Best Golf Shoes Reviews for 2018


The best golf shoes will provide stability and comfort while you are out on the course, along with helping to improve traction on slippery grounds. While you also want your golf shoes to look good on your feet, the most important aspect is improving your performance. There are several types and styles of golf shoes to choose from, and your game could depend on your making the right decision. To help narrow your choices and prevent a score ruining mistake, we have included the following brief reviews of the top 10 golf shoes.


Adidas Crossflex


1.Adidas CrossflexThere are several reasons why your feet will love these top rated golf shoes that include the comfortable and supportive design. These spikeless golf shoes are approved for wear on all courses, and are still able to provide exceptional traction and stability on all types of terrain. The flexible outer sole bends with your foot’s movement and the mesh upper lining promotes plenty of cooling air flow. With pods for traction on the bottom of the shoes, you have plenty of stability without worrying about tearing up the green.

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Nike Golf Lunar


2.Nike Golf LunarThe synthetic and mesh construction keep feet supported and comfortable, along with allowing plenty of air flow to prevent sweat and moisture from forming. These women’s golf shoes are also designed to be lightweight so you can walk the whole course without muscle fatigue. The cushioning in the heel helps absorb impact shock, and the stable platform helps to steady your body when you are getting ready to make a difficult shot. With plenty of traction for all type of terrain, you will love spending the day on the golf course.

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Puma PG Clyde


3.Puma PG ClydeConsidered one of the top 5 products, you will love how these golf shoes look and fit. The stylish leather construction is durable, comfortable, and also features a stylish and modern design. The leather upper provides plenty of comfortable support when you are walking the course, and the thick rubber sole provides traction even on wet fairways. With midsole cushioning and shock absorbing support, your feet will stay comfortable on any golf course.

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Adidas Adizero


4.Adidas AdizeroThe fun and stylish design prevents the game of golf from becoming too serious, and it will also help to improve your score. The rubber sole provides plenty of traction on wet surfaces, and the mesh liner keeps your feet cool and dry even in hot and humid playing conditions. You have the advantage of the thick rubber sole that provides shock absorbing comfort, along with plenty of stability during your toughest shots. With the included cushioned sock liner, you will be comfortable on the course all day.

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Nike Golf Air Range WP II


5.Nike Golf Air Range WP IIWith an incredibly stable outer sole that also provides plenty of traction, you will be able to make amazing shots on any type of terrain. These golf shoes also feature durable leather and mesh construction that keeps your feet cool and comfortable in hot summer weather. The stylish design also looks great with almost any outfit, and you will appreciate the cushioned mid sole after a long day out on the course.

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Callaway W477-01


6.Callaway W477-01These stylish golf shoes add a touch of elegance and class to any club or course. Designed to remember fellow golfers that you are a lady, these shoes are also comfortable and supportive. You can look great while you are improving your golf game, and you will appreciate the grip from the lower profile rubber sole when you are on slippery terrain. The leather upper is durable and elegant, while the cushioned insert keeps your feet comfortable for hours. You also have the advantage of the affordable price, along with guaranteed waterproof construction.

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FootJoy Project Spikeless


7.FootJoy Project SpikelessWhile these golf shoes might not have spikes, you will still have plenty of traction on wet or muddy terrain. You can safely wear these on any course, and the rubber grips will provide plenty of traction and stability during every swing. You will appreciate the comfortable and supportive construction after a long day on the course, and these golf shoes are also lightweight to prevent leg and muscle fatigue. With a mesh upper for added air flow, your feet will stay comfortable so you can easily concentrate on your game.

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Puma Faas


8.Puma FaasWaterproof, lightweight and comfortable, it is easy to see why so many women love these affordable golf shoes. The rubber sole provides plenty of support and traction, along with all of the stability you need to keep your swings smoothly flowing all the way through. The waterproof construction keeps your feet dry when you are playing in the early morning dew, and the mesh lining allows for plenty of cooling air flow. With the flat and even surface for maximum stability, you will love seeing your game continuing to improve.

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Callaway Footwear Chev Comfort


9.Callaway FootwearFeaturing a sleek and dressy style these golf shoes will get you noticed on the course. Capable of providing maximum traction on any surface, you will also love the stability of these golf shoes when you are taking a swing. The soft material is durable and supportive, and the included cushioned insert keeps your feet comfortable on long days. With plenty of traction and easy to clean, it is not hard to see why these golf shoes are quickly becoming popular among all types of players.

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10.ECCO EVOYou have the advantage of the rubber cleats that provide plenty of traction without ripping up the green, along with the comfortable and supportive construction. The soft leather upper is durable and waterproof, and the synthetic sole ensures plenty of support and stability. You will love being able to get traction from any angle, which will also help to improve your golf score. Find it easier to stay under par, and impress fellow players with your skill. Comfortable for all day wear on any type of course, you will also love the stylish design of these golf shoes.

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