Best Golf Ball Reviews for 2018


As much fun as golfing can be, if you lack the right equipment, it can turn into one of the most frustrating experiences ever. Now, no one wants to spend an entire day having to deal with something not working out as they had planned; especially when that day was supposed to be a fun and relaxing one.

As you might have already guessed, you need to have high quality golf balls in order for your game to go smoothly. If you get some that are too light, or too heavy, for that matter, you won’t be enjoying the game all that much.

Now, finding the perfect golf ball can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to shopping for them online. The good news is that we’ve already looked through the top rated golf balls, and found the top 10 golf balls. Thanks to this, it will be way easier for you to find the best ones for you.


Wilson Titanium


1. Wilson TitaniumThese are some of the best golf balls out there, and certainly part of the top 5. Customers were very pleased with them. One person, for instance, talked about what a great feel these ones give him. According to him, they felt soft, and offered great feedback after every single shot. He said that he was able to shoot them from 100 yards away, and that he was able to use them for about one to two rounds. Another person said that this model is wonderful for getting control over the game and for improving.

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Titleist Pro V1x


2. Titleist Pro V1Once again, if you’re looking for golf balls that offer lots of spin control, then these ones are the ones you should be getting. With them, you’ll be pretty much getting it all. Indeed, not only will you have increased control, but you’ll also be benefiting from a more consistent flight, so that you’ll have a very easy time predicting where it is going. Another great thing about them is that you’ll be able to shoot them very far away, which is just what you need.

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Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6


3. Bridgestone Golf 2013These golf balls come with a cover that was improved in order to offer increased aerodynamics. Not only this, but thanks to the optimized dual dimple technology, you can expect them to go even larger distances than before. Indeed, this is quite an important feature, because we’re willing to bet that you don’t want to get a ball that can only be shot a few meters in front, and that’s all. Finally, the cover of the ball is bright white, which will make it very easy for you to spot it in the greenery.

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Nitro Shag Practice


4. Shag PracticeIf you’re looking for golf balls to use while you practice, there’s no need for you to purchase new ones, one might argue. This is very true, especially because purchasing recycled balls will give you the opportunity of saving some money. However, you do have to be careful about where you get them from, since you still want them to be functional. The great news that these ones are absolutely amazing, as they are grade AA. Also, current owners are very happy with the ones they received, which is always a good sign.

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Srixon Men’s Q-Star


5. Srixon MenIf you’re looking for golf balls that will help you improve your game, then these are the ones you should get. Everything about them was improved, in order to offer the best kind of performance, so that all you’ll have to do is concentrate on your game, and not have to worry about whether the ball will do its job or not. Indeed, you can expect it to have remarkable responsiveness and the perfect amount of spin and acceleration to keep to the exact trajectory you want it on.

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TaylorMade Burner


7. TaylorMadeThese golf balls have a react core, which ensures that the ball will be shot as fast as possible, depending on your swing, of course. Also, if you’re looking for something that provides you with lots of feedback, then this is what you want, since these balls are soft enough for you to receive that valued input. Despite their softness, they have a Iothane cover that’s extremely durable, which means that you’ll be able to use them for quite some time.

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Callaway Chrome


8. Callaway ChromeIf you’re looking for the golf balls with the softest feel, then these are the ones you should be getting. In addition, you will have amazing short game control,  so if this is something you’re interested in, then look no further. Moreover, these will give you the lowest spin possible. As such, you can expect them to go the longest distance.

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Callaway 2018 Warbird


9. Callaway 2018 WarbirdThis model comes with a core that is larger than the cores of previous models. Also, it’s much softer, resulting in more distance being covered, while giving you the kind of feel you expect from it. The good news is that it won’t sacrifice on other factors, such as aerodynamics. This is true because the pattern of the surface was engineered to give improved lift for low speed, and to maintain a good flight.

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Nitro Distance


6. Nitro DistanceThese ones have an extremely reactive Titanium core, which maximizes the energy that’s transferred from the club to the ball. As such, nearly nothing will be lost, and the ball will be on its way. In order to ensure that the it will keep its trajectory the way you want it, the ball was made to be perfectly symmetrical, and with an aerodynamic dimple design. These 2 combined increase the lift, while decreasing the drag, which results in shots that are longer and higher.



Nike AAAA Used


10. Nike AAAA UsedOnce again, when it comes to practicing golf, there’s no need for you to spend lots and lots of money on new golf balls. You can keep those for actual games. Nevertheless, you still have to make sure that the ones you get are high quality, because otherwise you’re just wasting your money. Well, that’s certainly not something you have to worry about when it comes to these balls, since they are of very high quality.