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If you want to purchase the best golf iron, but you are too busy to deal with a lot of research on your own, or even read this entire buying guide, get everything you need to know from this short paragraph. Our research points out that the TaylorMade B12907-Parent is the model you should buy, based on how performance meets quality and good pricing in this golf iron. The improved design created by the manufacturer makes sure that your ball will fly higher and further, so you can truly make an impression on the golf course. The face slot technology adds forgiveness to each swing, allowing you a little room for failure. The material used is high-density tungsten which helps with ease of launch and overall speed for your shots. If the TaylorMade B12907-Parent disappears from the market, the Pinemeadow Last Wedge P350LR52 is the next recommendation, as it offers almost the same amount of advantages.



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Getting a golf iron these days is quite a tricky thing to do, seeing how the market is filled with countless good-quality alternatives that are reasonably priced. If you’re feeling a bit confused as to which one may significantly improve your golfing, perhaps you might benefit from reading our comprehensive buying guide. Whether you’re looking for a model destined for mid handicappers or for high handicappers, you may want to check out the following info.

Callaway X Hot Individual Iron


During your research, you are likely to come across three kinds of golf irons. Some are regular player’s irons, others have been designed for improving the game performance, and the final and most cutting-edge alternatives are super game-improvement irons. If you’re a professional golfer, you ought to check out some models that fit into the first category. On the other hand, if you are a mid-handicapped player, you must stick to units that have been primarily intended for significantly improving the game. Last but not least, if you’re just starting out and planning to get a golf iron for beginners, what you should focus on is finding one that gives you a certain degree of forgiveness. Therefore, what you have to do in this case is to try to estimate your knowledge and abilities in the game of golfing, and choose your iron accordingly.




Typically, two primary materials are being utilized in the construction of iron club heads – cast iron and forged iron. Why is this a factor you must take into account? Believe it or not, the material can make all the difference depending on your golfing skills. While cast iron club heads make excellent choices for people whose experience is not too high and who might need a bit of forgiveness, forged iron alternatives are intended for semi-professional and professional users.

In other words, if you have been practicing golfing for a good number of years, there’s nothing stopping you from selecting a forged iron club head. If, on the other hand, you’re starting out or are searching for a model for seniors, maybe you ought to focus your efforts on discovering the best cast iron club head. Since the info provided by the manufacturing brand is often times incomplete, we recommend checking out some of the user reviews that the model you might be prospecting has garnered over the years. It goes without saying that other buyers can let you know just how much the feeling of hitting the ball can be transmitted through the shaft, grip, and even into your hands.

TaylorMade Men's RSi1 Iron Set

Design and shaft flex

In most cases, you’ll see that these products are either cavity back irons or blade irons. While the actual design doesn’t matter all that much, you might want to know that the difference between this two consists of the performance you’ll be noticing in your scores. Cavity back irons have a larger sweet spot and as such, they may be just the right thing to get for a beginner. By contrast, blade irons have just a small sweet spot and won’t offer you as much forgiveness as you’ll be able to benefit from if you were to use a cavity back option.

The shaft flex can also be split up into several categories, depending on your personal abilities and even your physical attributes. Whether you choose a stiff, regular, or light flex, what you need to know is that this feature can be correlated with the speed of the swing. The stiffer the shaft, the higher the swing speed. Many a time, it is hard to choose a golf iron if you haven’t tested it, so we recommend borrowing one from a friend or even trying one in a store. Rest assured – even rookies can select the right product once they have realized what their expectations are.



Top golf irons in 2018


Some of the best golf irons are showcased below. Whether you prefer a left handed or right handed alternative, all of the next options are available for sale on most online retail websites, including Amazon. Since these units have received the critical acclaim of professional and beginning golfers, we felt compelled to feature them in this article.



TaylorMade B12907-Parent


The M2 Men’s Iron set from TaylorMade is one of the most appreciated golf equipment on the market. Made entirely from iron, the set offers players the ability to hit maximum distance. The club irons use a thick-thin Fluted Hosel modern technology that removes 3 grams of the extra mass trapped in the Hosel, ensuring this way that the weight is spread throughout the club’s head and that the center of gravity is significantly lowered. This features also promotes a higher launch and increases the speed of the ball. Moreover, the clubs benefit from the Speed Pocket component that expands the flexibility, preserves the speed and increases the launch angle.  

The 360-degree undercut gives the ball an impressive speed across the face of these iron golf clubs. Due to their flat face, these irons use the Inverted Cone technology to deliver a consistent speed of the ball all across the club face. In addition, these golf irons are outfitted with a light and stiff 3-D badge that is useful for eliminating any unwanted vibrations during impact. Plus, they give the club a superior feel thanks to the high-quality and durable material.  


