Best Heart Rate Monitors Reviews


Top rated heart rate monitors in 2017


If you want to lose weight faster, burn the fat around your stomach and improve your present conditioning. You should not live without a heart rate monitoring tool, in this case. As soon as you will go through the best heart rate monitors reviews top five list, you will learn about the complete functioning of a heart rate monitor if you are new in this sector. Whether you are an athlete, cyclist or sprinter, a heart rate monitor is a must have tool for your arduous training.


Polar FT7


Best Heart Rate Monitors ReviewsLosing weight might not be easy if you cannot determine the appropriate heart beat rate. The Polar FT7 provides you the information that is important to meet your goal. This thing can set your target zone automatically or manually. This machine also provides you with the calorie expenditure during any exercise and also stores information, up to 99 workouts. It has a large LCD display with backlight making it easy to get feedback from it. It costs just between $80 and $100 and it’s a good bargain indeed!

“Staying in shape is a huge deal for me and this is why I run every evening I have the chance too. Also I always take with me the Polar F7 heart rate monitor so that I know how far I am pushing myself and also so that I can track my progress in different days.” – Anthony Hewitt

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MIO Alpha I


The world’s first strapless heart rates monitor sport watch, MIO Alpha I, is as accurate as chest strap- even while running over 14 mile per hour. This device delivers maximum performance with ultimate ease. Before Alpha, you would have to wear a chest strap to get an accurate heart rate while exercising. The best heart rate monitors reviews introduce you the world’s best heart rate monitor watch with a very reasonable price. Get the MIO Alpha I right now or fool around with the obsolete ones!

“While I exercise so I keep my body without any excess fat I have at all times with me this heart rate monitor from MIO so I can better reach my limits, thus burning more calories. It is comfortable to wear so I recommend it as a very helpful device.” – Emma Hayden

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Zephyr HxM-BT


Hopefully you were looking for something that supports your Smartphone to provide accurate heart beat counting. Here comes the Zephyr heart rate monitor, the first fitness tracking device supported by both Windows Phone 8 and Android devices. Your phone will be able to track exercise intensity levels pairing with devices via Bluetooth. A calling service, tracking GPS location and a simultaneous music playing option provide you the unparalleled flexibility between phone and applications. All these facilities you can get for a very advantageous price.

“My workout and running sessions couldn’t be the same without my trusty Zephyr heart rate monitor. I just put the strap on my chest and I can view the progress of my heart rate on my smartphone. Also I can chart my progress with the aid of this innovative system.” – William Bentley

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Omron HR-100C


Want to achieve more benefits in less time then you have to do your cardiac at heart rates of 50-80%. Your Omron HR-100C monitor is programmed so you can maintain your workouts in your desired zone. Learn the zone where you achieve benefits, burn fat, and remain fit. This unit is very easy to use, and when you will get this, you will learn on your own. Buy the Omron heart rate monitor because it is also very cheap.

“The Omron HR 100-C heart rate monitor is always with me when I decide it is time for a nice run to burn those calories. With its aid I set my pace acordingly so I squeeze every bit of fat out of my body. The price for it is also very decent, being easily affordable by anyone.” – Zack Nolte

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Runtastic RUNBT1


Run with your Runtastic Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor which will help you to maintain your desired heart rate zone. The transmitter uses low energy from the Bluetooth device and provides you accurate data. You will know, probably while reading best heart rate monitors reviews, that you can directly send your heart rate to the cardio equipment. Your iPhone can be easily paired with the device, you just need to install the Runtastic app to it. Spend only $70-$85 for this amazing heart rate monitor.

“I connect easily this heart rate monitor to my Samsung Galaxy S4 and than I’m ready to start running. I run semi-marathones sometimes so this device is very useful for me so I manage to regulate my pace acording to its readings, so I don’t suffocate before the target I want to reach in terms of miles.” – John Pearce

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