Best heart rate monitor for Weight Lifting


Most appreciated heart rate monitor by weightlifters


I’ve been doing weight lifting lately and I noticed it gets my heart to beat really fast. Just to keep everything in check, I decided to buy a heart rate monitor specifically for weight lifting. I consulted the top rated heart rate monitors reviews on the internet and I was not disappointed with the results of my search. All the items I have compiled are great and it only took me some time to find these great products.


Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor


1This heart rate monitor, according to the top rated heart rate monitors reviews, is perfect for those recreational fitness enthusiasts who would like to track their training progress. It has a very clear LCD display that shows the heart rate information. The one-button start is simple and convenient. There is a coded heart rate transmission that helps avoid crosstalk. The watch also displays the date and the day of the week. It is water resistant and is made of high quality materials.

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Timex Unisex T5K738 Personal Trainer Analog Watch


2If you are after accuracy and durability, this Timex T5K738 watch is what you are looking for. As one of the best heart rate monitor for weightlifting, it has special features such as the Recovery Heart Rate Timer and the Automatic Activity Timer. It also has Target Heart Rate Zones feature and it displays the calories burned. This is an extremely durable watch and heart rate monitor. It is water-resistant for up to 99 feet and the price is very reasonable.

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Mens Suunto M5 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor


3This synthetic-made heart rate monitor is one of the best heart rate monitor for weight lifting. It offers versatile guidance and displays distance information. You can also get post exercise recovery time recommendations from it. Its large screen allows you to easily read the information and it comes with a comfort belt that is compatible with a lot of gym cardio equipment. This is a wonderful sport watch with functions that work perfectly.

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Omron HR-210 strap Free Heart Rate Monitor


4One of the best heart rate monitors in 2018 is the Omron HR-210. It is a strapless heart rate monitor that displays the numbers quickly and accurately, allowing you to adjust your training for you to reach your gals faster. It uses the Omron Sensor Technology which gives accurate results from just two fingers. There are programmable zones that alert you if you are too high or too low. It is water-resistant for up to 164 feet.

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Mio M9W32P3C8L3 Sport Heart Rate Monitor


5If you are looking for an EKG-accurate heart rate that doesn’t have a chest strap and can be customized with your personal data, you should check out the Mio M9W32P3C8L3. It is a chronograph timer that displays the percentage of maximum heart rate, time, and date. You can also set alarms using this sport heart rate monitor. It is suitable for walkers, it does not scratch easily, and the band is amazingly strong and comfortable.

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