Best Heart Rate Monitor under 50


How to Find One of the Best Heart Rate Monitors under 50


Exercising is the healthiest way to get in shape and maintain it, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Your heart rate is one accurate reading that can tell you whether you are pushing yourself too hard, or you are slacking. Getting a heart rate monitor is the best way to know all the time if the intensity of your exercises is optimal for weight loss or other fitness goals.

Best Heart Rate Monitor under $50

Consider your goal

The first thing to consider is your fitness goal. Are you trying to lose weight? Models telling you about the number of burned calories are your best choice. Are you an athlete? More complex features like GPS and downloadable data options come in handy. Simple models are also easy to find in case you are not looking for something incredibly complex.


Chest-strapped or strapless?

Many models come in the form of wrist watches, but they are not the most accurate. The best heart rate monitors come with a chest strap, so you can keep them closer to your heart; their readings are much more reliable.


Ease of use

A heart rate monitor may come with all kinds of features, but it can also become too difficult to use and navigate. Opt for a model that offers you the required information in a user friendly manner.


Most Reliable Heart Rate Monitors under 50


Are you looking for an affordable heart rate monitor? The next three models are the best you can find right now, scoring high in consumers’ preferences. Praised by users and reviewers alike, they will offer you just the needed extra edge to make your fitness goals easier to attain.


Garmin 010-10997-00 Heart-Rate Monitor


1.Garmin Heart-Rate MonitorThis extremely lightweight heart rate monitor is a winner in many consumers’ book, as it offers instant feedback on your heartbeat while you are exercising. The model is also affordable, and the vast majority of those who had bought it so far think of it as the best heart rate monitor under $50.

Coming equipped with a chest strap, it is comfortable and efficient. As already mentioned, chest-strapped models are much more reliable, so you do not have to worry that the readings you get are not accurate. The strap is adjustable to fit your size, and the front part is made of soft plastic, so you do not experience any discomfort while exercising.

One of the highlights of this heart rate monitor is that it can be used under water. For swimmers, this is an excellent feature, since they will know just how hard they are working out, when performing their daily routines.

Pair it with a compatible device and get all the readings you need all the time, so you can maximize the efficiency of your workout.

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Jarv Premium Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart Heart Rate Monitor


2.Jarv Premium Bluetooth® 4.0One of latest trends in heart rate monitors is the use of Bluetooth technology to connect your device with a mobile phone or tablet. The Jarv Premium Bluetooth® 4.0 works with all iPhone versions, 4S and up, and all the iPad tablets, plus iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The only extra thing you need is your favorite app for tracking your fitness progress, and you can get to work.

For a model this fancy, it is a great thing that it comes with such a cheap price tag. Apple users consider it the best heart rate monitor under $50, and appreciate all its functions. For instance, you can pair this with bike cadence sensors, via the same Bluetooth technology, to get information on your cycling routine.

The Jarv Premium Bluetooth® 4.0 comes with an extra battery, and seeing that one battery lasts for about three years, you will get the best out of this device for years to come.

This model is particularly useful for runners, since it can track distance and pace with great ease.

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Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor


3.Polar Ft1 Heart Rate MonitorFancy features are not for everyone. If you are looking for a no-frills type of heart rate monitor, take a look at the Polar Ft1. Designed for those who are just getting started with fitness activities and want to learn about tracking their progress and their heart rate on the go, this model offers accurate information without bothering you with extra info you do not really need.

The one button start is a breath of fresh air in a world where digital devices tend to get more and more complicated, regardless of their purpose. You will get all the information you need about your workout without having to wade through complicated menus.

A Getting Started guide is included with your purchase, allowing you to learn with ease about your target zones and how to read the data provided. A chest strap is provided so you can exercise in absolute comfort, and a training computer and a coded transmitter are included, as well.

A two year warranty is provided, so you will feel like your money is well spent on this device.

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