Best home medical test reviews


Top home medical tests in 2018


Sometimes a complete set of tests can cost a lot if done in a clinic. For those who want to always make sure they know all they need to know about their body but have little money to spend, experts recommend some home medical tests. We’ve gone through dozens and dozens of the best home medical tests reviews in order to make sure our recommendations always get things right. After thorough research we’ve come up with five kits that address some of the most common health concerns out there.


Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips


Pregnancy tests are some of the most popular items sold in both pharmacies and stores all across the world. Our experts recommend the Wandfo pregnancy kit for its great accuracy but also for the great value for money it provides. For under $20 you get 25 easy to use strips which offer quick results in just under 5 minutes. According to most of the best home medical test reviews, this particular test is quite efficient which is exactly what you need from such a kit. It will tell you if you are pregnant a lot sooner than others do because of its increased ability to detect HCG.

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EldonCard Blood Type Kit


Knowing your blood type may come in very handy at times. In order to avoid spending money on expensive tests, our experts recommend using one of the top rated home medical tests in 2018. The Blood Type Kit by EldonCard is cheap and very effective. It comes with all the necessary components to help you find out what your blood type is. It works fast and it can even save your life. The result will be saved on your permanent blood type record card which is used in case of emergency. It is great especially for children who are usually afraid of going to the doctor when it comes to drawing blood.

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5 Panel Urine Drug Test


Many experts say that the Devon Medical produced urine drug test is the best home medical test in 2018. It is affordable and it can be used for quick results. It will provide an answer to your problem in under 5 minutes. It is designed to recognize indicators for MDAM, amphetamine, cocaine, opiates and marijuana. It is very popular among companies who need regular testing and it is also great for sports teams which don’t allow drug use and need to prove their players are clean after each match. It is very easy to use and it has all the instructions needed on the back of the pack so anyone can understand the process.

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INSTANT Single Panel Drug Test Kit


NewMed Diagnostics managed to create the best home medical test in 2018. It will detect even the faintest of THC trails. It will give a positive read even after a couple of weeks of not using marijuana. It is pretty impressive how accurate such an affordable test can be. It is perfect for employers who need their staff to stay clean and it is also useful for employees who want to check their THC levels before submitting the application for a promotion. The pack which costs less than $10 provides 10 different indicators. You should use one every week so after buying this set you will not need to spend any more money for the next 10 weeks or so.

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Cholestrak Total Cholesterol Home Testing Kit


High cholesterol is one of the biggest health problems people are faced with nowadays. This problem can be corrected if you have a strong grip on your cholesterol levels. If you don’t have $200 to spend on a device which can constantly monitor your cholesterol levels, our experts recommend the Total Cholesterol home testing kit by Cholestrak. It will deliver the needed information in 15 minutes and it will be effortless to use even by those with no medical training whatsoever. The package comes with everything you need to get a precise reading on your cholesterol levels.

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