Best hoverboard reviews

If you’re impatient on trying out a hoverboard and you don’t don’t feel like going through all the reviews and buying advice our researchers have compiled, read this short paragraph disclosing what the best hoverboard that you so badly want to find is. We gathered information about the best hoverboards by exploring review sites and prices and reading owner feedback. Out of the long list of products that came under scrutiny, the Official Halo Rover is the best because it blends the fun of smooth ride with the ability to go all-terrain, which includes climbing 20-degree hill grades. The Halo Rover mobile app that allows you to switch modes and check battery life, as well as the free Halo Rover Carry Case, contributed a great deal to designating it our favorite. If the Official Halo Rover isn’t available, you could consider the second best option, the EpikGo Self-Balance that has similar features.  



Buying Guide


It takes minutes to get used to riding a hoverboard, so choosing the model may be the most difficult thing about it. These are some of the things you should consider when making your choice.


Even though you’ll find descriptions that state a certain product is suitable for children over eight years of age, it’s better not to take any chances with children under 12. The speed capabilities are increasing, and impact at 14 mph is no child’s play.

If you exceed the 200 pounds limit, the range of models that are suitable may be limited, and you’ll probably experience limitations in speed and range.



The estimated range of a hoverboard is an important aspect since you need to know with some degree of precision how much time you have at your disposal or how far you can get. The average use time is about two hours or roughly 10 to 15 miles on a flat surface.

But as you’ll notice, timed autonomy and the range in miles are not the same things, and long-distance travels are not the reason to get a hoverboard, at least not yet. The range is also influenced by incline and rough terrain, and you should take that into account.  


Battery life and charging time

If your hoverboard has about two hours battery life, you’ll probably be quite content, since it is the current expectancy for the technology at hand. But the amount of time varies depending on the rider’s weight and the average speed of the device.

What is maybe more important is the charging time of your battery. Some take a three hours session to replenish, while the best hoverboard on the market is much more efficient and can get back to full capacity in about an hour.



The hoverboards for sale recently advertised claim to hit 14 mph, but not all buyers are interested in high-speed. So it’s good to know there are devices that perform at about two mph, which is just enough for a young beginner or fit for pleasant rides around the corner.


Wheel size

The tire size is important because it has an impact on the ease of use. Higher weight capacity, stability and a better chance of crossing rough terrain are some of the advantages of using bigger size wheels.

Small wheels hoverboards are well-adapted to urban landscape with even surfaces and better suited for riders of a smaller age. They’re also less likely to reach high speeds.  



Most products weigh about 30 pounds or more, so it’s good to keep that in mind for when you have to go back to the origin point using your feet. It may be alright for small distances, but for people with less exercise, it doesn’t get all that pleasant.  


Price range

Most hoverboards have prices ranging between $200 and $600. There are some models that overstep these limits, but as the best hoverboard reviews agree, it’s not worth it unless the extra features are really legendary and unheard of at the same time.


Extra features

You may have to pay more if you want to enjoy built-in GPS, Bluetooth speakers and a car key-like remote that turns your scooter on or off.  



Top Hoverboards in 2018


To help you decide on the product, you’re about to purchase our list of the best hoverboards is showcased below.



Official Halo Rover


The Official Halo Rover is an all-terrain hoverboard that has successfully passed the safety UL certification thanks to the fire safe LG batteries.

One feature you would certainly like is the mobile app allows you to switch between training modes and track speed as well as give you information about the battery life and traveled distances. You can also connect the phone to the built-in Bluetooth and listen to music while you ride, a feature most kids and teens will welcome.

We think the product is the right choice considering the materials used for the hoverboards construction are high quality, such as the grade aluminum guards and frame. As support is essential to this type of product, this kind of frame raises the bar when endurance is concerned.

The secret to its all-terrain capabilities lies in the 8.5’’ knobby rubber tires that can tackle any type of surface and provide a smooth ride. It handles well cracks in the road and bumps or grass portions.

The battery life can be of up to 2 hours while charging it requires about 2 or 3 hours, which is the type of performance you should expect from this line of products.

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EpikGo Self-Balance


The EpikGo Self-Balance lets you feel the power of aa double motor of 400W (200W each) that is double the motor capacity most hoverboards have. That is exactly what an all-terrain type of hoverboard needs in order to easily overcome obstacles.

The 8.5-inch rubber tires have the grip a hoverboard needs to classify as all-terrain, and it gives good results in climbing and low curbs as well. you won’t have to search for even surfaces for your ride, because with this type of scooter you can go about and explore.

The product features two new LED lights that will make night riding safer, and it has two more red lights on the back, making you hoverboard more visible to other riders or pedestrians.

The top speed is 12 miles per hour and reaches a 12-mile range. You can go travel without worrying about sand, mud or grass patches in the way.

For better stability on this sort of rough terrain, the producer added more foot space, giving the rider more control over the device. The weight limit for the person riding it is 265 pounds, enough to make it easier for an overweight person to enjoy a ride.

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0


Produced by Razor, a well-known, trusted brand, this item has been dubbed by the company as ‘the smartest self-balancing scooter.’

That is mostly because the Razor designers introduced an exclusive technology called EverBalance into the manufacturing process. That helps the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 with the automatic leveling and gives the riders the smooth ride they were waiting for.

The hoverboard meets the safety standards that such devices require, and therefore is UL 2272 certified.

With a cruising speed of about eight mph and quiet 350-watt motors the device can carry up to 220 pounds and reaches 60 minutes of continuous use.

Some other features that made us include it in our list are the great construction materials and superior technology. The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 uses a shatter-resistant polymer frame alongside with anti-slip rubber platforms and bumper protection.

Besides incorporating balancing technology, the product features a LED battery-life monitor and LED light bars. This scooter also offers you the possibility to change the 36V lithium ion battery pack with LG branded cells to extend the ride.

The hoverboard comes with two new riding modes, for training and normal use, which is a great way to treat users.    

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