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If you’re here because you’re searching for the best head massager, then we should let you know that we have what you came for. Based on research that includes owner feedback, sales figures, and brand quality, we think the iHaus Plus Double Head is the best option. Because of its excellent efficiency in relaxing the muscles, it gained the appreciation for some pretty significant accomplishments, including therapeutic usage. The change in intensity is easy to use and a great idea for massage fans, since it can be done by sliding from gentler to stronger without any abrupt passages. The 3350 pulsations per minute sure are a performance that deserves mentioning because few can exceed that, and it’s due to this high capacity that the device brings such great satisfactions. If the iHaus Plus Double Head is unavailable, you should consider the Ohuhu Deep Tissue, for similar features.



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Sometimes all we need is a massage to put us back on our feet, but not everyone affords to pay professionals, so having a massager is a great thing, and it certainly costs less that a professional.

To find out how to choose your head massager we cross-examined the best head massager reviews and stapled some of the main features you should be considering before making your choice.

Battery or Power Source

As you know, most modern devices can be powered either by plugging them into an outlet or by inserting batteries in the container designed for that purpose. Both types of devices have advantages and disadvantages.

When using batteries, you’re no longer dependent on a power outlet, so you can use the device anywhere in the house or take it with you on your trips. The freedom of movement allows you to have better control over the device, so you don’t need extension cords to sit in the best place or position for the desired results.

On the other hand, batteries don’t yield the amount of energy a powerful motor needs, and you’ll become addicted to batteries. If you’re left without power and haven’t finished your massage yet, you’ll have to go and fetch some more batteries and start over. An outlet will ensure a good functioning of your device, no matter how much power the motor needs.  



You need the skills, not the size of a professional, so if you intend to carry the head massager with you, to help you ease the aches and muscle sores of an extended trip, make sure you pick a product whose size and attachments are suitable for easy transportation.


Ease of use

Ideally, your massager will take the headaches away, not give you more of them, that’s why you should search for the item whose commands you can understand easily. See that switching the attachments isn’t a struggle. If all features have buttons that are easy to reach with just a few gestures and can control the device without unnecessary pauses, then you have a winner.



There should be just enough settings to provide adjustable functioning. You can’t expect a proper head massage from a device that has too strong or less that sufficient vibrations/percussions. Too many are not advantageous either, you don’t want to fight the controls to reach for the one that actually gives you satisfaction.


Vibrations or percussions

Some users are not satisfied with their massager because it doesn’t vibrate, others say it only vibrates, and there are no percussions. Depending on what type of massage you prefer, make a choice in advance.

Percussions are usually great for the pain in the back, but they don’t necessarily come up as a feature for the best head massager for headaches. The deep muscle knots will not be a problem under your scalp, so powerful vibrations or less powerful percussion could be a compromise, especially for more sensitive persons.

This is how you can solve both the back and neck problems that worsen your headaches and the gentle massage of your head.

Accessories, material, and weight are also on the list for a thorough check, so don’t overrule the advantages or mishaps that could come from them.



Top Head Massagers in 2017


Hoping this short guide managed to point out the essential, you can make your own choice by picking one of the best head massagers showcased below.



iHaus Plus Double Head


The item is a handheld massager made of a heavy duty material that offers deep tissue massage to help you get rid of your pain.

For an efficient action, the machine uses a vibrating action with the help of a powerful engine, reaching 3350 pulses per minute. That is effective enough to sooth and comfort your muscles and help you relax, no matter what area of your body is affected.

You may need the massager for head massage, but you can benefit from the iHaus Plus Double Head for other areas, too. It can perform massages for your neck, back, legs and feet. Thanks to the long ergonomic handle you can reach the painful knots on your back so that you don’t need to pay a professional.

Because most users need to adjust the way they receive their massage, the product has enabled a variable speed feature for a firm, gentle or moderate action. That should give you the right options for various areas and pain intensities. The model carries two interchangeable head attachments that you can alternate according to your desire.

The massage you receive is great for relieving the strain of ordinary strain, but it’s also suitable for joint pain, arthritis or athletic-related pains.

Buy from for ($29.97)




Ohuhu Deep Tissue


This product has three different sets of removable heads (included in the price) that allow you to choose the type of massage that you see fit for different areas of your body and the aches you feel.

The producer is aware that not all users are comfortable with the same massaging intensity or power, so you can use the customizable settings to choose the one you favor. The range of intensity goes up to 2800 pulsations per minute, reasonable performance, and enough vigor to count on.

You can rely on it for therapeutic effects and relief from the stress build-up in your muscles. Encouraging blood circulation with deep tissue kneading, the massager will advance the healing of your in the affected areas for more than just the duration of the procedure.

One of the most encountered problems in devices like this is the slippery material making it hard to maneuver, and the Ohuhu Deep Tissue avoids such inconveniences by adding a strong rubber non-slip grip that provides comfort and ease of use. By using ABS, a very strong polymer, the item has increased resistance to long term use as well as to heat and cold.

Buy from for ($55)




HoMedics HHP-350


The HoMedics HHP-350 bears the characteristics people usually expect from a head massager, plus one extra function. While it has three different speeds to get the job done properly, there is an added heating feature. The heat feature works best when you remove the attachments used for massaging, and the red head nodes are exposed.

While you can use the massager to get rid of the neck pain and relax the muscles of your head, the powerful percussion action is the right kind of treat for your whole body. The dual pivoting heads and adjustable speed are a great couple.

Sensible to customer feedback, the brand implemented an improved, ergonomic type of handle that is easier to use than the previous version. That also outlines the importance of a firm grip for this type of home devices.

The producer recommends that you only use this massager if you don’t have diabetes, but it seems some customers reaped significant benefits even though they had this particular condition. It would be wise to ask your doctor, though, the advice must have some ground. Otherwise, anyone can use it and profit from its soothing effects.

Buy from for ($32.8)