Best golf club sets under $300

In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best golf club sets? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best golf club sets on the market by looking at owner and expert reviews, along with information from social media, as well as brand quality and overall value for the money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Pinemeadow PRE Men’s seems to be the absolute best out there. All you need for improving your game, you will find in this set that comes with 16 pieces, a kick stand and a carrying bag. The materials used for the golf clubs are of outstanding quality, such as titanium, graphite and stainless steel. The PRE mallet putter offers you the opportunity to make putts the way you should and it increases the precision needed for sending the ball to greater distances. In case the Pinemeadow PRE Men’s is no longer available or it is out of stock, we recommend going for the Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete, which is a second solid choice.



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Are you thinking about taking up golf? Then what you surely need is a set of golf clubs. For beginners, it is much recommended to get a complete set of golf clubs, because of a variety of reasons. First, because this is an inexpensive way of getting the needed golf equipment for starting to play. As you may know, professional players buy their golf clubs separately, because they aim at certain features in each of them. However, choosing your golf clubs in this manner is very time consuming and also costly, so a full fledge golf club set is a much better choice. Another advantage to getting an entire set of clubs for golf is that all of them will have the same feel, so you will be able to adjust much faster.

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What should a golf club set include?

One of the rules imposed on any golf course in the world is that the golfer should have a maximum of 14 clubs in their bag. Of course, this does not limit the number of the golf clubs included in a set, but only the number of those you are allowed with on the golf course. It is actually recommended to get a set with more golf clubs, since you will be able to see which ones are more comfortable for you.

Beyond the number, there is also a matter of the type of clubs to be included in the set. Normally, a set should have at least 3 woods, 7 irons (or hybrids), a putter and a pitching wedge. Each of these clubs has a specific role, and it will allow you to hit the ball as indicated, depending on what kind of situation you are in. Woods, for instance, although no longer made of wood, like back in the days, are designed for hitting the ball and sending it to large distances. Irons are used for making shots needed for approach, recovery and many other types of shots. Hybrids are a combination between the two, and their main advantage is that they provide all the benefits of both woods and irons.

This is the reason why golf club sets made for youth replace some of the irons with hybrids. The pitching wedge is used for very short range shots and the putter is used for the most rewarding shot of all, the one that should send the ball into the hole. Do not forget that you can find specialized sets for right handed, for left handed and for other categories of golfers.




It is very important to get familiar with the most important components of golf clubs before purchasing a set. The way the clubhead of each golf club is designed is particularly important because it will allow you to land a good shot, if you manage to manipulate the golf club properly. Clubheads come in three sizes, each one with its role. In golf club sets for those who are just taking up golf, you will get standard size clubheads that allow for easy control. For intermediate players, oversized heads can be a great challenge because they are not as easy to control, but they offer a larger sweet spot for hitting the ball right.




Next on your list should be the shaft. The shaft is very important because it makes a golf club more or less rigid. Graphite and steel are two common materials used for shafts, and each one has its properties. Graphite is more lightweight, so you will find it more in club sets created for novices. It is also more flexible, so it will allow you to land a longer shot, even if you are not very experienced. Steel shafts are usually used by more advanced golfers and they are more difficult to tackle.

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Check the flex on your golf clubs prior to buying a set. For a beginner, a good piece of advice would be to go with more flex because they tend to be slower when they swing. Professional golfers have a fast swing speed, which is why they prefer stiffer clubs. Versatile models do exist, so that you can progress through different levels of difficulty, as you better your game.

Please find showcased below the best golf club sets currently available for sale. They offer great performance at a great price, and they are ideal for introducing you to the fascinating world of golf.



Top golf club sets under 300 in 2018


The meaning of golf comes with many expressions: passion, calm sport, stress reliever and pure fun. In order to play golf you need a great golf club set, a hidden talent towards the game and also a desire to win. Learning the game or improving it can be done once you start using a high quality golf club set. The market is packed with various sets, designed by a lot of firms, all promising to fully upgrade your game. Still, one question comes to mind: which is the best model. Well, once you manage to consult some of the current best golf club sets reviews you will be able to find that special set, suited to your golfing needs.



Pinemeadow PRE Men’s


1.Pinemeadow PRE

If you are looking for a complete set of golf clubs, the Pinemeadow PRE Men’s is exactly the right choice. Featuring 16 pieces, this is a great buy especially for those who are just starting to take a liking at golf. The best materials are used in the making of this particular set. The driver is titanium enhanced, so you will be able to reach further distances, while increasing power. The graphite shaft allows enough bend to be forgiving for those who are still novices. Clubheads are generally low profile for all the clubs included in the set, so you will find it easy to hit the ball, even from the rough.

Hybrids are included in this pack that it is really ideal for the novice golfer as well as the more advanced one. Among the golf club iron sets for sale, you will find this one to be right up your alley. The stainless steel irons have oversized sweet spots, so you will find it fairly easy to place a good shot. The tour style grip on the clubs will make you feel ready to take on any challenge on the golf course. The included carrying bag and rain hood are nice additions, too.


