Best Hockey Skates for Beginners Reviews


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best hockey states for beginners money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best hockey skates for beginners on the market by looking at owner feedback, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Bauer Supreme S140 is the best because of its outstanding qualities. Made from premium materials, these skates let the skin breathe and come with self wicking properties. The blades are made from high quality stainless steel, and the ankle padding adds to the overall comfort. If the Bauer Supreme S140 is unavailable, you could also consider the American Athletic Cougar as the second best option.



Buying guide


If you are looking for the best hockey skates for beginners, you have come to the right place. We want to offer you comprehensive information on what to look for in a pair of hockey skates if you are a beginner, but you feel ready for attacking the ice. With this information at hand, you will be able to shop in confidence, and you will not miss your target of having a pair of hockey skates that offer great comfort and performance at the same time.

A great fit

Hockey skaters have all kinds of preferences and some may like a snug fit, while others would rather go for a loose fit. This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding the right fit for a pair of hockey skates. You have to be pretty much aware of the anatomy of your foot, in order to find a pair that really works for you. It does not hurt to read some of the best hockey skates reviews out there, if you want to know more about how hockey skates are constructed, and which configuration would be the best for you. Pay attention to such things as the instep, the heel fit, the mid foot fit and the toe box fit. One pair is just the right one for you, but you just need to find it.


Stiffness and ankle support

While all hockey players may have different preferences when it comes to stiffness, as a beginner you should focus on getting a model with moderate stiffness. Only professional players prefer top of the line skates with the highest degree of stiffness possible, but, for a beginner, dealing with such skates would soon become a drag. Go for a middle of the line model, since this will not be too stiff for you, and it will also provide proper ankle support. The latter is especially important, because you may end up injuring yourself, if you strain your ankles too much. An important aspect is that this type of skates is also moderately priced.


Blade quality

Comfort is essential, but you should not forget about performance, either. A good quality blade is highly recommended, even for beginners, because it will help you slide over ice with ease. The last thing you need is a pair of blades that you have to struggle with. Spending excessively is not recommended, if you are not planning on playing often, but, still, getting good blades is a must.

The best hockey skates currently available are showcased below.



Top Hockey Skates for Beginners in 2018



Bauer Supreme S140 


What makes a pair of hockey skates stand out is its outstanding performance and overall quality. From one end to the other, the Bauer Supreme S140 proves to be deserving of its title of the best hockey skates for beginner adults currently available.

The lining material inside the boots is microfiber, making for easy self wicking, so that moisture does not accumulate inside, leading to chafing and other unpleasant mishaps. The ankle padding is made from foam that takes after the anatomy of your feet, in order to provide the best comfort possible.

The EVA footbed is also an added plus, since your soles will be completely comfortable, without any strain placed on pressure points.

The blade is made from super stainless steel, so you will be able to glide over ice like a pro. As a beginner looking for a great pair of hockey skates, there is hardly a better recommendation than this.


Buy from Amazon for ($93.95)




American Athletic Cougar 


Staying warm while skating is very important, and, if you are the type who prefers hockey stakes, you will certainly like this model. The skates look awesome on the outside and they feel great on the inside, so you will find nothing to hold against them.

The lace loops help with easy and fast lacing, while the added Velcro strap guarantees that the boot will stay on your foot. This way, even if the boots are not exactly a glove like fit, you will still feel comfortable.

The thick padding is made from foam and it keeps your feet warm, while adding more comfort. The special construction of the boot in multiple layers contributes to better stability for the ankles, in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

The manufacturer mentions that the sizing for the boots is true to shoe size, giving you a clear idea on how to find the perfect fit.


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American Athletic Women’s 


If you are looking for the best hockey skates for the money, and you are also a hockey mom, or simply a hockey enthusiast, you will discover that this model is just what you want.

The foam padding is there for providing you extra comfort and warmth, and you will find them so cozy that you will end up spending a lot of time on the ice without getting tired. The boot is soft, so it is a good fit for beginners, for which stiff boots are never recommended.

You will love the stylish appearance of these boots and you will immediately want to take them out for a ride. The special ankle support system prevents accidents and injuries, and overall, you will feel safe while you will be gliding on the ice with these hockey skates in your feet.

The steel runner blades guarantee superior performance, and skating will become even more enjoyable.


Buy from Amazon for ($59.99)