Best golf driver under 150 reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best golf driver under 150, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know.We have gathered a lot of information about the best golf driver on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, value for money, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the  TaylorMade R15 N1160807 is the best because it has a new and innovative inspired shape, a smaller footprint that enables you to play better and it’s also built with the new Fujikura Speeder 77 Evolution shaft. If the TaylorMade N1160807 is unavailable, you could also consider Medicus Golf Dual Hinge as the second best option.



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Outdoor activities are surely the best way to spend your spare time. And what is more pleasant and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon than a golf match with friends? Without a doubt, when we think about golf, the first thing crosses our minds is expensive equipment. However, another important aspect to give some thought to is the quality of the equipment. In short, both the quality and the money you have to spend on the golf driver have to be taken into account. Luckily, we made a list of the key features of golf drivers under 150. Check them out below.

Both for pros and beginners

Golf drivers are useful and suitable for both pros and beginners. Beginners will be taught how to adopt a correct position before hitting the ball, which will enable them to eliminate slices, hooks, and achieve a consistent swing. Also, they come with a technique which identifies problem areas, so you can learn how to fix them.

While professionals will enjoy an excellent golf driver and find it helpful for improving their techniques, you will also learn how to approximate without missing any hole. Thanks to their innovative construction, such golf drivers will offer you the pleasure of practicing and challenging your friends to a match.


Better swing

Inevitably, the main quality you should look for when you are thinking of buying a golf driver is a better swing that can allow you to hit like a pro. That’s why most golf players prefer investing in good-quality tools; they make all the difference.

With all the new technology in relation to golf drivers and seeing that the market is overflowing with products, it can surely be difficult to make the right choice. Since you also have a budget to stick to, that’s why we are here. We’ll help you select the perfect unit according to your budget, but without leaving out quality as the main criterion.

After practicing with a golf driver that offers an overall better swing, not only will your technique be improved, but it’ll also be corrected. The hinged club shaft will remain straight throughout your swing. A model like this improves all aspects of the latter, from your takeaway to your downswing and your follow-through.


Perfect strike

Another great aspect about current golf drivers is the fact that they allow you to hit the ball correctly from different angles. They come with a smaller footprint that enables a better playability from more lies.

Thanks to their compact shape, your game will be a piece of cake compared to when you were using traditional golf clubs. Besides, their revolutionary technology teaches and trains your muscles to adopt a correct position before hitting the ball. After a while, you will feel completely confident in your approximation abilities, and you will master this tool.


Solid construction

Golf drivers should boast a solid construction that enables you to get into the tall grass and get the ball out. The design also helps you improve your performance in a significant manner. Thanks to their smaller size and heavier construction, which is different from other typical golf clubs, they enable you to have a better control upon the strike.

Most golf drivers allow you to hit the ball firmly so that you can achieve shorter or longer distances, depending on your focus. Thanks to the solid construction of the golf driver, you’ll be able to benefit from enhanced control, which is something that you will require every time you perform a hit.


Top golf drivers under 150 in 2018


The best golf drivers under 150 are showcased below. You’ll be able to choose the one that suits your needs and taste from the following selection as it’s based on budget-related factors, quality of build, and the user reviews acquired by the next models.



TaylorMade Men’s R15 N1160807


This golf driver is a highly versatile tool, with a compact shape that will help you get the best performance at the golf club or a friendly game with your siblings, on the weekends.

The model has probably gathered the best golf driver under 100 reviews especially as we’ve noticed that it’s a rather critically acclaimed choice in its line.

It comes with a smaller footprint that will enable you to play better from several angles, as well as a central center-of-gravity position which promotes neutral ball flight. An open channel Speed Pocket improves launch conditions. It has also been outfitted with the new Fujikura Speeder 77 evolution shaft and with a Lamkin UTx, the swing weight being D4.

The people who have purchased it have praised the high-quality material and the smaller head which has helped them with improving their strikes. Lots of aspects and features recommend this golf driver as the best option for you: affordable price, great ball flight, outstanding swing balance, solid construction, ease of use and the brand, as well, as it’s a top company in the industry of manufacturing golf equipment.

Despite being a somewhat inexpensive option, this model can provide you the value you might need if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly choice.

Buy from Amazon for ($89.99)




Medicus Golf Dual Hinge


The Medicus Golf Dual Hinge is a golf driver that comes with many great features for golf lovers. First of all, it corrects bad habits. It has an improved technique which identifies problem areas, so you can learn how to fix them. While you practice with the Dual Hinge you can learn to correct your swing, improve your consistency, distance, accuracy, and ball flight.

Then, you can learn to swing on the path, control your clubface, and hit consistent on-target shots. Nine primary breakpoints indicate several probable flaws, which make this golf driver the greatest diagnostic tool for all golfers.

It creates muscle memory so that you can benefit from proper training. You can get an instant feedback thanks to the nine primary break points with automatic flaw detection, so you know which areas you ought to focus on.

The patented Dual Hinge technology allows you to adjust the hinge tension for incremental changes as your swing advances. It comes with a DVD that will prove to be very helpful in your training. According to the people who have bought it, this golf driver is a good purchase, as it is both well-constructed and not particularly expensive. Other owners have agreed that this is a great tool that can help beginners with improving their skills and accuracy.

Buy from Amazon for ($99.95)




Medicus DA RMG-HD-283


The Medicus DA is another alternative coming from the same brand that we have mentioned above. It can be used for correcting bad habits and improving the accuracy, consistency, and swing of the player. Furthermore, it improves the path and plane, as well as the swing, and even provides you with the feedback you might need.

With its nine primary breakpoints, it indicates several probable flaws, which means that it is a useful diagnostic tool for all golfers. You can hit live balls in practice, so you can seamlessly transition from practice to play.

Buyers have confessed that this tool has helped them get rid of the hitch during swings. They also said that this is a great practice driver both for the range and at home.

This club can give you all the assistance you might require when it comes to eliminating your slice or hook. Besides, it can help you hit longer and more accurately time after time, regardless of the golf course.

This model is a good practice driver that is intended for dedicated golfers of any handicap level. Moreover, it’s one of those models that has received rave reviews from both beginners and professionals. It’s a bit less affordable compared to the two other units we have showcased earlier on.

Buy from Amazon for ($159.95)