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Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete


2.Wilson Men's 2015

For players up to intermediate level, the Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete is a great choice, especially since it is sold at a really competitive price. Everything you need in a golf club set, you will find it available here. A driver is included so you can land longer shots. You can tell it right away from the bag, because it is the longest of them all and has the largest clubhead. 3 fairway woods are next, so you can continue your game, followed by 4 hybrids that make this set really forgiving for the novice golfer. Still, intermediates can enjoy the variety of clubs included, since they will be able to use either irons or hybrids, depending on how much they need to improve their skill.

The shafts of the irons are made of steel, so they are stiffer than those with graphite shafts. This may offer a slight level of challenge, but because of the way they are designed, they are quite easy to use. In case you are not keen on irons, you can always go for hybrids, which are made to help you improve, without imposing an overwhelming challenge for those who are just starting to golf.


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Prosimmon Golf X9 Men’s


3.Prosimmon Golf X9

Another golf club set worthy of being included in our selection is the Prosimmon Golf X9 Men’s. This set includes a titanium driver equipped with an oversized head that will guarantee that your first swing will be a successful one. The first victory will propel you to move forward and use the rest of the clubs. The woods are designed to balance the center of gravity lower so that you can achieve higher flights for your shots. The 3 and 4 irons are replaced with hybrids, in order to make things easier for you. The graphite shafts on the woods make them forgiving and manageable. The irons come equipped with steel shafts, so they represent a higher level of challenge. Nonetheless, their clubheads have a forgiving cavity design, to help you improve your performance.

The Mallet Style putter features a new design that ensures better balance and control. The cart bag that comes along with all these clubs has 4 dividers, so you can keep things organized. External pockets are provided, of which one is soft lined so you can keep there your valuables. A glove holder and a towel ring complete a very nice and handy carrying bag.


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Callaway Strata


Best golf club sets under $300Every beginner or pro gamer knows that Callaway develops high quality products, all designed with attention in order to enhance the skill set of any player. Well, if you want quality and precision while you play then you should use with confidence Callaway Strata. Regarded as one of the best golf club sets under $300, the model comes with a driver 460 cc, Fairway Wood 3 W and 5W, hybrids 4 H and 5 H, irons 6-PW and SW,  and also a putter that was created with an elegant head shape. Once you start using this golf set you will be able to play better!

“Ever since my friends introduced me to this game I can’t get enough of it and I play as often as time allows me. So I have the right gear for it I bought for myself the Callaway Strata golf club set which was recommended for me by other people. For beginners like me it is the best set to have.” – Jack Kingsley


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Wilson Ultra


If you want to max out your game and significantly shoot better than ever, then you should take a closer look on Wilson Ultra golf club set. Designed with attention in order to respond to any golfer’s state of play, the set comes with 14 pieces that include: fairway, driver, hybrid, putter, 5-PW, head covers and also a carrying bag. It is regarded as one of the best golf club sets under $200 and will become a great addition to your golfing arsenal. These clubs were designed in order to deliver greater precision while you shoot. The putter is a state of the art golfing helper!

“The Wilson Ultra golf set has an excellent quality to price ratio and this is why I decided that it would be great for my needs. The 14 pieces are all well made specially for entry-level players like me. I feel I’m getting better and better everytime I hit the golf course and this makes me feel excellent.” – Sam Brown


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Intech Future


As golf beginner is important to have the best tools on the market in order to play good and win games. Well, this is where In the Future golf club set comes into play, a model that will help the user enhance his incipient talent. As one of the best golf club sets under $100, this model was especially designed for children of ages 5 and less. It includes an oversized 20-degree driver, wide-sole 5, 9 irons, ceramic junior putter that keeps the little one going on the field with more confidence. Your kid will properly learn how to play the game once you get him this set.

“I put a golf club in my son’s hand and he loved the game immediately so what could a parent do except get him a golf  set. I got him this set from Intech and he seems to like it so so much and who knows maybe when he is older he can turn pro.” – Patrick Wesson


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Confidence Junior


Every member of the family is welcomed to play golf, even junior. Well, if he displays talent for the game then you need to equip him with a high quality golf club set. So, which is the best model you can gave him? Well, you can trust Confidence Junior golf club set that includes 3 wood, a solid putter and also 7 to 9 irons which will accommodate with ease the little one’s golfing pleasure. Furthermore the golf club set comes with a stand bag and also soft wrap grips which enhances the stability of the swing on the field.

“I didn’t expect that my son would love golf this much and especially at his age. But I couldn’t be more happy that he likes such a gentelman’s game so buying the Confidence Junior club set was a normal step. He has so much passion when he plays the game, making me so proud.” – Edward Wright


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Wilson Profile


Looking at the current top golfing statistics it seems that more and more people are using with confidence Wilson Profile golf club set. Regarded as one of the best golf club sets under $300, this 15-piece complete set is the ideal golfing companion on the field, giving you the extra edge while you play. It includes the following items: irons 5-SW, driver, fairway wood, hybrid, putter, head covers and also a carrying bag. Because it includes hybrid technology the set gives you the possibility to hit better and stronger with each iron. One thing is certain: with this golf club set you combine distance control with precision and thus win games.

“The Wilson Profile HL golf set has really impressed me in the time I have had it, making me improve my game. The 15 pieces cover all possible shots and I feel I am well prepared for all of them. Also it enhanced my distance shots and also my accuracy.” – Paul Johnson


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