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Golf is a sport that presents many challenges, during various parts of the game which need to be overcome. Today, there are many golfing instruments which can be used with confidence in order to enhance the potential of the user when he plays. The playing field will become a source of joy and satisfaction once you manage to equip yourself with a golf rangefinder, a device by thousands of players in order to improve their game. There are many models currently available on the market and only after you’ve successfully read some of the latest best golf rangefinders reviews you will be able to find the device suited to your needs.


Bushnell Tour V3 Standard golf rangefinder


Best golf rangefinders under $300Everyone that plays golf uses with confidence Bushnell products in order to enhance the quality of their game every time they step on the field. If you want to play better then you should use with confidence Bushnell Tour V3 golf rangefinder, a model situated by thousands of users among the current best golf rangefinders under $300. This single hand golf rangefinder comes with 5 x magnification system and also an impressive 24 mm objective which brings the target a lot closer. The range search of the model is of 10 to 1000 yards, using the advanced Pin Seeker technology and Jolt vibration.

“So I play my best game everytime I always am intrested in the best gear and one of the devices I have is the Bushnell Tour V3gold rangefinder. I know everything there is to know about the distance of the shot I’m going to make and this is a huge advantage.” – Leonard Cornish

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Bushnell NEO-X golf rangefinder


On the filed you have to be prepared for anything, to accommodate to the terrain conditions and hit with precision the ball. This is why we recommend the usage of Bushnell NEO-Z golf rangefinder, a model which enhances the quality of your game adding more accuracy during each hit. The model comes with 30.000 courses and is the thinnest and also lightest Golf GPS watch in the world today. It is considered one of the best golf rangefinders under $200, coming with easy front, center and back distances to the green. The rangefinder has a reliable USB charging and can sync with your PC without problems.

“I am playing with my friends every weekend a game of golf and the rivalry is pretty intense I can tell you that. But in the last couple of months I have managed to get the edge over them thanks to my new equipment and this includes the Bushnell NEO-X golf rangefinder.” – Anthony Madsen

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Callaway 8396 golf rangefinder


One of the best golf rangefinders under $300 is Callaway 8396, a model that is fully capable of distancing targets in a surprising succession of up to 8 seconds. You will have an extra edge on your opponents, being helped by a pro golfing device, with thousands of satisfied users. You should know that the model is compact, fog proof and waterproof which allows you to play better and easier than ever before. The golf rangefinder is powered by a powerful CR2 Lithium battery that lasts around 10K ranging sessions which prolongs your winning streak. The device has an elegant in-round case design, accompanied by rubberized no slip grip material for added comfort and utility.

“This rangefinder has really made me think highly of it in the time I have had it and based on my positive experience with it I recommend it to other amateur golfers. It does its calculations very fast and I don’t waste too much time since I know the distance to the hole.” – Ken Bosnick

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GolfBuddy Voice golf rangefinder


Golfing became a lot easier with the development of advanced golf rangefinders which bring the target closer and help the user to swing better. If you want to enter the exclusive group of people winning game after game, you should use GolfBuddy Voice GPS rangefinder, an elegant model that will improve the quality of your game. This golf watch comes with an enhanced set of features which includes a highly comfortable silicone wristband which delivers to the user heightened comfort and utility on the field. The model includes 36.000 world golf courses, an automatic course and hole recognition system which keeps on your toes during the game.

“Elegant and useful at the same time, these words describe best the GolfBuddy Voice rangefinder for me. It really is an advatage to own it, calculating everything I need to how about the golf course and my shot in mere seconds.” – Bryan Cole

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Laser Link Eagle golf rangefinder


One of the best golf rangefinders under $100 is Laser Link Golf Eagle, a model used with trust on golf courses by thousands of people. Coming with a deluxe carrying case, the rangefinder is light and small letting you play better. It includes Laser Link trademark pistol and also a large LCD display where you can see the date acquired. This particular golf rangefinder delivers a range area of 300 yards due to the Laser Link reflector. Furthermore the device is powered by a 9-volt battery which keeps it going and implicitly allows you to play on the course with more liberty.

“For an affordable price I managed to get my hands on this golf rangefinder from Lased Link Edge. Up tp 300 yards I can messure any distance so I know exactly how hard I have to hit the ball. My game has improved for sure since I have it.” – Henry Wiston

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