Best Hair Dryer for Volume


How to Select the Best Hair Dryer for Volume


Buying the best hair dryer for volume is a tricky thing to do, particularly with the large variety of products that are now available on the market. Blow dryers come in various shapes and sizes and speak to various needs of customers. Check out the short list of things that we think are the most important when it comes to getting a dependable and efficient unit.

Best hair dryer for volume


Even people looking to boost their hair volume need to pay attention to this particular detail. Choosing a ceramic or tourmaline dryer over any other type is a great idea, especially if it’s infused with negative ions. Extreme volume doesn’t need to be synonymous with burnt hair, so choose a top-notch unit no matter how tempting a cheap one might look.


Diffusers and concentration attachments

If you want your hair to actually have some volume, you need to be realistic and understand that a blow dryer can’t do it on its own. Extras, such as various attachments make the difference between a pumped up hairdo and a sleek and shiny one. Some nozzle concentrators do a great job at focusing heat and air flow on the areas where you require the most volume.


Customer reviews

Buyers and women especially will always express their dissatisfactions sincerely, which is why we recommend you go through some reviews before sticking to a product.


Most Reliable Hair Dryers for Volume in 2018


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed units on the market today. All of the following units are thought of as being the best hair dryers money can buy. They’ve gathered the appreciation of many customers all over the world and are known to be dependable, long-lasting and affordable.


John Frieda JF1R Full Volume Hair Dryer


1.John Frieda Full VolumeJohn Frieda is one of the most popular brands out there, and the company is known for manufacturing top-notch products. This blow dryer is no exception, as it comes with a grid that’s made of a combo of titanium and ceramic. Although it has only three heat settings and two speed settings, the model comes with two concentrators and a diffuser.

As explained in the buying guide, volume is often provided by the extras that accompany the actual hair dryer.

The lightweight motor on this model and its high voltage make it the perfect choice for frequent travelers. Even though drying your hair naturally is great for the health of the follicle, in winter it is practically impossible to achieve the same effect without getting a cold. Moreover, drying hair naturally usually offers no volume.

This is a very affordable item that gives hair both body and volume. For extreme results, it’s recommended that you turn your head upside down while drying your hair.

Customers describe it as the hair dryer correspondent of a BMW automobile.

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Conair 276R Infiniti Pro Volume Dryer


2.Conair 276R Infiniti ProThe Conair is a tad more expensive than the previously mentioned John Frieda unit. Nevertheless, it has received such a wide degree of appreciation that it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that it is the best hair dryer for volume, particularly if you’re looking for something under sixty bucks.

The model has a power of 1,875 watts. Various tests have shown that the life of the Conair motor engine is up to three times longer than the one of other items of the line.

Since it would have been impossible to provide hardcore volume on its own, the model features a volumizing attachment that certainly does the trick. As is the case with other units, it’s recommended that you do the hair drying while your head is upside down.

The Conair 276R is quiet, chic, economical and protects users’ hair. It has the same number of heat and speed settings as the John Frieda model. The manufacturers are offering a 4-year warranty on this unit. A whopping 200 positive reviews recommend it as a top-of-the-line product.

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Revlon Volume Hair Dryer


3.Revlon Volume Hair DryerThe Revlon brand is well-known all over the world. It’s a manufacturer of cheap products but this doesn’t mean that they lack the quality of the professional dryers that you regularly see in beauty parlors. For example, this one has ionic technology, a feature which can sometimes be absent from more expensive models.

The Revlon has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings, as is the case with the John Frieda and the Conair. Unlike these two, it offers users a cold shot button with the help of which any style can be perfected in a matter of seconds.

The pack includes a diffuser and a concentrator. Furthermore, the Revlon is known to reduce frizz.

Believe it or not, 88% of the people who have purchased this model have declared that they are perfectly satisfied with their purchase. The Revlon can cost as little as twenty bucks on some websites such as Amazon, where customers are known to benefit from frequent sale discounts. Most buyers have characterized it as exactly what they needed.

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