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Top hot wheels in 2017


Tiny cars and boys go hand in hand in creating joyful playtime experiences. Still, if someone mentions hot wheels cars then the race to smiles and good time never ends. This is why moms and dads know that they can please their sons with just the right set of hot wheels cars. There are many tiny fast cars available on the market that can become a boy’s best companion. We took the liberty of drafting the best hot wheels reviews on five special products that children seemed to absolutely adore. The selected toys represent a great addition to any child that loves cars.


Mattel Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack


Best hot wheels reviewsSince little boys prefer to use hot wheels cars to enjoy hours of fun, parents go to extensive lengths to find the right product. We recommend the Mattel Wheels Gift Pack which consists of 20 unique cars that boys absolutely adore. This set features 20 of 1:64 scale cars that are a real delight to children that love automobiles and racing. It is the ideal gift for children on Christmas or birthdays! Each car is superb and ideal to use during hours of playtime. Furthermore the cars also represent great additions to collectors that need to expand their auto collection!

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Tara Toys Hot Wheels Molded 48 Car Case


There are a lot of tiny cars to choose from, each toy offering boys the chance to play. Most of the current best hot wheels reviews underline the superb design of Tara Toys Hot Wheels car case. This durable case of hot wheels can hold up to 48 cars, each capable of delivering fun moments. Every boy that aspires to become a famous driver will absolutely love the car case, ideal to store famous cars. Due to the rugged plastic construction, this case is the perfect addition to any hot wheel collector. Furthermore the case includes a special Hot Wheels graphic.

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Mattel Hot Wheels Blastin Rig Semi-Truck vehicle


Finding the best hot wheels in 2017 can be pretty challenging but rewarding. Thousands of boys love the Mattel Hot Wheels Blastin semi-truck vehicle. This stunning rapid fire automobile can hold up to 14 vehicles. Children can also use the vehicle in order to fire cars and thus add some spice in the gaming experience. All the user has to do is pull the release present on the side of the vehicle in order shoot cars. This special truck measures 16 by 3.5 by 7.5 inches! It is recommended to children from 3 to 12 years old. Furthermore the vehicle is also a great gift for boys!

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Mattel Hot Wheels 9-car Gift Pack


Every boy loves Hot Wheels cars! Great for racing, these tiny speeding vehicles are a great source of fun and enthusiasm for any child. Among the top rated hot wheels in 2017 we find the Mattel Hot Wheels 9-car Gift Pack. Designed to become the ideal gift to anyone that loves cars, this pack contains 9 of the most beautiful 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles money can buy! This pack of hot wheels is perfect for racing or unique additions to any existing collections. Furthermore in the pack there is 1 exclusive decoration die-cast vehicle! This pack is safely packaged in biodegradable material for enhanced protection.

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Mattel Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack


Today’s market on hot wheels is growing, since more and more children love the tiny cars. It is not surprising to see so many parents search for the best hot wheels in 2017. For quality racing experience and great moments of fun we recommend the Mattel Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift pack. This pack consists of 5 cars, designed to help children play in complete freedom. The cars are absolutely gorgeous, with unique racing themes. Due to the exclusive design each car becomes an instant classic and a prime addition to any collection. Anyone that fully appreciates cars will adore this set from Mattel.

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