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If you’re here just  to find the best golf driver and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have read plenty of reviews from users and experts, social media comments and sales figures, and we discovered that the best model you can get right now is the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815. This is a golf driver designed to offer the player the maximum efficiency possible. First of all, the ball will not spin out of control, while you will be able to reach long distances. The low center of gravity contributes to this result, along with other design elements. What is more important, this is a forgiving golf drivers, so any type of player, be it a beginner or a casual golfer, will find it a great buy that will help them step up their game. A high performance shaft is provided with your purchase, so you will be ready to hit the golf course right away. If the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 is no longer available, we suggest trying the TaylorMade Men’s R15 460, as a second best choice.



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Buying guide


Getting just the right golf driver for the money can be quite the adventure these days when the market is overflowing with countless high-quality options that offer more than enough value. If you’re feeling a bit confused as to what you’re supposed to look for in a golf driver, we are here to help. We’ve created a concise buying guide to assist you in correlating your requirements with the features of the unit you might be in need of.

Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver


In most cases, you’ll notice that many drivers come with lofts which range from eight to twelve degrees. What does this mean for the end-user? In a nutshell, the loft allows you to benefit from a higher or lower ball flight, depending on your personal capabilities. For instance, golfers who have a little issue with swing speeds and are known to hit the ball slower than ninety meters per hour may benefit from high lofts such as ten or more. If you are not looking for a model for high handicap and you have a good swing speed, you can always choose a loft of eight, nine, or ten degrees. Keep in mind that the loft is not the single factor you ought to take into account, as the launch angle also has a say in the way the ball is going to fly.




Recently, many manufacturing brands have been working toward designing their products so as they are tailored to the modern user’s needs. Subsequently, they now allow owners to customize the driver so that they manage to perfect it in accordance with their performance. The right loft, the face angle, and the weights all add to the way you will be hitting the ball. As previously mentioned, selecting the right loft can be a matter of trial and error unless you go for a driver that allows you to adjust it. Some models can even let you customize the loft by four or five degrees. Furthermore, the face angle can be modified so that it either increases or decreases the loft. What’s more, various weights can be added so that your hit doesn’t suffer from any sort of mishap. Some people prefer a heavier driver whereas others go for a lightweight version. The simplest way of knowing you’ll be spending your money on something worth the while is to choose a model that allows you to customize it to a certain extent.

Cleveland Golf Men's CG Black Driver 2015

Shaft length and shaft flex

Legally, most drivers can have a shaft length of up to forty-eight inches, but you’ll rarely find a model that features this exact length. Why’s that?, you may ask. The answer is rather simple. It seems that a shaft length between forty-three and forty-five inches is to be preferred because a longer one will not allow you to control the driver adequately. Although the longer the shaft, the higher the speed, you might not have the same grasp on the ball as you would if you were to utilize a forty-three inch alternative.

As for the shaft flex, some of the options that are available in today’s market range from extra stiff to regular and stiff. Some are even more particular, in that they are intended for seniors or ladies. What’s the right one for you? Only you can decide for yourself. If you’re having trouble with any of the previously mentioned details, we recommend going to a store and checking out some models before choosing one online. Besides, there’s nothing and no one stopping you from asking for a friend to lend you his driver so that you see if it works for your needs.


Some of the best golf drivers are showcased below. We’ve gone through the ratings garnered by these models and have noticed that they’re among the most critically acclaimed units out there. Besides, the manufacturers of these products offer fitting charts that make it easy for prospective buyers to understand the difference between one type of driver and the next. All of the next units are available for sale online, on retailers’ websites such as Amazon.



Top golf drivers in 2017


The golf bag must hold around 14 different clubs which all have different sizes, like irons, wedges or drivers. For the last type of clubs, if you want to improve your golfing score you must invest in a top golf driver. But how to find out which golf drivers are the most reliable models? To do this one way would be to consult the best golf driver reviews which objectively  analyze many different models and point out their pros and cons. Based on these reviews here is our best 5 golf drivers.



Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815


1.Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Callaway Big Bertha is one of the top rated products in the line, partly because it’s manufactured by one of the leading brands in the industry, and partly because it has all the features you might ever be looking for. The driver can be purchased for right or left-hand orientation and owners can choose between shaft flexes such as regular, senior, and stiff. Depending on your handicap level, you may pick a loft between twelve and nine degrees. All in all, the Big Bertha is capable of unparalleled performance, which is something that reviewers have also emphasized in their ratings.



