Best Hammer Drill under 100


Best Hammer Drill under 100


Whether you’re into construction or are just a serious do-it-yourselfer, you will definitely find the best hammer drill under 100 genuinely useful. You will have to equip yourself with some knowledge if you are to make a successful purchase of this type of machine. Here’s what to look for.

Best hammer drill under 100

Motor Size and Shock Absorption

To make the most of your hammer drill, you will want it to be outfitted with a large motor, which ensures more power in your hands. Standards motors boast around 7 amps while the larger ones will have around 10 amps.

Plenty of the best hammer drills on the market will incorporate some form of shock protection in them. For heavy-duty drilling, this is an essential feature as it absorbs most of the vibration away from your arms to ensure less fatigue.


Variable Speed

You will want your choice of the best hammer drill under 100 to offer variable speed, which enables you to start slow when you are trying to bore a hole. When the hole is completed, you just need to squeeze the trigger to speed the drill up and really do serious work. The variable speed also ensures you can do on-target drilling with the slow start so you won’t slip off the point you are going to drill.

Faster speeds allow you to handle masonry materials like brick, while slower speeds can handle basic concrete.


Grips and Handles

A drill with a pistol grip resembles a gun, hence the name. For fairly heavy-duty drilling, bigger hammer drills are built with a D-grip that enables the operator to get and apply greater pressure to the tool.

Pistol grip drills typically come with a side handle that enables the use of an additional hand to support the tool during the drilling process to allow better control. Most side handles are removable for drilling in tight spots.


Most Reliable Hammer Drills under 100


The hammer drill is another power tool that any self-respecting craftsman should have in his gear collection. Whether it’s a tough working drill you’re after or one that you’ll only use for DIY projects and repairs at home, you will still have to be an informed buyer. Those extra ten minutes of reading could save you some cash along the way, but if that’s not for you, we suggest three bestselling products here.


DeWalt DW511 VSR Hammerdrill


1.DeWalt DW511 1-2 (13mm) 7.8 Amp VSR HammerdrillEquipped with a reliable 7.8 Amp motor, the DeWalt DW511 1/2″ VSR Hammerdrill can handle everything from wood, to steel to masonry and concrete. A truly versatile tool, the DeWalt DW511 is engineered with variable speed to ensure precise hole placement along with performance to match the material used for the specific task. The dual-mode design enables the tool to make quick work of masonry and light-duty concrete applications, with a hammer mode that enables the hammer drill to cut through tough materials without burning or damaging the bit. The motor is capable of delivering up to 650 watts of drilling power for 0 to 46,000 blows per minute for masonry use.

The DeWalt DW511 1/2″ VSR Hammerdrill comes with overload protection for safety. It boasts a 1/2-inch drilling capacity when working with steel, a 5/32- to 3/8-inch capacity when working with concrete and a 1-1/4-inch capacity when working with wood. The two-finger rubber trigger ensures easy speed control. The flexible 360-degree side handle lets you use an additional hand in various hand position options to ensure optimum handling.

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Skil 6445-02 Hammer Drill


2.Skil 6445-02 7.0-Amp 120-volt 1-2-Inch Hammer DrillEquipped with a robust 7.0-Amp Motor, the Skil 6445-02 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill comes with a hammer function to tackle tough applications including masonry. With a flick of the switch, the tool can be used as a regular drill or a hammer drill that delivers a hammering action for tougher applications. This helps you adjust the functionality of the drill to the specific task you have to do. It features a 1/2-Inch Keyed Chuck that accommodates large diameter bits designed for woodworking and cutting. The Skil 6445-02 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill also accepts the most common bit shank sizes. The variable speed trigger enables easy control of the drilling speed.

The Skil 6445-02 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill has a side-assist handle that ensures controlled and accurate drilling. The side assist handle can be removed to enable drilling in tight spots. The two-finger precision trigger with lock-on provides better control, as well. The Skil 6445-02 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill comes with a one-year limited warranty to serve as your assurance of premium quality craftsmanship and reliable performance.

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Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR Hammer Drill


3.PORTER-CABLE PC70THD VSR 2-SpeedThe Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR 2-Speed Hammer Drill is outfitted with a strong 7.0 Amp motor that delivers the power and durability to handle the toughest and most labor-intensive drilling applications. The Porter-Cable PC70THD comes with both hammer drill and regular drill modes to provide versatile use for drilling into a variety of materials including wood, metal, brick, blocks, concrete and plenty of others. Get nothing less than maximum torque with the dual speed transmission, which allows you to select from 0-1, 100 for setting one and 1-3, 100 for maximum speed in setting two.

The two finger locking trigger provides ease of use even during extended sessions of drilling. The side handle gives you more control during heavy applications and bind up situations. The Porter-Cable PC70THD is built with a cast metal gear housing that helps dissipate heat from the internal components to ensure additional durability. The streamlined over mold body and handle provide greater comfort while reducing user fatigue. The 1/2-Inch metal chuck and key provide holding pressure to ensure better bit retention.

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