Best Golf Club Set under 200


How to Select the Best Golf Club Set under 200


The most expensive golf clubs won’t be able to improve your game, if the set is not comfortable for you to use. While golf clubs should help improve your swing and overall game, a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right set for you. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the right set of golf clubs to fit your swing and budget.

Best golf club set under 200


One of the first aspects to consider is your budget, and you can find a quality set of matching clubs for an affordable price. Not only will this help you narrow down your choices, your game might even improve when you are not stressed over the amount of money you spent. Your budget will also help you determine which clubs are absolutely necessary.


Number of Clubs

The best golf club set under 200 will include everything you need to improve your game. Since most courses only allow players to carry 14 clubs in their bags, it can be a little easier to find an affordable set. You do want the set to include 3 woods and 7 hybrid clubs or irons, along with a putter and pitching wedge. These clubs will be able to help you make it down the fairway, along with making short shots and avoiding the various obstacles.



The shaft of the club is extremely important and should be comfortable to grip and swing. While graphite shafts are lightweight, steel clubs are generally considered more durable and affordable. You also want to consider the flex in the shaft, and this will be determined by your particular swing.


Top Rated Folf Club Sets under 200


While we can’t choose the right equipment for you, we can show you some of the best golf club sets. Designed to be comfortable to use and affordably priced, maybe one of these golf club sets is exactly what you need to finally start improving your game.


Wilson Men’s Ultra Golf Club Set


1.Wilson Men's UltraIt’s not hard to see why this is considered the best golf club set under 200. It includes everything you need to play 18 holes of golf, including a durable standing bag. The bag is designed to stand up so you can easily grab the club you need, and the attached strap makes it convenient to carry. The zippered pockets are perfect for holding extra balls and tees, and the bag is large enough to hold the matching golf clubs.

With 3 woods for the fairway, along with 4 hybrid clubs, irons and a putter, this set is perfect for beginners and amateur players. The standard grip is comfortable to hold, and the durable steel shaft provides plenty of power behind your swing. Affordably priced and comfortably sized for most adult players, this might be exactly what you need to finally score under par.

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Winfield Vertex Golf Club Set


2.Winfield VERTEXThis 12 piece golf club set is designed to help improve your swing, and give you more control over the ball. The larger driver will give you plenty of power for long distance shots, and you will appreciate the lightweight graphite shaft. The hybrid clubs and irons are designed to be easier to hit, and you also have the advantage of the durable steel shaft.

The set also includes a “blade style” putter that makes it easier to sweep the ball into the hole. The included golf bag features a professional appearance that is also easy and convenient to carry. It will also stand up for easy club retrieval, which is always an advantage when you are not lucky enough to have your own caddy. Designed for use with right and left handed golfers, this might quickly become your favorite set of clubs.v

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Callaway Strata Golf Club Set


3.Callaway StrataDesigned for a woman’s unique stance and swing, this golf club set is also durable and affordable. The 11 piece set includes a driver and wood with a lightweight graphite shaft and a large sweet spot for more control and distance on longer shots, and the putter is designed for accuracy. You will also appreciate the added control you get with the hybrid club and irons.

It also includes a convenient bag that is designed to stand up, and the attached strap makes it easy to carry your clubs around the 18 hole course. Perfect for women who are just starting out or who are simply looking for an affordable set of high quality clubs, you will be amazed at the difference this set can make in your game.

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