Best Home Subwoofer under 300


How to Select the Best Home Subwoofer under 300


If you have ever experienced the sound quality of a superior home cinema system, chances are what you were most impressed with were the bass levels. Capable of adding body and depth to sounds like explosions, thunders and other powerful sounds present in movies and music videos, the best home subwoofers are essential for turning your movie watching into a cinema worthy experience.

Best Home Subwoofer under 300

Watt rating

Power is important for a good quality subwoofer, in order to get the best bass levels. However, many people are put off by superior watt ratings of the models on the market, thinking that their subwoofers will be too loud. The truth is the sound volume is completely in your power, and your subwoofer will not deliver noisier sounds unless you pump up the volume.


Driver size

The driver is the part of the subwoofer where the sound is created. In order for the subwoofer to deliver good quality bass, the driver needs to have enough room behind it, so the cabinet it is enclosed in must be long enough to allow that.



The sounds emitted by subwoofers are omnidirectional, so you can virtually place your subwoofer anywhere you like. However, you should pick a spot where the subwoofer can be easily accommodated, taking its size into consideration.


Top Rated Home Subwoofers under 300


There is quite a common misconception that high quality subwoofers should be expensive. The good news is that there are models out there right now that are sold for affordable prices. If you are looking for the best home subwoofer under 300, one of the next three models, known for their reliability and sound quality, may be just what you want.


Polk Audio PSW505 Powered Subwoofer


1.Polk Audio PSW505There is quite a common misunderstanding regarding how bass should sound, many people thinking of it as just the loud noise that accentuates more powerful sounds. However, this is not the case, and good quality bass should be accurate and precise, just like high pitched sounds.

This is the type of bass quality provided by the Polk Audio PSW505. The wood veneer finish helps improving the bass response, and the entire design is dedicated to making the overall sound quality to be really impressive.

The solid construction of this subwoofer will steal your heart from the first glance. The 12 inch driver makes sure that the sound has enough room to gain power and linearity, for great quality, consistent bass levels.

You do not have to worry that the 300 watts powering this model will make the bass overwhelm the rest of the sounds. With easy to use volume controls, this subwoofer is the best home subwoofer under 300 you can purchase at the moment.

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BIC America F12 Powered Subwoofer


2.BIC America F12There is hardly anything you will find amiss on this great subwoofer model. The BIC America F12 is not only built to impress, it is also built to last, since it comes with a 5 year warranty, a solid proof of the manufacturer’s trust in this good looking subwoofer.

Bass levels usually have a lot to suffer from port noise, and the sounds you get can easily become annoying, instead of adding the necessary depth for experiencing your movies or your music to the highest detail and quality. This is not an issue for the BIC America F12, because the patented BIC “Venturi” vent is designed to eliminate this kind of noise, helping deliver accurate, powerful bass sound.

The 12 inch driver ensures that the bass you will get to hear is as accurate and precise as possible. You can always move your subwoofer around in your room, until you get the perfect bass response you are after, but having a good quality piece of equipment helps a great deal, too.

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JBL ES250PBK Powered Subwoofer


3.JBL ES250PBKIf you plan on creating your own home cinema system, you will not be able to do it without a proper sound system. A good idea is to start with the JBL ES250PBK, a subwoofer featuring 700 watts at its peak, as well as impressive style and performance.

The 12 inch PolyPlas driver is more than just a regular driver. This patented model is designed to deliver accurate bass levels, by producing uniform pistonic motion. You will experience no distortions with this subwoofer, as the PolyPlas does not allow too much internal resonance to occur, which is the main enemy of good quality bass sounds.

Besides the patented driver, the JBL ES250PBK also comes equipped with a computer-optimized bass reflex port whose role is to accentuate the accuracy of bass levels, while reducing turbulence. When including this great quality subwoofer with your home cinema system, you will not experience the usual rattling sounds delivered by poorer quality models.

Accurate and elegant, this subwoofer is a solid recommendation, and many consumers consider it one of the best and most affordable models right now.

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