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Drive with a personal assistant near you that will never stir you wrong! Well, according to the present auto statistics and surveys, millions of Americans are now using or trying to use a professional GPS system that can help them drive a lot easier and reach their destination faster! Shortcuts are now a reality, you just need to find the right model for your car and your travel destinations. With the right details on the functionality of the top rated GPS systems you will be able to find the device suited to your daily needs. Reading some of the current best GPS reviews represents a precise way to equip your car with a reliable vehicle.


Garmin nuvi 40 GPS


Best GPS under $200It is time for you to equip your car with a reliable and efficient GPS system that won’t let you down in the middle of the road. How? Well, use one of the best GPS under $100, Garmin nuvi 40 will help you go wherever you want without any problems whatsoever. This device was designed with attention in order to make the navigation easier, irrespective of your destination. All you need to do is enter your address and reach your destination with ease. The device comes with a 4.3” touchscreen and delivers precise and turn-by-turn direction that clearly speak to you the street names.

“Now that I have this GPS from Garmin I can navigate through uncharted teritories for me much more easily. I find it easier to get from point A to point B, without getting lost in the process, thanks to its updated map database.” – Henry Lawrence

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Garmin nuvi 2557LMT GPS


If you want to use a high quality GPS system that will assist you the road, offering precise street recommendations then Garmin nuvi 2557LMT is the model you need to have around with you. Considered one of the best GPS under $200, this model has a bright 5.0” display with clear dual-orientation capabilities that allows you to use it horizontally or vertically. The device come pre-loaded with detailed maps of America, free lifetime map feeds which allows you to make your routes safer while the POIs will enhance the quality of the ride. It also comes equipped with Garmin Real Voice; speak by turn directions which help you drive with ease.

“I have this GPS in my car for quite a while and to this point it has’t failled me once. It always shows me the shortes route to the place I want to go and also traffic information from time to time. For this reliable GPS I didn’t even pay that much in the 1st place.” – James Robert

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Garmin nuvi 465LMT GPS


It’s important to use a high quality GPS system on your car in order to safely drive and reach your destinations with greater ease. Today, thousands of Americans use with confidence Garmin nuvi 465LMT GPS, which was designed having in mind trucker’s needs around the road. The device comes with free lifetime maps and traffic indications, preloaded NTTS Directory and also various truck points of interest. The model comes with a 4.3” inch high-resolution touchscreen display, which display with clarity the street of the US and Canada, thus letting you see how the road presents, in high definition.

“The Garmin 465LMT is what I invested in for my personal car GPS and I managed to do a great choice with it. The lane assist function I found to be very solid unlike other GPSs. Also I update it form time to time so that all the map corrections are done and I don’t run into any surprises.” – Oliver Parker

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Magellan 1700LM GPS


You have the possibility to use an advanced GPS system that will deliver accurate data every time you go out driving in town or cross-country. Magellan 1700LM GPS was designed in order to deliver specific assistance to people that want to reach their destination faster. This device features an extra-large 7” WVGA color touch screen which makes it perfect for you to use on RVs, SUVs, cars and also trucks. In addition to its high quality structure, the model comes with Lifetime Mad updates that will keep you connected with all the traffic regulations and updates. There are also various points of interest across the US and Canada which will enhance the quality of any ride.

“The way this GPS from Magellan has worked for me has been very pleasing. I even bought a camera so that I can take advantage of the back-up feature. The maps can be updated so that they modify accoring to any changes in the road infrastructure, which is a main reason for why I bought it.” – Will Porter

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Magellan 3030LM GPS


One of the best GPS under $200 is Magellan 3030LM GPS, a model used with confidence by more and more Americans in order to find their way around town. It comes with a 4.7 inch touchscreen display which around 17 percent larger than the regular 4.3 inch screens, thus you will equip your car with something special. This advanced GPS comes with lifetime maps of US, Puerto Rico and also Canada with over 6 million points of interest which can enhance the quality of the ride. You will be able to drive with ease, knowing that you can get faster to your destination! The One-Touch menu gives instant access to all the most important places of a town.

“I have been using this GPS and for me it has proven to be a very good choice. I find it easy to navigate through cities and roads I have never been to before, meaning that I get faster from one point to the other, without the risk of getting lost.” – John Brown

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