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Pinemeadow Wedge P350LR52


A great option for beginners and intermediate level golf players, the Pinemeadow Wedge is made from high-quality steel and has a nice sleek design. The wedge is quite useful for taking the ball closer to the pin and allows players to play putts with ease. Made from durable steel, the wedge can handle tough shots and ensures a low mid kick point each time the user hits the golf ball. Furthermore, the large face of this club enables golf players to hit the ball without too much effort even if they’re playing on rough surfaces or bunkers.  

The golf wedge makes even the toughest shots easy to play, no matter the standing position. Also, it can be purchased in a wide range of sizes, including the 68-degree size which is quite difficult to find on the market. With a large face area, the club allows the user to play even the most difficult lies. Besides, the wide sole comes with a bounce shape that provides an accurate style of golf play.  


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Pinemeadow 11600-PARENT


This 9-piece set from Pinemeadow is everything a golf player needs when getting on the course for the first time. The set comes with a standard 460cc Driver size that is more than perfect for a golf newbie. Made with a graphite shaft, the driver feels quite lightweight. This way, players that are new to the game of golf can rest assured that their golfing skills will improve significantly. The three clubs made from wood look amazing and feel comfortable in hand. Just like the driver, these have a graphite shaft as well which enhances the performance and allows the users to get up to 175 yards from it. Made from a stainless steel and titanium composition, the hybrids are long lasting clubs that give players an impressive distance. The set is completed with the 5-PW irons which are ideal the fairway and come in handy when players want to hit the ball with precision.  

Thanks to the left and right-hand orientations, users can be sure that these clubs fit their style of play. In order to prevent any possible damages, the set is outfitted with top notch head covers for the driver, hybrid, and the woods clubs.  


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TaylorMade Men’s RSi1


1.TaylorMade Men's RSi1 Iron Set

While it might not be the most affordable unit out there, the TaylorMade alternative is definitely worth checking out if what you’re focusing on is finding a high-quality iron that beats the game. This set can be purchased both for right and left hand orientations. The shaft is made of graphite and some of the available flexes you could choose from range from regular to stiff. The main advantage of selecting a TaylorMade product is that this company is investing a lot of time and effort in designing cutting-edge technologies that are able to protect the ball speed and even increase the launch angle.


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Callaway X Hot Iron P


2.Callaway X Hot Individual Iron

If breaking the bank doesn’t look like an attractive idea to you, perhaps you ought to check out the specs of the Callaway X Hot Iron P, as we’ve seen that it usually costs less than one hundred dollars but doesn’t sacrifice all that much with regard to performance. As is the case with other products, you may choose the hand orientation you feel comfortable with, as well as the right flex. Owners can select either a graphite or a steel shaft, depending on their preferences. This product is lightweight, easy to use, and has been developed to increase the face compliance.


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Callaway XR Individual


3.Callaway Men's XR Individual Irons

The XR is yet another remarkable option, particularly if you’re interested in considerably increasing the speed of your hits. The cup technology designed by the manufacturing brand has managed to achieve its purpose, so that the ball reaches the maximum speed regardless of the strength of the impact or location on the field. Based on the feedback gathered by this alternative, it seems that it’s among the highly recommended ones for precise shots, every time. In addition, this golf iron can make all the difference for a high handicap golfer, as emphasized by some of the buyers who have expressed their satisfaction with the build and features of the product.


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TaylorMade Rocketbladez HL 4-AW


This is one of the most remarkable golf irons of the year and it was specially developed for people who put their heart and soul into their golfing. The model is for right-handed individuals, comes with a shaft made of steel and features a regular flex. Everything about this golf iron is made to maximize distance, and that can certainly be felt when you’re hitting the ball.

According to multiple customers, there really is nothing to dislike about the golf iron, not even the price. Many buyers claim it’s of a good quality and comes at an affordable price. The model creates an enhanced golfing experience which can be seen in better scores.


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Nike VRS X Set


Nike is known for manufacturing some of the top quality golf irons in the world, and this one also lives by the rule. It’s specifically designed for right-handed individuals. The shaft is made of steel and has the uniflex feature. Uniflex is perfect for people that aren’t novices but haven’t yet reached a professional golfing level.

With 37 5-star ratings, this product is certainly hard to say no to. The set has a good feel and it helps users increase the distance of their shots and has been frequently called a game changer. For the game enhancement that this iron set is capable of offering, many buyers claim that is more than worth the money.


