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If you’ve ended up here because you’re searching for the best golf shoes, but you lack the time you might require to go through reviews, expert sites, and forums, we believe we can help. After checking out all of those resources as well as hundreds of consumer reports, we’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the Skechers Performance 53546. The unit comes with anything you might ever look for in pair of golf shoes as it boasts perforated leather upper materials, comes with a breathable textile lining, and has even been designed so that it’s low-profile. What this means is that you will always feel comfortable while wearing this Skechers model, even if you plan to spend hours on the golf course. If the Skechers Performance 53546 is no longer available, be sure to check out the next best choice, the FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys 45521.



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Knowing that a serious round of golf can take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours, and, in case you did not get a golf cart, you will end up walking several good miles, you surely need a solid pair of golf shoes. Although specialized golf shoes are not a requirement on all golf courses, it is highly advisable to get a good pair, if you want to enjoy the best comfort possible for your feet and, of course, to make the best out of your golf round. If you are looking for reliable golf shoes, this buying guide will help you identify a really good pair.

1.Nike Golf Men's Nike Zoom

A good fit

As is the case with any type of footwear, a good fit is unbeatable when it comes to the wearer’s comfort. For flat feet, a different design would be needed than for someone with no such problems. There are all kinds of foot conditions that may limit in your choice of a pair of golf shoes. Fortunately, there are manufacturers who care about their clients’ wellbeing, so they address such problems, and you can even find golf shoes for plantar fasciitis. Make sure that your feet are perfectly comfortable in the shoes you will wearing, since you will end up spending several hours on the golf course, the time needed for all the 18 holes. If you have really large feet, make sure to buy an extra wide model, so you do not have to worry that your feet will suffer from being held too tight.




There is quite a wide variety of golf shoes on the market, beginning from the fact that there are models for ladies, and models for gentlemen. Besides the difference based on the wearer’s gender, there are several types of golf shoes you need to learn about before making a purchase. Spiked shoes are the classic type, the one worn traditionally on the golf course. Back in the days, the only golf shoes expected on the golf course were those with metal spikes that offered extra stability and they did not get stuck in muddy areas. Their main disadvantage was that they tended to be pretty heavy. Due to the new technologies today, they are much more lightweight, and there are even waterproof models that offer superior comfort when you want to play golf in the rain.

In case going classic is not your style, a good choice is represented by spikeless golf shoes. These pretty much look like street sports shoes and they can be very stylish. You will notice that their rubber soles come with numerous dimples, whose role is to compensate for the lack of spikes, in order to provide you with extra stability. For the driving range or for real golf courses, they are a great choice. Golf boots are another category you may be interested in learning above. These look pretty much like hiking boots and they have the same properties, being resistant to water and providing extra warmth, when you want to enjoy a nice round of golf in winter. They tend to be more expensive, and they are not really widespread, but the good news is that they exist and can be used by golf enthusiasts who do not want to give up on their favorite sport in chilly weather. The last type to be mentioned is represented by golf sandals. They are a good choice for hot weather, and their open design allows you to keep your feet cool. They are not as resistant or stable or comfortable as regular golf shoes, but they are an alternative to consider in hot climates.

2.adidas Men's Tour 360

Lacing design

Normally, golf shoes come with laces, and this is the fashionable choice. However, with the need for convenience and comfort increasing, other styles for lacing have emerged. You can find golf shoes without laces, and there are some models equipped with Velcro straps, that are easier to put on than those with laces. On more expensive models, you may also find proprietary lacing systems that work automatically in order to provide the wearer with the best experience and comfort.



Top golf shoes in 2017


When playing golf, it is good to make sure that you are using the right shoes. This will ensure your comfort throughout the game and grant you the ability to move better. In this case, the best golf shoes reviews have identified some of the best choices currently available on the market, and these are showcased below.




Skechers Performance 53546


Everything about this model breathes quality as it seems to have been built specifically to meet and even exceed the needs of golfers, be they professional or amateur. The shoe boasts a dependable, yet entirely comfortable construction.

