Best Golf Shoes for Women Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best golf shoes for women money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about the best golf shoes for women by looking into expert review sites and owner feedback. Out of all the products we have researched on, the FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection is easily the best thanks to its leather material that offers superb durability and resistance against the elements, so you can play hard and stay on the course longer. The DuraMax rubber outsole ensures superlative turf gripping performance so you can enjoy sure footing all the time. The slip-last construction delivers a snug fit right out of the package, for worry-free performance. If the FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection is unavailable, we suggest going for the second best option, the ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid.



How to Choose New Golf Shoes for Women


If you are to maximize your time on the golf course and create a strong reputation among your male counterparts, you ought to invest in a good pair of ladies golf shoes on sale at various consumer outlets. You wouldn’t use ballet shoes for running much like you wouldn’t be caught dead in ordinary cross trainers on the golf course. The following aspects are worth considering when buying women’s golf shoes.

best golf shoes for women



For comfort, water resistance, breathability, traction and style, classic golf shoes with spikes are your best option. It is up to you to decide whether you want metal or soft spikes in classic spiked golf shoes. They can be of any color you want and can also be lightweight and made for all-condition use, and are typically assured of stability to your swing thanks to better traction, with a pretty stable upper.

A spikeless pair of golf shoes or street shoes are engineered for style and comfort, with a low profile supplemented with flat soles and a lightweight construction. Instead of regular golf spikes, they feature dimpled soles or rubber studs. They do not offer a waterproof design and have less grip and stability.

Golf boots are rare on the market. Designed to resemble wellington or hiking boots, golf boots are naturally heavier and restrict freedom of mobility around the ankles when you do your swing, but they do provide warmth and traction during the winter season. Golfing in hot climates can be more comfortable when you have golf sandals on. This type of footwear has straps that can potentially cause blisters, making them uncomfortable for long walks. Breathability during summer, however, is not an issue, but during wet weather, the open construction and open, toeless design are nothing compared to golf shoes with arch support.



Manufacturing Material

The most popular material for the manufacture of golf shoes is leather. Majority of the product models highlighted in women’s golf shoes reviews are made of leather, which creates snug-fitting and stretch-less footwear. The surface of leather shoes is stabilized using a saddle design on the surface. More breathable compared to other materials, leather speaks of quality accompanied by a price that befits that quality.

Goretex remains the top choice when it comes to waterproofness. This material is available in other versions depending on the manufacturer. Goretex is engineered for winter use while ensuring breathability and a warmer feel than leather.

Synthetic materials have been used in golf shoe uppers instead of serving as shoe coverings. The non-porous polyester material is spread over the sole, effectively protecting the outer shell of the footwear. Thinner and lighter than leather, synthetic material compromises on breathability to match the low price. Golf shoe makers now use cheaper but alternative manmade material than synthetic to ensure breathability and comfort in their products.



Lacing Systems and Fit

Golf shoes are commonly done up using traditional shoe laces. That being said, there are still other options. With the increasing popularity of spikeless of street golf shoes, velcro has been employed as a more casual fastening method that delivers ease of closure and removal. Some golf shoe makers have utilized their own customized lacing systems in select models, making their products easy to pull on and off much like ski boots. The mechanical lacing systems ensure stability.

When fitting golf shoes, use the same socks you would use for golfing. Seek assistance from pro golf salespeople to determine your perfect fit, during which you can practice your swing to find out how the footwear will stand.



Top Golf Shoes for Women in 2017

There are numerous golf shoes on the market but you need not get overwhelmed by this fact. Consult the buying guide above to help you enjoy a more enjoyable and truly intelligent buying experience. We highlight the best golf shoes for women below.



FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection


1. FootJoy Women's LoPro Collection Golf ShoesThe FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection is outfitted with the most popular system in golf, the fast twist cleat system. Developed as an alternative to the traditional metal screwing systems, fast twist is similar to a standard screwing system but with 2 distinct differences: the post is made extra wide and features a thick threaded design; there are locking posts around the thread. The posts interact with the receptacles to lock the cleats in place. The cleats are hand tightened easily, after which a SoftSpike Universal cleat caddy is used to secure the component further onto the sole.

These golf shoes feature full grain leather uppers that deliver excellent comfort, with a comfortable and fashionable design that will make you stand out among the rest on the golf course. The DuraMax rubber outsoles are geared for optimum turf gripping performance. Enjoy a snug fit right out of the box thanks to the slip-last construction, for sure comfort and classic styling.


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ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid


2.ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid Lace Up Golf ShoeThe Biom Hybrid are truly the best women’s golf shoes ECCO has produced. Designed for extreme comfort, the street-style golf shoes feature a synthetic sole that delivers exceptional traction with its built in cleat system for optimal gripping performance every time. The soft spikes keep the shoes anchored to the ground for stability during your golf swing, while being lightweight and having far less tendency to damage the green compared to metal spikes. They feature extra width to spread your weight evenly throughout a wider area.

These golf shoes deliver comfort while being durable, so you can walk for extended periods and not suffer foot fatigue or blisters. They also ensure exceptional support so you can be on your feet to execute your golf swings without worrying whether your footwear can withstand the rigorous demands of every game. The flexible sole offers superior traction plus a classic yet dependable design made for the golf turf.


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Nike Golf women’s FI Impact


3.Nike Golf women's FI Impact Golf ShoeThe Nike Golf women’s FI Impact features a breathable mesh upper for superior comfort and performance. The shoes boast the legendary Nike Dynamic Fit system, which utilizes a molded comfort sockliner plus a Free-inspired outsole fitted with rubber traction pods and flex grooves for awesome flexibility with excellent traction power. You’re sure to keep your stability on the turf when executing your golf swing. The performance-driven golf footwear boasts an ergonomic design that promotes natural mobility. The golf-specific lug patterns boast lateral support along with superior walking comfort and deep traction.

These golf shoes are equipped with a synthetic sole engineered for walking comfort while ensuring enough protection for your feet with the superior thickness and innovative materials used in the construction. Just a look at these golf shoes ensures you of top quality without compromising on performance on the green for consistent scoring and stable swings plus revolutionary seamless construction and easy lacing system.


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