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TaylorMade Burner Plus


If you are a professional or amateur golfer then you know full well that TaylorMade products are of high quality, carefully designed to provide accuracy during any game. The Burner Plus golf iron comes equipped with Inverted Cone technology that enhances COR over a large surface of the face. You will be able to better control the swing movement as the iron feels like it is part of your hand. The TaylorMade Burner Plus golf iron incorporates the advanced perimeter that helps provide forgiveness on off center balls and thus enhances your golfing skills and the ability to hit, irrespective of the terrain.

“It doesn`t weigh anything, it is very accurate and has a well balanced feel to it, these are the traits which for me best describe this iron. It has been in my golf bag for quite a while now and up to this day I am very satisfied with its accuracy and performance.” Luke Froom


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Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl


When it comes to golf irons, one thing is absolutely certain: the Cleveland Golf CG16 stands out in quality and game efficiency. The CG16 Black Pearl irons are absolutely stunning, combining with efficiency a hint of offset with a slightly large size which makes them ideal during any stage of the game. The Cleveland Golf CG16 benefits from the revolutionary Laser Milled technology that uses the accuracy of a laser in order to calibrate the lining texture, thus delivering good results on the majority of your swings. The unique surface texture fully optimizes the ball-to-face friction and also enhances the allowable spin, which means more hole-in-ones and success on the field.

“I had to choose the right iron for my golf set and after careful consideration I finally settled on the Cleveland CG16. I got it because it felt really good in my hands and so far it has proven to be an excellent choice, because I`m hitting much better shots than before.” Edward Lindell


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Pinemeadow Golf Wedge


Best Golf Irons reviewsPinemeadow Golf always created high quality sporting tools and accessories, which improve the game of any player. To this extent, the Wedge golf iron makes no exception, being built with solid Pinemeadow steel from Apollo. The Apollo is a precise 125 gram shaft that continues with a low to mid kick point. The Pinemeadow golf iron represents the ideal instrument for people who are just beginning  to play the game. It is available in 52, 56, and 60 and also 64 degrees. In addition, the Pinemeadow golf iron can also be ordered in the very hard to find 68 degree wedge. You should also know that the Wedge golf iron from Pinemeadow comes with a 1 year warranty, in case of various defects.

“I want my golf set to be as good as possible so I can play my best game every time and for this I purchased the Pinemeadow golf wedge. Now it has become a central part of my set and from a technological point of view I am covered.Walter Livingston


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Not available anymore -> models from 2015 or older



Callaway RAZR HL


A growing number of the latest best golf irons reviews, written by professional golfers and amateur players recommend the Callaway RAZR HL as a great addition. When can you ever say something bad about Callaway products? The RAZR HL golf iron will give you the extra boost needed to enjoy every moment of the game, as soon as you step on the course. Accuracy will always be present in your golfing skills, allowing you to keep improving your scores. The RAZR HL has a low center of gravity that will definitely help you shot higher and with better precision. In addition, the RAZR HL golf iron benefits from Callaway’s top of the line technology which makes it a high quality product.

“Every golfer, amateur or pro wants the best clubs for their set. The iron is a central club so it really has to be of high quality in order for us to hit those accurate shots. I have the Callaway RAZR HL and I recommend it to other golfers because it does exactly what a iron should do.” Nathan Owen



TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Unstoppable


As most of the latest best golf irons reviews pointed out, the TaylorMade golf irons are exactly what you need if you appreciate high quality and efficiency. Incorporating the technical expertise of Taylor, the Burner 2.0 Unstoppable 8 irons will give you an extra edge during any game. More playability and accuracy at distance will be within your hands once you begin using TaylorMade golf irons. Furthermore, you should know that the irons come with a multi-functional sole which progressively lowers the CG and also reduces the turf-drag. High shots will become something easy to make every time you go on the course.

“It looks awesome, it feels well balanced and to me this is the perfect set. I bought it and I am very happy with its performance. I have to recommend these irons because they are the right tools for the job.” John Miller



Cobra S2 Forged


4.Cobra Lady MAX 3 Wood

Not all customers are willing to spend over one hundred dollars on a golf club or iron, which is why we felt compelled to include this model in the list, given that it usually costs less than forty dollars. Regardless of the online marketplace you will choose for your purchase, you’ll notice that this product is good enough to do what it’s supposed to do. If what you have in mind is getting a uniflex steel shaft, all you have to do is read through the specs of this model. It’s worth pointing out that experienced players might find the Cobra S2 Forged just a bit too lightweight for their liking.