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TaylorMade R15 460


3.Cleveland Golf Men's CG Black Driver 2015

The TaylorMade driver is a reasonably priced alternative that you ought to consider if you are in the market for a well-constructed product that does what it’s supposed to do with as little hassle on the part of the user as possible. With this model, you can choose between the right and left-hand orientation. The shaft has been built out of graphite and the flex is either stiff, senior, or regular, depending on your personal preferences. Available lofts range from 9.5 to 14 degrees. This model has a unique system that makes it possible for the driver to increase the sweet spot size and reduce the spin of the ball.



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Callaway Men’s XR



The Callaway Men’s XR is designed for superior speed and this is exactly what you will get if you decide for this driver. The crown is specifically created to meet the highest aerodynamics requirements, so your ball will fly through the air like you’ve never seen it before. Everything, from thinning down the face weight to employing a performance shaft, was created to make this golf driver as fast as possible. Made of high quality titanium, this is a driver that will serve you for many years to come. Popular with both novice and seasoned players, it is a fine choice for everyone.


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Cleveland Golf 39591


2.TaylorMade Men's R15 460 Driver

If what you’ve been looking for is a light driver that gets the job done and allows you to play the game like you’ve never played it before, it’s high time you had a look at the specs of the Cleveland Gold 39591. The face of this model is thick and makes it possible for you to hit accurately every time, regardless of the amount of handicap you might have. Since the product has been designed so that the center of gravity is closer to the face, this is just the right driver for individuals who’d like to see less ball spinning.



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TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2


This is a golf driver for right-handed people that features a regular flex and a loft of 10.5 degrees. It’s been named the best golf driver 2017 by many buyers, be they professional or amateur golfers. It comes with an large 4.100 square-millimeter clubface, thus turning the dream of any golfer into reality. All golfers want more face, and this driver will give it to them.

With 49 5-star ratings and many buyers raving about the scores they’re getting thanks to this driver, the TaylorMade model is really hard to say no to. To quote from a customer, there’s nothing not to like about it.



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TaylorMade SLDR


Best Golf Driver reviews

Such a diver like the TaylorMade SLDR is a wonder of technology offering quality and precision in your shots so you have only yourself to blame for not making them count. This is the longest driver ever built by TaylorMade and it is surprisingly light because it has a graphite shaft. The club head is something special indeed because it allows you to choose from 21 SLDR weight positions which will in the end give you the chance to hit shots longer by up to 30 yards.  Clearly this is one of the best golf drivers in 2017 money can buy.



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TaylorMade Men’s R1


The best golf drivers reviews acknowledge the fact that the R1 driver from TaylorMade is an excellent choice allowing you to put those long accurate shots of yours to good use. The optimum launch angle is easily obtainable because you have in total 12 loft options from which to choose from. Probably its most special feature is the Inverted Core Technology which allows you to expand the size of the face of the driver so you can hit longer shots.




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Nike Golf Men’s VRS Victory Red Speed Covert


The Nike VRS Victory driver is fitted with a Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 70 shaft so it is light but sturdy at the same time and all of its features combined will allow you to hit the golf ball farther than you have ever been able to do before. The accuracy is also enhanced with the High Speed Cavity back, so when you want to hit the ball so it goes straight that is what it is going to do. Furthermore, the driver is fitted with a 20 degree loft so you have even more reasons to buy it.




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Callaway Diablo Octane


A very popular diver is the Callaway Diablo which is used by experienced golfers as well as entry-level players because it is built with latest technological discoveries for that extra long and precise drive you are always looking for. The driver consists of a Project X drive shaft which is made from graphite and a head made from forged composite which is a new material that is even superior to titanium. These features are the recipe for success making it one of the best golf divers in 2017.




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Products that are no longer available -> models from 2015 or older



Callaway Men’s RAZR X Back Ti


Another excellent suggestion for a golf driver is the Callaway Men’s RAZR X which has the necessary features to help you hit those precise long drives. Your drive distances are improved by it because it has the Streamline Surface Technology for this very purpose. Also you will not put too much spin in your ball, thus maximizing the distance it can travel. The driver’s head is made of titanium which is the key for its low weight but sturdy design which makes it highly regarded by the top golf drivers reviews.