Best Hockey Skates Reviews for 2018



The best hockey skates will do more than match your outfit, but will also help to improve your game. You need a pair of skates that are comfortable and supportive, along with being able to increase your speed. There are several types of skates available with different features, and finding the right pair can be frustrating and time consuming. To help you choose before your next match we have included the following brief reviews of the top 10 hockey skates.


American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar


1.American Athletic ShoeConsidered one of the top 5 pairs, you will appreciate the fact that the sizing on these ice skates is the same as most athletic footwear. This helps to take all of the guesswork out of choosing the right size, along with letting you take advantage of all the comfortable and supportive features. These top rated ice hockey skates included thick padding that not only provides cushioning for your feet, but it is also designed to keep warmth inside of the boot. Perfect for long games on the ice, you will also appreciate the sharp skating blade.

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American Athletic Shoe Ice Force


2.American Athletic Shoe Ice ForceWhether you love skating outdoors on the neighborhood pond or the man made ice at the local indoor rink, this pair of hockey skates will keep you upright even when you are flying towards the goal. The carbon steel blades ensure a long lasting sharp edge, and you will appreciate the added stability around your ankles. Perfect for beginning hockey players these skates are also easy to break in, and include a moisture proof lining.

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Roller Derby WIZARD 400


3.Roller Derby WIZARD 400With the advantage of the adjustable sizing you will also have a secure and comfortable fit, regardless of how many pairs of socks you are wearing. Your feet will stay warm on the ice, and the sharp stainless steel blade will have you outpacing your teammates. The ankle area features additional support, and the mid sole is cushioned for plenty of comfort. Sleek, fast and stylish, you’ll be amazed at how much your performance can improve when you are wearing these ice skates.

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Bauer Lil Champ


4.Bauer Lil ChampIt is never too early to start teaching your toddler to ice skate, and it is also an excellent way to help develop motor skills and balance. These hockey skates are fun and safe for little ones, and will have your child scooting across the ice in no time. The boot is molded for extra support and stability, and the steel blade barely shows through the protective casing. With a single buckle system the skates are easy to get on and off active children, and the affordable price fits most parents toy budgets.

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Bauer Supreme 140


5.Bauer Supreme 140If you are just starting out in the fun and rough sport of ice hockey, you might want to consider these skates. The lightweight construction helps to improve your speed on the ice, while supportive heel and ankle area ensure that you remain on your feet during big game plays. You will appreciate the cushioned liner at the end of a long skating session, along with the minimal break in time.

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Bauer Vapor X 60


6.Bauer Vapor X 60Designed for experienced skaters, you have the advantage of the protective and supportive construction. The material allows the skates to stretch to your foot’s exact size to ensure a comfortable fit, with plenty of support. Make quick turns and blocks without twisting your ankle, and with the stainless steel blades you will quickly outpace the fastest opposing player. Lightweight and moisture proof, you will love seeing your performance improve with these hockey skates.

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Bauer Nexus 200


7.Bauer Nexus 200Lightweight and fast these hockey skates will dramatically improve your performance on the ice. The stainless steel blade is designed for speed and agility, while the boot provides plenty of support and comfort. A mesh liner prevents moisture from reaching your feet, and the foam pads support your ankles on quick stops and turns. With the added advantage of the cushioned midsole, your feet will stay comfortable even through overtime.

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Tour Hockey TR440


8.Tour Hockey TR440You will appreciate the extra support in the ankles when you are making sharp turns on the ice, and the foam lining can keep your feet comfortable during long games and practices. You have the advantage of the roomy toe area, along with the sharp carbon steel runner. Shoot across the ice after the puck, and easily outpace other skaters. Designed to be protective and lightweight, you will also appreciate the skate’s durable construction. Perfect for beginners and amateur players, these hockey skates will help you train better to improve your performance.

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Bauer Vapor X 40


9.Bauer Vapor X 40Youth hockey is a competitive place, and you want your child to have the very best to keep up with his teammates and opposing players. You also want to keep your child safe on the ice, and these hockey skates are designed to be comfortable and protective. The stainless steel blade gives your young hockey player all the sped he needs, while the outer sole provides support and protection. A heel cup and foam padding around the ankles also help to keep young skaters safely on their feet. With extra support and padding, these hockey skates can help your child learn to love the game.

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American Athletic Shoe Junior Cougar


10.American Athletic Shoe Junior CougarThese hockey skates include everything your child needs to keep their feet safe and comfortable on the ice. The carbon steel blade ensures plenty of speed during games, and also requires less maintenance and sharpening. There is a thick padding around the skates which keeps feet warm and comfortable, and the stylish design ensures that your child will never be embarrassed to wear these sturdy hockey skates. The added tab makes it easier to pull the skates on over thick socks, and there is also a quick closing Velcro buckle that provides additional support out on the ice.

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