Both the perforated leather upper materials and the breathable lining make it possible for the user to avoid feeling uncomfortable regardless of the many hours that he or she spends on the green. Besides, the low-profile design ensures that the golfer benefits from enhanced stability, and it’s rather clear that he or she will need it when strictly focusing on their golfing performance.


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FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys 45521


If you’re no fan of sporty shoes when you’re on the green and you’d much rather go for a classic closeout shoe that’s comfortable to wear for hours on end, the FootJoy alternative is surely worth considering. It’s built with high-quality materials that can make it possible for you to use it for a more than decent amount of time.

The product is lightweight, reasonably breathable, and comes with a fit-bed that can make it possible for you to avoid feeling uncomfortable due to the underfoot environment. Plus, the DuraMax outsole made from rubber is a nice addition, especially as it allows users to concentrate on their performance instead of keeping steady on the ground.


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New Balance Men’s NBG574B



These golf shoes are the perfect mix between comfort and style. Their manmade construction ensures that they are durable, comfortable and supportive. The synthetic material also moves with your feet and allows for a more natural foot placement during swings. Thanks to the front lacing closure it is easy to get a secure and comfortable fit.

This also helps to provide a little extra support. You will appreciate the breathable mesh liner that works to keep your feet cool and dry, even on hot days. Even though these golf shoes are spikeless traction isn’t a problem due to the sturdy synthetic sole.


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Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0


1.adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0

These shoes are everything you need in golf footwear. The mesh is very lightweight and allows your feet to breathe even when spending many hours on the golf course, caught up in your game. The EVA insole is specifically designed to make these shoes very comfortable and lightweight. The 6 spikes on the sole are there for great traction and they also offer you the best stability so you can perfect your swing. Thintech cleats perfect these golf shoes that are considered the best currently available for sale by hundreds of buyers who cared to leave raving reviews about this model from adidas.



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ECCO Golf Street


This is another option that should not be missed as you look for the best golf shoes in 2017. If there is one good thing about this product, it would be the fact that it offers the perfect balance between being sporty and stylish. It is designed with a sturdy lace system that is meant to personalize the fit of the shoe depending on the size of your foot. In addition, another notable feature of this model is the CFS ventilation technology. The latter makes the shoe able to offer exceptional breathability, and thus keep you as comfortable as possible as you play golf.



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Nike Zoom Advance


Best Golf Shoes ReviewsAlthough it is a brand that is most popular for their basketball shoes, there is a good selection of golf shoes from Nike as well, including this specific model. The excellent design of this shoe is one of the reasons on why it is often mentioned in the best golf shoes reviews. It is designed not only in such a way that it will be able to deliver the highest level of comfort, but also for the purpose of being able to improve its traction, even if you are playing in an uneven ground. The ability of the shoe to repel water is also a good thing to ensure your optimal comfort.



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Adidas Tour 360 ATV


This shoe has an innovative feature that makes it excellent in terms of versatility. This is basically because of its ability to adapt to the surface where you are playing to make sure that the traction is as good as possible. This technology is known as the ThinTech Cleat, which also allows the foot to be brought closer to the ground. It is also a good thing that it has 360 wrap, which makes it possible to make sure of your stability and balance. Lastly, it also has FiTFOAM insole, which makes it possible to deliver superior cushioning for improved comfort.



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Callaway Footwear Xtreme


The RainSport waterproof technology is one thing about this model that is frequently highlighted in many of the top rated golf shoes reviews that have been published recently. This technology makes the shoe able to resist water and this contributes not only to comfort, but also to durability. The DrySport moisture management can be considered as another good thing about this model. The latter is also able to make it more comfortable because of its excellent ability to manage moisture. Lastly, this is also known for the use of injection molded gel tubes that allows the even dispersion of pressure on the foot.



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ASICS GEL-Linkmaster


This is another golf shoe that is replete in terms of technologies that have been specifically developed for the purpose of making it a standout within the competitive landscape. It has a waterproof lining that will keep the foot dry in all weather conditions. The Scorpions Stringer-T spikes can also be attributed as another good feature of this shoe. These spikes make sure that the shoe offers superior grip on the ground,  thus improving your balance. It also has a unique GEL cushioning system that promotes comfort for your feet, even if you have been playing for a long time.



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