Best Guitar for under 500


How to Buy the Best Guitar for under 500


One can take years and go through several different models before finally finding the best acoustic guitar for them. You should be able to find a model that provides the degree of playability, looks and sound that will please everyone, if you’re willing to invest in a little knowledge peppered with a dash of compromise. Here’s what to look for.

Best guitar for under 500


The tone of the best guitar for under 500 is determined by the quality, type and combination of woods utilized in its making. The wood used for the top is called the Tonewood, as it serves as the guitar’s sound board. Laminated wood is used in entry-level models, but for people who want an instrument that will sound better with age, this may not be something they want. Solid wood produces a more resonant, richer sound. Spruce and cedar are used in guitar tops. Sitka Spruce is popularly used as a top. Synthetics are used by some guitar making companies.

Other popular tonewoods include Engelmann Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, mahogany and Koa.


Back and Sides

The back and sides of the instrument also contribute to its overall tone and sound. They are typically made of standard woods such as maple, mahogany and rosewood. Manufacturers may use East Indian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Mahogany and Koa, and Maple and Walnut.


Body Style

The best guitar for under 500 can be in a different shape and size from other models on the market. You can choose from small travel size guitars to classic, jumbo and dreadnought sizes.

The sound projection and tonal emphasis of the musical instrument are also determined by its body style. A single or double cutaway design enables easy access to the upper frets.

The name and exact sizes of the body style can vary from one brand to another.


Top Rated Guitars for under 500


You want to be able to play like your favorite guitar hero, and the only way to do that is to have the right kind of instrument in your hands. If you’re not equipped with enough information, you could end up with a lousy purchase. Find out why these three products are anything but lousy.


Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar


1.Seagull S6 Original Acoustic GuitarThe gorgeous Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is made in North America, which assures you of reliable high quality and craftsmanship. The guitar has a Select Pressure Tested Top that ensures ample strength and lasting use. The double action truss rod proves to be more stable and less vulnerable to climate changes. To ensure stable and precise tuning, the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar has a tapered headstock, which works great for open tunings. The guitar is built with a Tusq nut plus a compensated saddle for better intonation. This component also contributes to the ability of the guitar to play in tune up and down the neck.

The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is built with a wild cherry back and sides. Wild cherry is a bright sounding wood that should provide a remarkable tone and as good a performance as maple. The wild cherry back and sides do a great job by blending the warmth of mahogany and the incredible definition of maple to deliver a unique tone.

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Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor


2.Taylor Guitars Big Baby TaylorBuilt on a 15/16 scale, the Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor is a slightly bigger sibling of the Baby Taylor while being just a bit smaller than a full-size guitar. This dreadnought guitar ensures problem-free portability to enable easy playing while providing great-sounding guitar fun. It ensures an extra dose of fullness and volume. Like its smaller sibling, the Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor has an arched back, which offers ample strength and contributes to its big tonal output. The guitar has a 1 11/16-inch nut width and a 24 7/8-inch scale length, making the sound round and warm on the top end.

The Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor has sapele-laminate back and sides, an ebony fretboard, a sapele neck and a spruce top. The Sitka Spruce top delivers chiming harmonics as well as clear, bright tones. The sapele-laminate back and sides ensure a consistent box size and shape. The Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor provides a remarkably full voice. It comes with a lightweight gig bag that ensures easy portability, making the guitar a trusty companion you can bring anywhere.

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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar


3.Epiphone Les Paul StandardThe Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar incorporates the classic tone and features of Les’ invention with the exceptional value and quality of Epiphone, making it one of the most sought after musical instruments the world over for half a century since it was first introduced on the market. The guitar is constructed with a solid mahogany body and a maple top, which work together to deliver the classic tone that comes from a genuine Les Paul. It comes with a 14-degree headstock that delivers more pressure at the nut to ensure more sustain plus less hang-ups when tuning, which can be caused by string-tree gadgets.

Completing the Les Paul Standard look is the rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays. You can expect nothing less than outstanding string-to-body resonance from the handset mahogany neck. The medium-jumbo frets add to the flawless and sustained tone. The onboard pair of Alnico Classic humbucker pickups deliver a warm, rich tone that distinguishes the Les Paul sound from all others. Get quiet operation every time that is free from microphone hum thanks to the double vacuum waxing process used by Epiphone.

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