Best Heart Rate Monitor under 200


How to Select the Best Heart Rate Monitor under 200


A heart rate monitor will not only track and manage your progress during your workouts, it can also help you reach your fitness goals. While some models might be out of your price range, it is possible to find a quality heart rate monitor without going over budget. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you find the best heart rate monitor under 200.

Best heart rate monitor under 200


One of the most important aspect to consider is the design of the heart rate monitor, and you want it to be durable and comfortable to wear. Along with featuring a lightweight design, the chest and wrist strap should be comfortable, and not binding. Armbands should be able to flex with your movements, and straps constructed from cloth are generally preferred over harder plastic.



You also want to make sure that the heart monitor includes a long lasting battery that won’t die out in the middle of your workout. It should also be relatively easy to replace, and you probably want to avoid models that require you to send it back to the manufacturer for a new battery. Indicator lights that warn you when the power is running low can also help ensure that monitor can track your progress through your entire workout.



Some of the best heart rate monitors also include all of the features you need to track and improve your performance. Adjustable zones with alarms help you keep your heart rate at the appropriate pace, and an included stopwatch can make it easier to improve your finishing times. Heart rate monitors that include a virtual trainer can help you meet your fitness goals, and you also want it to be compatible with your other digital devices.


Most Reliable Heart Rate Monitors under 200


While we can’t choose the right fitness device for you, we can show you some of the best heart rate monitors under 200. Affordably priced and designed to help you improve your performance during your workouts, maybe one of these devices is just what you need to meet and exceed your fitness goals.


Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor


1.Polar FT60Designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to use, there is very little not to like about this heart rate monitor. The comfortable band won’t pinch or rub your skin while you are exercising, and it can be easily cleaned after your workout to remove any excess sweat. Designed for both men and women, you will also appreciate how easy the battery is to change.

This heart rate monitor also tracks the number of calories and percentage of fat burned during a workout, and it is incredibly easy to operate. You can store up to 100 different workout files for easy access, and the included backlight lets you clearly read the display. With the included virtual coaching feature, along with the ability to connect online and with most gym equipment you will love being able to see your performance and fitness level improve.

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Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor


2.Mio AlphaNot only is this a heart rate monitor, it also functions as a stylish sports watch. The comfortable band won’t pinch or irritate your skin, even if you wear it all day. The soft synthetic band can also be easily wiped clean, and you will appreciate the breathable holes that continuously let cooling air flow through. Even though there is not a chest strap, this wrist monitor will still accurately track your heart rate.

The rechargeable battery is easy to remove, and can last through 20 hours of use when it is in the monitoring mode. When you use it as a sports watch, the battery can easily last for several months before needing to be recharged. You have the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity which makes it easy to track and monitor your progress, and it even lets you answer calls if you have enough breathe left to say “hello”. Perfect for all types of cardiovascular workouts, you will love being able to track your progress as you start meeting all of your fitness goals.

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Garmin Forerunner 210 Heart Rate Monitor


3.Garmin Forerunner 210This heart rate monitor is designed to be easy and convenient to use, along with be comfortable to wear. It features a durable construction that is even designed for use in the water, and the touch button is located on the side for easy access during your workout. The display also features a backlight for easy viewing in almost any type of lighting.

You can also wear this as a sports watch for all day monitoring of your heart rate, and since the battery is rechargeable it will easily last through your workout. It includes a GPS system for outdoor activities, and you can also connect to the Garmin website to track, manage, and plan your weight loss goals. While this model may have been discontinued, it is still an affordable and effective weight loss and fitness tool.

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