Best Golf Club Set under 300


How to Select One of the Best Golf Club Sets under 300


If you intend to take up the game of golf, you will need perseverance and passion as well as the best golf club sets you can find for beginners. When you’re a beginner, it can be tempting to overspend, but that is a temptation you should not fall prey to. Here’s what to check out in a good golf club set.

Best golf club set under 300

Shaft Options

Golf shafts are chosen based on the shaft flex and the shaft composition.

Graphite is light and can help produce ample swing speed, while steel offers greater durability plus affordability.

Graphite shafts with a softer flex are preferred by women and seniors. Young and robust males prefer stiff or regular shafts.

Younger, stronger men might go with regular or stiff shafts, but keep in mind that most teaching pros say many golfers use shafts that are too stiff.



Experts say a good set should have no more than 14 clubs from the putter to the driver. This baseline figure can include a driver, Fairway Wood, hybrid, an Iron set (4-AW, PW or SW), Wedge, and a putter. The best golf club set under 300 incorporates those golf clubs to make a a baseline set, to which you can add or replace elements according to your ability level.


Quality of Clubs

Although nothing beats a good golf swing, beginner golfers can have an easier time by choosing clubs designed for higher handicappers, which are known as game improvement clubs. Cavity-backed and perimeter-weighted irons are ideal. Hybrid sets feature long irons replaced by hybrid clubs. Choose higher loft on a driver. Select clubs with low centers of gravity plus high moments of inertia.


Top Rated Golf Club Sets under 300


Buying the best golf club set under 300 can be a daunting task, but if you are to make the most of every round of golf, you should be able to make a good choice among those on the market. If you’d rather not go through all the trouble of reading to ensure that, take a look at these three bestselling products to find a good fit.


Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set


1.Callaway Men's Strata PlusFilled with all the goodies that make golf a sport that is easy to love, the Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag ensures that you can make the most of every round of golf. All the clubs in the set come with their own head covers, providing protection from the elements. The set comprises a driver and Fairway Wood that feature a forgiving sweet spot as well as a graphite shaft to deliver remarkable distance. The set also comes with 4H and 5H hybrids, designed for forgiveness on shots as well as versatility, so you wouldn’t have to use a particularly difficult long iron to ensure flawless execution.

The Irons/Wedges make up a total of 6 in all and are constructed with perimeter weighting along with progressive sole width technology that work together to ensure improved control. The mallet Putter features T-style alignment to help deliver incredible accuracy. The lightweight, durable Stand Bag is equipped with five convenient storage pockets, a rain hood, an additional cooler pocket plus a backpack strap system, for easy carrying and portability.

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Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set


2.Precise GT-R Ladies PetiteThe Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set has every club you need to get you started on the sport. The set includes a Driver, 3 Wood, 24 Hybrid, No.6-PW Stainless Irons, Putter, plus a Deluxe Stand Bag to carry everything in and 3 matching head covers to provide protection to the clubs against the elements. The Woods club is a 460cc Driver configured with an expanded sweet spot that offers more forgiveness and greater distance covered at every shot. It also features a Ladies Flex Graphite Shaft. The most versatile club in the set is the Hybrid, which can be utilized on fairways, off the tee, and even in the rough. It also comes with a Ladies Flex graphite shaft.

The Stainless Steel Irons boast a wide sole and offset to ensure optimal performance. It is constructed with lightweight Graphite Shafts. The deluxe stand bag offers easy portability of the clubs in the set as well as the ability to keep everything organized and within easy reach when needed. This golf set is designed for golfers of any level.

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Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set


3.Wilson Men's 2018 Profile XLSBecause every round matters, the Wilson Men’s 2018 Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set ensures that it carries everything you need to play a great game every time. The set comprises a driver, Fairway wood, Hybrid, 5-SW and Putter. The Woods has a graphite shaft while the irons, putter and hybrid have a steel shaft. All the clubs are designed to provide durability and long-lasting use. The clubs also come with a standard grip to ensure hassle-free use. The set features nine options so you can choose what works best for you. Built with an aggressive design, the Wilson Men’s 2018 Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set focuses all the specifications to ensure maximum control and distance for the beginner golfer.

The clubs are engineered to deliver faster swing speeds that should help improve your ability to drive the ball to the hole. The deep cavity back iron provides improved accuracy, while the Fairway Wood offers strong loft for precision shooting. The lightweight stand bag accommodates everything in the set well, ensuring ample storage and organization.

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