Best Hair Crimper for Volume Reviews

Looking good is a desire that all people have. In order to do, you need special tools that let you achieve this status. If you want to purchase the best hair crimper for volume but lack the time to go through all the reviews and buying tips made by our team of researchers, this short paragraph has all the important information. We’ve looked at various aspects such as customer feedback, expert review sites, and social media activity, and came to the conclusion that the best possible choice is the Gold N’ Hot GH3013 Gold Tone. This excellent hair-styling tool is able to add texture to your hair and increase the volume at the same time. Featuring gold-tone crimping plate of 2 inches, the product comes with an ergonomic handle and easy access control buttons. Moreover, the power cord is 6 feet long and is tangle-free. If the Gold N’ Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron is not available, make sure to check the BlueTop Hair Waver 3 Barrels 25mm.



Buying Guide


It’s quite difficult to maintain a nice and healthy hair all day long. Especially if you’re in a hurry, you’ll need a crimper to create a glamorous look in just a few minutes. If you’re not certain about how to choose the best crimper for hair, you should take the following buying guide into consideration. In order to lend you a helping hand, we’ve established some main features that you need to keep an eye out for so that the item you decide to purchase fulfills your personal preferences.

Size of the crimper

One important aspect you need to be aware is the size of the crimper itself. The reason why most manufacturers indicate this in the product description is that you should be able to use the styling tool without having to worry about your hand getting tired. Furthermore, you should buy a hair crimper for sale that fits your hand easily, so you don’t struggle to try to create a gorgeous look.

Crimpers are useful instruments that improve the texture of your hair and give you a unique style based on the length of your hair. The size of the crimper is responsible for this texture. For instance, a wider crimper brings a subtleness to the hair due to the waves it creates.

If you have short hair, then a small and thin crimper will do wonders for you. It’s a known fact that a small crimper always works better in short hair because they can be easily maneuvered. On the contrary, large and wide crimpers are more suitable for long hair because they cover more area and add more volume.


Plate technology

Nowadays, a good hair crimper benefits from major technological improvements that provide different styling tips, depending on your personal needs. Back in the old days, crimpers were ponytail and ruler-straight based while today, these instruments are specialized to work on a specific type of hair.

You’ll find many models on the market that are outfitted with metal, ceramic or tourmaline crimper plates.

Titanium plates are a good option because they are durable and can reach even the highest temperatures. Also, they can avoid the static electric currents that are usually found in the hair. Because it can deliver a fast and amazing result, it remains one of the best crimper plates. Compared to steel, titanium is more suitable for coarse and thick hair, which has a tendency to rebel. In addition, this type of material is used in professional salons.

Most hair crimper reviews recommend tourmaline crimper plates because they provide smooth and silky hair and prevent the friction. Ideally, you should get a hair crimper that has a mixture of ceramic and tourmaline or tourmaline and titanium.

The best crimper iron is the one that reduces the friction which means that your hair will be less damaged.


Pay attention to the heat settings

If you want to benefit from the advantages of using the best crimper tool, then you need to understand that heat matters a lot. People with thick and long hair require hair crimpers that produce more heat and are wide enough to cover more areas.

It’s better to look for crimpers that come with plenty of heat settings and tools because these offer more options for you. Plus, you can use them even if your hair grows or thickens.

A crimper that heats fast is great if you don’t have so much spare time for styling your hair. In the long run, a tool that heats enough will make even the most stubborn hair soft and curly.



Top Hair CrimperS for Volume in 2018


Now that you’ve become familiar with the way hair crimpers work and what features matter most, we’ll continue with a brief presentation of the best hair crimper for volume that might be a valuable acquisition for your styling tools collection.



Gold N’ Hot GH3013 Gold Tone


Now you can have your hair crimped without damages thanks to this stylish hair crimper from Gold N’ Hot. The product benefits from a professional and sleek design that can be used for styling different types and sizes of hair.

Thanks to the 2-inch golden plates that heat up to 430 F degrees, the crimper adds texture and plenty of volume to your hair. Moreover, the item is outfitted with two heat settings to choose from, according to your hair type. If your hair is thicker, you should choose the higher temperature in order to benefit from optimum results.

In addition to the ergonomic handle, the product provides a special area for your fingers and an on/off switch that can be easily operated. All the control buttons can be handled with one single hand while doing the hair crimping.

When the crimper is ready to use, the power indicator will light up showing it has reached the desired level of temperature. Besides, it has a long power cord of 6 feet that won’t tangle. The tip of the crimper remains cool to allow you to hold it for styling the entire length of the hair perfectly. The product comes in an elegant black casing.

Buy from Amazon for ($28)




BlueTop Hair Waver 3 


If you need a reliable hair crimper that you can use for numerous styling types, then this BlueTop Hair Waver crimper with 3 barrels is a great choice for you.

Because the barrels are made of an aluminum alloy, the crimper doesn’t damage your hair. Instead it keeps your hair smooth and shiny.

There’s no need to worry about burning your hair because the unit features a temperature LCD display that shows you when the level has changed. In order to reach the desired temperature, simply press the plus or the minus as many times up until the crimper is ready for your choice of styling.

Thanks to the 360-degree swivel and the long power cord, it’s quite easy to use and to handle, no matter the angle. Besides, the skid proof mat ensures plenty of safety while operating the hair crimper.

The product heats fast so you won’t have to wait if you’re in a hurry and need a proper hair styling for a specific event. The product is made from a great tourmaline ceramic combination that keeps the waves in place and adds structure to your hair. Plus, it reduces the frizz and keeps the natural shape of the hair intact.

Buy from Amazon for ($23.19)




Bed Head Little Tease


If a little bit of extra volume is what you desire most, then this Bed Head Little Tease is indeed the perfect choice for your personal style and needs.

The product is quite affordable and made from top-notch materials that ensure plenty of usage without any damages to the crimper or your hair.

Because the crimper is incredibly lightweight and small-sized, you can take it with you even if you travel. It will fit your luggage or bag quite well.

The unit heats quickly so you won’t have to wait a lot in order to get the styling you need. Moreover, the crimper heats up to 400 F degrees and allows you to add texture and volume to your hair in just a few minutes.

The best part is that the power cord swivels which means you can style your hair from any angle without putting too much effort into the operation.

Given the tourmaline and ceramic combination, you can forget about rebel hair and enjoy your smooth and silky style. Even if you forget the crimper tuned on, the automatic off features will shut it down for security reasons.

The Instant Heat Recovery and the multiple heat settings come in handy if you want to prevent any damages to your hair.

Buy from Amazon for ($29.99)