA glue gun can save you a great deal of time when working on your DIY projects. The Attican Black Iron is sturdy and reliable and it is ideal for crafting. Powered by a 20 watt motor, the model maintains its weight low without sacrificing quality of execution. When you purchase this hot glue gun, you will be provided with 15 melt glue sticks, so you can start working on your projects right away. You will be able to control the amount of glue with ease, due to the Thermogrip feature this glue gun comes equipped with.



Buy from for ($19.9)




Surebonder HE-750 Professional


Most of the present best glue gun reviews underline the efficiency of Surebonder HE-750 Professional. This powerful glue gun features 80 watts of true heating power which can handle different tasks with ease. The tool has an ergonomic design which helps you work without putting in too much effort. It is completed by a removable wire stand. This powerful glue gun was designed for professionals that know their stuff. It can be used in order to create a strong bond between metal, wood, ceramics, plastic, paper, magnets and fabric. In addition, you should know that the glue melts very fast.



Buy from for ($19.86)




Adhesive Technologies 0280


Every professional worker or project manager should own a powerful glue gun. You could opt for the best glue gun in 2017 from Adhesive Technologies, 0280 Hybrid Multi Temp cordless gun. This high quality cordless gun includes an AC power cord option for easy manoeuvring during projects. It is perfect for long use, offering three modes: battery powered cordless, battery powered and AC powered or simply plugged in the 5 foot AC power cord. This powerful hybrid cordless glue gun can be used for different all-day applications or simply lengthy construction projects. You should also know that the glue gun features a precision nozzle for precise use.



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Stanley GR20K


Different artisan crafts or special construction projects require attention and the use of precise tools. Identifying the best glue gun in 2017 can be tricky but not something impossible. You have the possibility to invest in Stanley GR20K Trigger Feed glue gun which can significantly improve your work precision. It includes a special trigger feed mechanism which you can use in order to control the respective glue flow. You should know that the glue heats up fairly quickly, making it ideal for different crafts and arts. The glue gun can bond in 60 seconds different types of materials, from wood, plastic and also ceramics.



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Surebonder DT-280F


There are many glue gun models available on the market which you could use during different projects. After careful review, we recommend that you use without reservations Surebonder DT-280F Dual Temperature. This powerful glue gun is perfect for different crafts, ceramic or artisan projects. It includes a low and high switch for easy management. In addition, the glue gun features a high temperature setting for precise bonding between plastics, metals and also ceramics. As some users pointed out, the tool is perfect for beginners but also seasoned workers. It has a 60 watts heating power and 8 foot cord for easy maneuvering.



Buy from for ($16.47)