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How to Choose the Best Guitar Stand


Guitar bags with hard cases do an amazing job of protecting guitars from bumps and falls in transport. However, when at home or even on stage, it’s rather inconvenient and annoying to have to work with a whole bunch of locking mechanisms before you could play your guitar. If you find yourself having to grab your guitar quite a few times a day, this routine eventually starts to feel even more tedious and time-consuming. By getting the best guitar stand 2018 has to offer, you can go straight from stand to stage in a second. Of course, you don’t want your guitar getting scratched or standing in an awkward angle, so this buying guide aim to help you find the top rated guitar stands 2018 has to offer by listing down things that one needs to pay particular attention to.

Best Guitar Stand

Free-Standing Guitar Stands

Free-standing guitar stands are probably the cheapest, most commonly available ones available. They also require minimal assembly and will likely support a wide range of guitar sizes. The only problem, however, is the floor space they consume and the fact that people could easily bump into them and cause your precious guitar to smash into the ground. Free-standing guitar stands are best situated in low-traffic areas and work great for concerts because of their portability (some could even be folded!).


Wall Mounted Guitar Stands

Wall mounted guitar stands are a bit less common because they need to be installed securely to a wall. For apartments or homes with fussy housemates, this may not be a viable option. Also, while guitars won’t suffer any damage from being held by the neck, some guitarists aren’t fully comfortable with having their guitars unsupported in the bottom.


Locking System

Most low-end guitar stands just freely allow guitars to rest in their clutches, whereas high-end guitar stands implement self-locking mechanism that locks around the neck of the guitar when mounted. Either is fine; it all depends on where you plan to use the guitar stand. If you plan on using the guitar stand in a place with a lot of people moving around, you’ll want the self-locking guitar stands for the added safety. If you’re planning to use the guitar stand at home or other low-traffic areas, however, a cheap, free-resting guitar stand will work just fine.


Top Guitar Stands in 2018


To date, there isn’t a single guitar stand that trumps all the rest in the market. Even in the best guitar stand reviews, it’d be hard to find one that wins in the all the aspects mentioned above, including the aspect of design. There are, however, guitar stands that many guitar players have sworn by and have therefore made it on top of our list. You’d often hear about these guitar stands the best guitar stand reviews online and offline, so if one speaks to you, go ahead and try it out.



Musician’s Gear Tubular SSG-303 BK-MG


1.Musician's Gear Tubular Guitar Stand BlackIf you’re not too anal about the guitar stand you’re buying, you most likely can’t go wrong with the Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand. While a lot of guitar stands look like this, what makes this particular one special is its soft neoprene rubber tubing that protects your guitar from scratches. You’ll want to avoid, however, using this with nitrocellulose-finish guitars, as the rubber tubing will most likely stick to the guitar and ruin its finish. The stand easily folds up and is light enough to be moved anywhere. The build quality isn’t particularly stellar, but it gets the job done and is well worth the price.

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On Stage XCG4 Tripod


2.On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single StandThe On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand looks quite ordinary with its plain black exterior and traditional form. Unlike most of its other similarly designed competitors, this one is compatible even with thicker acoustic guitars because of how the bottom support is designed. It also has a lock for holding the neck securely in place. For nitrocellulose-finish guitars, you’ll want to keep the stand within room temperature and avoid leaving your guitar untouched for months so that the rubber material won’t transfer to the guitar. This stand is geared for travel, which is why it’s easy to disassemble, reassemble, and move around. On this note, however, you’ll want to make sure that the legs are snapped properly into place before placing your guitar on the stand. In any case, the On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand is a great, no-nonsense guitar stand for all types of guitars and is a good product to try.

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ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal


3.ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand with Secure LockSome people don’t have a lot of room for a bulky guitar stand, especially if they already have amplifiers, effects, and of course, their guitars with them. With this in mind, the ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand with Secure Lock has an a-frame for easy folding. Of course, the limitation of this type of guitar stand is that it does not have a neck support and will not be as secure as bigger guitar stands with neck locks. Also, you’ll also want to add a soft adhesive pad over the plastic part that supports the back of your guitar, as it tends to scratch guitars with a more delicate finish. If you can live with this limitation, this guitar stand is a great choice both for its low price and portability.

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Hola! Portable


4.Hola! Portable Stand for Acoustic and Classical GuitarsSometimes even the smallest guitar stands still feel bulky because of type of material used (usually metal). That being said, the Hola! Portable Stand for Acoustic and Classical Guitars is made of plastic and has soft silicon cushion placed on all contact points, as well as non-slip silicon feet for added stability. All of this comes down to a weight of only 0.9 lbs! This is as lightweight as you can get when it comes to guitar stands. While it does claim to support all sizes of classical and acoustic guitars, you’ll want to keep an eye on it if you’re going to use heavy guitars, as plastic is naturally less durable than metal. Other than that, the Hola is a great stand for people who don’t have the space and the energy for a metal guitar stand and is just as light on the pocket as it is in the backpack.

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Top Stage® Pro Universal


5.Top Stage® Pro Universal Guitar StandThe Top Stage® Pro Universal Guitar Stand is another a-frame type of guitar stand that seems to have fewer parts in order to reduce the overall weight to a meager 2 pounds. The stand has a rather small footprint, especially when collapsed, which makes it easy to carry along with your guitar and other equipment. The construction of this stand accommodates electric guitars and bass guitars better than an acoustic guitar because of its particular design, but it nevertheless can accommodate one comfortably with a little retrofitting. The build quality is excellent and feels sturdy enough to hold heavier guitars. If you want an a-frame guitar stand that does not sacrifice quality for size, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this product.

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