Best home theater receivers under $400


Top rated cheap home theater receivers


Due to the latest technological developments, it is possible for you to transform your home into a real cinematic experience, worthy of sharing with friends and family. How? It’s pretty simple actually: get a high quality HDTV and also a home theater receiver. Why should you install a home theater in your home? Well, once you install a home theater receiver you will be able to enhance the visual and audio experience, taking it to new lengths of pleasure. Getting reliable information from the current best home theater receivers reviews will help you find an advanced model, suited to be installed in your home.


Sony STRDH720 theater receiver


Best home theater receivers under $400Sony STRDH720 is one of the best home theater receivers under $250, a model synonymous with high quality and sound clarity. This home theater comes with 7.1 channels A/V receiver delivering an impressive 105 W of surround sound, ideal to create a special audio environment during movies, concerts, TV-shows or music videos. The device has 6 HD inputs, 2 HDMI and 2 components with also a precise 3D pass-through system. The high definition sound will be just like in the cinema! The audio clarity maintained by the device will certainly impress your friends once you press play. HD digital Cinema sounds will be in your home!

“So that I have the best possible video and audio quality for my movies I bought for myself this AV receiver from Sony. It can even allow 3D images to pass through, which really impressed me for a receiver which had this price range.” – Luke Wilburn

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Denon AVR-1713 theater receiver


Your TV needs to be completed by a high quality home theater receiver! Still, that begs the question: which is the most efficient model? Today’s best home theater receivers under $400 seems to be Denon AVR-1713, a model that discreetly increases the quality of any sounds coming from movies, music or games. This model comes with an integrated Network AV receiver, using a precise 5.1 channel which allows you to listen to internet radio, computer playlist or even music from your iPad, iPhone or Ipod. You should also know that the model comes with a built-in Audyssey technology that optimizes the sound quality, taking it to new and exciting lengths.

“I bought this theater receiver form Denon because it had some nice features and also a moderate price range. The 6 HDMI inputs offer quite a wide variety of choices when it comes to connecting different devices to it. I think overall it is a top home receiver to own.” – Eddy Brown

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Harman Kardon AVR 1700 receiver


Harman Kardon products are known all over the world for their sound clarity and enhanced audio experience it delivers to the listeners. To this extent seeing AVR 1700 model from Harman Kardon among the latest best home theater receivers under $400, comes as natural as breathing air. The 5.1 channel delivers heightened sound clarity with the force of 100 watts per channel, which will impress through audio pleasure day after day. It has DLNA 1.5 certified connectivity that permits the device to stream audio and also video from various devices from your home network. AirPlay feature will help you to stream music wirelessly from your tablets or smartphones.

“The Harman Kardon AVR 1700 receiver in the time that I have owned it has proven to be a very reliable device, which helps me view movies in the best quality possible. Both video and audio characteristics are great from my point of view and this is why I recommend it as well.” – Tom Bold

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Onkyo TX-NR509 theater receiver


It can be pretty difficult to find a professional and high quality home theater receiver that can enhance your daily audio experience. One of the best home theater receivers under $300, according to thousands of satisfied users is Onkyo TX-NR509. The audio experience will receive a major boost, letting you stream music from your PC, tablet or internet radio without any problems whatsoever. It is completed by the exclusive Audyssey 2EQ that safely works in increasing the sound clarity of anything you play. The device comes with a reliable remote that gives you complete control over it, every time you turn it on.

“I am very pleased with how the Onkyo TX-NR509, one of  the best home theater receivers in 2018, works and I really recommend it for a very well made AV receiver which also doesn’t have an expensive price tag. I don’t have any complains about this receiver`s features.” – George Stevens

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Sony STRDH520 theater receiver


Enhance your home entertainment system with Sony STRDH520 home theater receiver, a model that will change the way you listen to music, watch movies or hear radio programs. This powerful receiver comes with 7.1 channels of clear sound and allows around 6 HD connections, creating incredible sound quality while you watch movies or even play games. The 3D Pass-through feature makes the whole 3D experience a lot sweeter, placing you in the realistic adventure of the movie. HD Digital Cinema sounds will be in your home, bringing to light new and exciting sounds, placing the model among the current best home theater receivers under $250.

“I did a bit of research in this AV receiver before I got it, just to know what to expect from it. And all that I thought it could do, it does and even better than I expected. 7.1 audio channels are supported making my audio system put out the best sound possible.” Andy Gray

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