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Every home needs a hair dryer, especially if there is a woman living there. After washing the hair, it is important to dry it with an advanced dryer because thus the hair follicles are better protected. A towel dry your hair but it can also tear out the structure of the hair follicles and in time, you will create the right context for the appearance of hair loss. There are many hair dryers currently available on the market, and it can be pretty hectic to identify the most efficient model but with the right information your will. Read some of the current best hair dryers reviews and within a short period of time you will understand which model suits you best.


BaBylissPro BABTT053T hair dryer


Best hair dryers under $50If you are searching for a professional hair dryer that won’t disappoint you then you should start using BaBylissPro BABTT053T from SED. Considered one of the best hair dryers under $50, this model incorporated the Tourmaline Titanium technology that safely dries the hair while protecting the hair follicle structure. The dryer is foldable so you can place it anywhere you after you’ve done, without worrying of taking too much space. It delivers an impressive 1000 watt hair dryer, letting you expect quality results while the tourmaline system is a solid source of negative ions and also far-infrared heat, for a through drying action.

“I have this hair dryer for some time now and it has proven to be very useful so far. The structure of my hair is protected thanks to its technology so I didn’t notice it falling off more than usual, because I have read that some hair dryers cause that.” – Emma Daniels

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Revlon RV544 hair dryer


Your hair needs to be dried with a professional tool that protects the hair follicles. So, we recommend one of the best hair dryers under $20, RV544 model from Revlon which features the Ionic and tourmaline technology that delivers the best hair heating action on the market today. The hair dryer has the complete power of 1875 watts which is more than enough to dry up any type of hair without any problems. It comes with 2 heat and speed settings that allow you to dry the hair with more precision. This ultra-light dryer helps you to use it with more ease, thus reducing the time spent drying your hair with around 25% than using any of the regular models.

“For the cheap price I paid for it I am very happy with what it has offered me and the quick way in which it dryes my hair without deteriorating it. So based on what it has done for me I recommend it as a good choice for a hair dryer.” – Sandy Lohan

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Revlon RV408 hair dryer


One of the best hair dryers under $15, according to thousands of satisfied users is RV408 from Revlon, a model that can handle with ease any type of hair with no problems whatsoever. The device comes with 3 speed and heat settings in order to ensure a clear drying action on the hair, just the way you want and feel comfortable with. It also incorporates the Cold shot button that lets you adopt any type of style without having to go to a professional stylist. Easy to use and manage, the dryer has a removable end cap in order to clean it faster. In addition to its powerful structure the model also comes with a precise airflow concentrator attachment.

“The Revlon RV408 – which I consider the best hair dryer in 2018– is reliable and for me it has dried my hair just right up to this point. The 3 different speeds and heat levels ensure that I can dry my hair quicker or in time, depending if I have to hurry for something in particular.” – Laura Jordan

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Remington AC2017 hair dryer


There are many hair dryer brands that deliver quality in drying up hair but none is more efficient than Remington. To this extent seeing AC2017 hair dryer among the top preferences of hair stylists, comes as no particular surprise. It features the patent-pending ceramic pear technology, the latest innovation in hair care, which ensures a smooth salon hair finish right in the comfort of your home. The hair dryer is powered by a powerful 1875 watt ac motor that delivers 40% faster drying time and an impressive 3x more motor life, thus saving you time and energy. The model also has 3 heat settings and 2 speed for added precision.

“I am really pleased about the way in which this hair dryer from Remington works for me and my hair. It is certainly a upgrade from my old dryer because my hair gets dry a whole lot faster than before. The price I paid for it was very moderate as well.” – Alice Moore

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Andis RC-2 80020 hair dryer


You should use the very best when it comes to your hair, especially in its vulnerable state after shower. This is why we recommend Andis RC-2 hair dryer, a model that incorporates the force of an 1875 watt motor which uses ions in order to safely reduce frizzles while you condition the hair. It features the Ion technology which helps in drying the hair faster by precisely breaking the water molecules. The device offers you the possibility to select from 3 heat and air speeds in order to maintain the ultimate styling and hair follicle control possible, always ready and useful.

“The Andis RC-2 hair dryer was the choice I made so I dry my hair quickly and without damaging it. A couple of months into using it I am pleased with what I got and think it is definitely a solid hair dryer. The handle folds so I can take it with me even when I go on a trip somewhere.” – Christina Wright

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