Best Home Subwoofer under 500


How to Select the Best Home Subwoofer under 500


An essential element to all sound systems, a subwoofer is responsible for delivering low sound frequencies as accurate and powerful as possible. Today, the market is flooded with cheap and unreliable subwoofers and getting a good quality model is mostly a matter of luck rather than anything else. This article is intended to help you find the best home subwoofer under 500 that will perfectly suit your needs.

Best Home Subwoofer under 500


Whenever buying a new subwoofer, it is best to start by selecting the appropriate size. Large subwoofers deliver a stronger bass and a higher sound volume, while smaller units may have difficulties keeping up with the rest of the sound system. While usually larger is better, in smaller rooms and cars, a compact size subwoofer is by far a better option.



With plenty of power available, a good home subwoofer can pump up its volume to maximum levels without any difficulty. Measured in watts, the power of a subwoofer is the main indicator of its maximum sound output. Always try to select models that come with plenty of wattage.


Sound fidelity

Unlike power, sound fidelity cannot be measured easily. Cheaper models may deliver a lot of power, but without good clarity, all you will end up hearing will be loud noise. Aim to get the optimal balance between raw power and sound fidelity.


Top Rated Home Subwoofers under 500


Finding the best home subwoofer under 500 around is not a simple task, but after a lot of research, we selected three or the most impressive home subwoofers available for purchase right now. Sporting perfect rankings and superb sound clarity, each of these models is the best buy in its class.


Cerwin Vega SL10S Powered Subwoofer


1.Cerwin Vega SL10SWith a clear focus on sound fidelity, this excellent home subwoofer is a perfect choice for all those who want to listen to their music in perfect conditions. The Cerwin Vega SL10S is designed by the renowned Cerwin Vega Company that specializes in creating excellent low frequency subwoofers that function with minimum power consumption.

Having only 220 watts at its peak consumption, the Cerwin Vega SL10S manages to deliver an incredible deep bass sound in perfect clarity, making it one of the best home subwoofers money can buy today. Where other models compensate their lack of sound fidelity by pumping out more raw power, the Cerwin Vega SL10S keeps its sound in perfect harmony without causing any reverb or sound distortion.

Used with great success for any type of sound system, the Cerwin Vega SL10S is an excellent home subwoofer model. Praised by all for its excellent sound quality, this home subwoofer manages to deliver a complete set of low frequencies, making it one of the best subwoofer models you can buy today.

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Klipsch R12SW Subwoofer


2.Klipsch R12SW SubwooferDelivering one of the most powerful and clear bass sounds possible, this home subwoofer helps any type of sound system achieve its maximum potential. Whether used for home theaters or gaming systems, the Klipsch R12SW will greatly enhance the capabilities of a sound system with its excellent strong bass and great sound fidelity.

Designed to be as versatile as possible, this home subwoofer is an excellent choice for anyone who desires deep, high quality bass sound out of their current sound systems. Perfect for all types of entertainment platforms, the Klipsch R12SW is particularly great when used with home cinemas and gaming rings.

Using a large 12” driver, the Klipsch R12SW manages to provide great fidelity even at the highest volumes, keeping sound as clear as possible, by avoiding any reverbs and distortions. Rated higher than most other home models, this subwoofer is one of the few that can deliver the same sound quality regardless of the platform used. Whether you want to enjoy an action movie or just relax listening to your favorite band, this high quality subwoofer will never disappoint you.

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NXG Technology NX-BAS-500 Subwoofer


3.NXG Technology NX-BAS-500Surpassing all other home models, this powerful subwoofer pumps out 500 watts of high quality strong bass, making it the ideal choice for all those who want maximum output at minimum costs. Best for home parties, the NXG Technology NX-BAS-500 can be used to upgrade and enhance any type of existing sound systems.

Designed for power and volume, this excellent model makes no compromises. Using a powerful 12” driver with a rose-gold injected metallic cone, the NXG Technology NX-BAS-500 creates one of the deepest and strongest bass sounds you will ever hear in a home environment. Perfect for all those who are after maximum immersion during an action movie, this is one of the best home subwoofers for old home theater sound systems.

Keeping sound as clear as possible, this home model delivers a powerful bass volume competing on equal terms with bigger and more expensive subwoofers. With its high volume and strong bass, the NXG Technology NX-BAS-500 is the best choice for all those searching for strong bass quality.

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