Best Golf Pants for Women Reviews

In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best golf pants for women? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. In our quest to provide the consumer with more than enough information on the best golf pants for women, we have looked into social media activity of different products to supplement the expert review sites we could find on this type of athletic gear. Out of all the products we have looked into, the adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pull On is the best thanks to its stretch woven design that enables easy wear while providing you with a sleek silhouette. Perfect for the fashion conscious, the pants offer a designer slim fit complemented by Adidas’ brand of performance to ensure reliable support and durability. If the adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pull On is unavailable, we recommend getting the adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pure Motion, which is the second best option.



How to Buy New Golf Pants for Women


Golf pants for ladies have evolved from the ultra-conservative designs patterned after their masculine counterparts to the fashion-forward yet fully functional apparel for today’s sporty woman. Golf pants now offer more room for personal preferences and comfort without sacrificing on quality and performance-driven functionality. The following aspects make golf pants for ladies top rated.

best golf pants for women



Cotton fabrics deliver a classic look. They are available in a range of solid colors as well as print patterns. Breathable and offering easy maintenance when blended with polyester, cotton fabrics can also be blended with spandex for stretch. Linen also delivers a classic look while being breathable and lightweight, perfect for summer wear. It is sometimes blended with cotton.
Wool also delivers a classic look and is often used in plaid prints. The warm material is breathable and available in various weights to suit a range of weather conditions. Microfiber blends together synthetic fabrics including polyester and nylon to enable fantastic draping ability, fast drying and reliable breathability. Breathable with a hint of stretch, polyester is used in performance activewear and has the ability to conform to the natural contours of the body.



Performance Options

The top rated products highlighted in golf pants reviews are equipped with features that ensure performance and comfort for the user. They can be made of a special composition of different materials that does not hamper the golfer’s free movement during every game. With sufficient stretch, the golf pants make it easy to execute your golf swing and to bend at the knees and waist effortlessly.

Performance fabrics are made using moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your skin dry and cool. They can also come with anti-microbial properties as well as UV protection. Waterproof pants come as specialty waterproof apparel supplemented with windbreaker capabilities.



Color, Fit and Functionality

For formal golf events, you will want to wear neutral colors such as khaki, lighter shades of grey, black or navy, and grey. Flashy colors are a fun alternative to neutral hues. White golf pants are a heavy favorite thanks to the clean and smart look. Attire restriction may be imposed by certain golf leagues and clubs, so make sure to check them out first.

You want your golf pants to offer a flexible fit so you can enjoy a full range of mobility on the golf course. The fir should be comfortable and lightweight without being overly loose or baggy. The greater ability the pants have to conforming to your natural body contour without restricting freedom of movement, the better. The golf pants should feature a clean, flat front and the ability to keep their shape. Pockets and golf loops are highly functional when you’re on the field.



Top Golf Pants for Women in 2017


Finding the best golf pants for women is not as easy as buying everyday wear. The buying guide above is designed to simplify your shopping experience so you can easily overcome the challenges of your buying journey. We have also highlighted the best products below to help you even more.



adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pull On


1.adidas Golf Women's EssentialsMade of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent elastane, the adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pull On has been designed to be stretch woven, allowing you freedom of movement so you can show off your golf form. The fabric lets you execute swings, stretch and bend at the waist and knees for unrestricted mobility without danger of tearing or damage to the pants. The pants provide a slim fit so you can look good on the golf course while enjoying your game. The pull-on pants deliver a sleek silhouette so you can focus on your game at all times.

These golf pants feature the Adidas performance metal tab above the back right pocket, serving as your guarantee of quality and performance-driven functionality. The lightweight material enables you to feel cool and comfortable while enjoying support and durability. These golf pants eliminate the bulk and ugly lines, with enough stretch for ease of movement.


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adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pure Motion


2.adidas Golf Women's Essentials PureThe adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pure Motion have been designed to give the lady golfer a genuine experience of performance-driven apparel on the golf course. Made of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent elastane, the pants have enough stretch plus strength to ensure a great game experience every time. The pants are truly made for a lady thanks to the designer slim fit that conforms to a woman’s natural shape without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. You can expect more than enough support and breathability from the stretch woven pull on pants.

The Adidas performance metal tab above the back right pocket serves as your assurance of genuine Adidas quality and functionality. The designer slim fit allows you to focus on your game more than anything else. The stylish pants have a distinctively smart cut that is slim at the lower leg and hip, perfect for the lady who loves the game but still wants to be recognized for her feminine appeal.


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Puma Golf NA Women’s Solid Tech Capri


3.Puma Golf NA Women's Solid Tech Capri PantMade of 65 percent Recycled Polyester, 5 percent spandex and 30 percent Polyester, Puma Golf NA Women’s Solid Tech Capri golf pants are truly performance driven. The pants are equipped with UV protection, delivering a UPF of 50+ so you won’t have to worry about staying out in the sun too long when you have something to prove on the golf course. The pants allow you to leave your mark on the golf course by shielding you against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays as you carefully align your shots. They feature a revolutionary dryCELL fabrication with 3D-CELL technology to ensure better cooling while delivering reliable moisture-wicking properties so you stay dry and comfortable every time.

These golf pants feature a grosgrain tape at the waistband to ensure a snug and secure fit, eliminating the need to wear a belt. They also come equipped with back welt pockets and front pockets that accommodate your scorecards and small items you just can’t do without.


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