Best Headphones for Bass under 100


How to Select the Best Headphones for Bass under 100


Trying to find affordable headphones that are also capable of producing rich bass tones can be frustrating and time consuming. Instead of settling on a pair that is only capable of producing low quality, tinny sounds you could be enjoying quality, heart thumping bass. The tips included in the buying guide will help you make an informed decision, so you can easily find the best headphones for bass under 100.

Best headphones for bass under 100


The first aspect to consider is the type of headphones, which will make a difference in the quality of bass. Headphones that are designed to cup and cover the ear are generally able to produce high quality bass, while also blocking outside noise. this type of headphone might be noticeably larger than other styles, but you do have the added advantage of the versatile design.



Headphones with a lower hertz are better equipped to handle bass notes, and you also want to consider the drivers. Headphones with stronger drivers are able to consistently produce a higher quality overall sound, which also includes the heart thumping bass that you love. There are also headphones that feature a system to help boost bass levels, which can dramatically improve your listening experience.



If the headphones are not comfortable to wear, chances are you won’t use them. Adjustable headbands help to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, and padded ear covers are always appreciated. Some headphones also feature vented covers to promote air flow, which can help your ears stay cool and comfortable.


Top Rated Headphones for Bass under 100


While we can’t choose the right pair for you we can show you the best bass headphones. Designed to give you powerful sound, while still being affordably priced, maybe one of these pairs of headphones is exactly what you are looking for.


Sony MDRXB800 The Head Driver Headphone


1.Sony MDRXB800 HeadphonesOften considered the best headphones for bass under 100, you will also appreciate the lightweight and comfortable design. These headphones are padded for comfort, and to tightly seal over the ears to block out distracting background noise. The headband can be easily adjusted to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, and this lightweight pair only weighs 10.23 ounces.

Not only are these headphones designed for comfort, but to also produce high quality bass. Perfect for today’s popular music styles, these headphones feature a low 3HZ frequency and powerful drivers in each earpiece to ensure every tone is clearly heard. The sleek black design gives the headphones a professional appearance, and you also have the advantage of the included 3.94 foot cable. This lets you connect the headphones to almost any digital device, and its tangle free design lets you freely move around. Designed to be easily portable and capable of producing excellent quality bass, it’s not hard to see why these headphones are popular with music lovers.

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Audio Technica AUD ATHWS55BK Audio Headphones


2.Audio Technica AUD ATHWS55BKFeaturing an affordable price and powerful 40mm drivers, these headphones can give you the full bass you love without the high cost. Along with the powerful drivers, you also have the advantage of the improved bass system for a deeper and richer tone. Perfect for listening to hip hop and club music, along with other styles, you will love how rich and full the bass and other tones sound with these headphones.

These headphones are also designed for comfort, and easy portability. The round ear covers are padded for comfort, and are also designed to block outside noise. The headband can be adjusted for a secure fit, and you will also appreciate the lightweight construction. The included 5 foot cord gives you plenty of room to move around, and is compatible with most digital devices. With the ability to easily fold down for compact storage and the ability to produce rich bass, these headphones might be exactly what you need to enjoy your music without disturbing others.

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MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble Stereo Headphones


3.MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble HeadphonesOne of the advantages to these headphones is its versatile design, along with the affordable price. You can use the headphones wired for audio, or enjoy the convenience of wirelessly connecting to your smart phone or tablet. Perfect for use at home or on the go, there is very little not to like about these comfortable headphones.

The lightweight and durable construction is designed to last, and you will also love how comfortable these headphones are to wear. The earpieces are padded and vented for comfort, so you can enjoy listening to your music all day. Along with the powerful drivers that produce deep, full bass you also have the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity, and the included microphone. The controls are also built in for easy access, and the headphones can also be folded for convenient storage.

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