Best Hunting Boots Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the hunting boots money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We know how important getting the best hunting boots is for hiking and for ensuring a truly enjoyable hunting trip, so we took it upon ourselves to leave no stone unturned by going over dozens of expert review sites and sifting through owner feedback to find the top rated pair that generates fantastic social media activity everywhere. This has thankfully led us to the best on the market, the MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro. Made of fabric and synthetic material, the MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro features a fleece liner that keeps your feet happily warm and toasty for cold weather use. It is made waterproof to help your feet withstand the wettest and coldest conditions out on the field. This pull-on hunting boot comes with an upper that has a stretch-fit topline to ensure a snug and exact fit. The hunting boots are equipped with a 5mm CR flex-foam bootie to ensure warmth and comfort. In the event that the MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro is unavailable, we suggest going for the second best ones on the market, the Danner Men’s Canadian.



How to Choose New Hunting Boots



Plenty of individuals have two different-sized feet, which means that hunting boots should be fitted to find the exact width and length of each foot. Getting a pair for narrow feet may not be sensible especially when one of your feet is not as narrow as the other. In addition, you should also think about the socks you’ll be using with the boots. To ensure an exact fit, wear the socks you’ll actually use for hunting instead of donning a pair of casual everyday socks when ascertaining fit.

Moreover, you should also make sure of the proper width and height of the hunting boots, since those that are too short will forcefully push the toes to press against the front part of the boot and this can cause pain. Some boots also do not allow the use of extra layers of socks, which can provide warmth and better comfort during cold weather. When your boots cause discomfort and chafing, the movement of the feet inside them could lead to blisters and injuries that give rise to infections. You could also get slowed down because of the discomfort. Getting boots for big feet when you have small ones will not allow you ease of movement on the field.

2.MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot


Keeping your feet insulated against the elements when you hunt is of primary importance. The warmth of your feet spreads to the rest of your body in much the same way as coldness in the feet will also make you feel chilly all over. Remember, to keep your core temperature at optimal level, choose hunting boots with removable liners that not only ensure a snug fit but also give extra warmth.

Boots with little to no insulation when worn in cold weather will not help you in any way. Consider boots with Thinsulate material, which provides plenty of warmth without making the footwear overly heavy or bulky. Of course, the amount of insulation will depend on the planned activity. When you don’t really see yourself moving out of a hunting blind in very cold weather, a greater amount of insulation is needed. Conversely, you will want less insulation if you are planning to move about a lot.

Bear in mind that we do not have the same internal thermostat, so while some may be satisfied with one level of insulation, there are others who feel differently and need a higher level of insulation. This means we need radically different boots to help us handle the same conditions and activities. We have to gauge our own levels to find the perfect hunting boots.


Our recommendations:


ProductSizesColorPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro
Bogs Classic High Boot
MuckBoots Excursion Low Hunting Shoe
7,8Carbon, rust and mossy oak$$$B+AMAZON
Bogs Classic High New Break Up Boot
7-18Mossy Oak$$$BAMAZON
Muck Boots The Woody Armor Premium Hunting Boot
M7/7.5 W8/8.5Camouflage$$$$C+AMAZON



Waterproof capability

You will want to consider the moisture exposure your feet will be getting. Whether you’re in the market for hunting boots for men or for women, there will always be some degree of moisture to deal with when hunting. Unprotected feet due to fabrics or leather that is not waterproof will have you scurrying back to your cabin or truck quickly and can ruin your trip. If you have to walk constantly in wet grass or tread through marshes, you will want waterproof hunting boots, which have water-repellent membranes sewn into the lining.

A sensible option would be a Gore-Tex membrane with fully-taped seams that cover the feet and keep them and your socks dry. Gore-Tex material offers sufficient breathability to wick away perspiration so your feet stay dry and comfy.

3.Danner Men's Canadian 600 Gram Hunting Boot

Boot designs and styles

Although a lot of boot styles are on the market, most of them belong to three basic categories. If you want lightweight walking comfort, go for upland boots that feature a lighter lug design plus a soil-shedding sole. Best for upland bird hunters, this kind of boots lets you cover a long distance because its design will not allow accumulation of heavy mud during the trek. The moderate terrain of upland hunting will not need too much support and traction.

Multi-purpose hunting boots are widely popular. There are plenty of options to choose from based on every need and want. There’s always a suitable pair whether for upland or large-game hunting. Durable and long-lasting, this type offers outstanding traction to handle various terrain. The best part about multi-purpose boots is they come in a variety of insulation levels, enabling you to customize features along with the insulation rating for the perfect combination to cover your personal needs. High-country boots offer plenty of support for hunting big game, so you can go through steep and rugged terrain confidently. Designed for the most difficult hunting activities, this style has superb support and durability for the feet and ankles, even for big calves.

There are a variety of choices on hunting boots on the market, so making a sensible purchase becomes a daunting task. The above buying guide will hopefully help you overcome that challenge. We have the best hunting boots showcased below to help you make an easier decision.



Top hunting boots in 2018


There are many activities that men love to do, some more exciting than others. Hunting is the type of sport, reserved for only a few skilled individuals. If you are going in the woods or mountain to catch something, means being prepared for rough terrains and weather changes. This is the reason why it is important to protect your feet with durable hunting boots that can handle the asperities of the land. Getting the right information from the latest best hunting boots reviews represents the best way to find the most efficient model, capable of lending a hand during any hunt.



MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro


1.MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Absolutely the warmest Muck Boots, the Men’s Arctic Pro enables the hunter to focus on the hunt and not on their feet. These boots are made to ensure warmth when the surrounding temperature gets to the low negative 60’s. With these boots, you have double reinforcement in the heel, instep and Achilles area while the EVA midsole provides superb cushioning. These boots are fully insulated with 8mm neoprene so you get all the comfort, warmth and waterproofing that can be expected from any footwear from this manufacturer.

To ensure total warmth, the boots have been outfitted with an innovative fleece liner. There is also an additional 2mm of thermal foam embedded in the foot area to keep your core temperature at a constantly warm level. Warm air is kept in while cold air is driven out thanks to the stretch-fit topline binding that goes snugly around the calf. These boots are easy to clean because of their seamless construction, which only requires a simple spray of the hose to wash out dirt and debris accumulated during the hunt.


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Bogs Classic High Boot


If you want a pro and carefully designed pair of hunting boots then the Bogs men’s Classic High Boot model, is exactly what you need. Designed with neoprene and rubber and a solid rubber sole these hunting boots deliver enhanced stability during any terrain. This pair hunting boots is 100% waterproof, which allows you to go across puddles or rivers without getting wet. The model has a 7mm neoprene liner and also features anti-fungal odor-resistant sock liner which keeps at a distance any unwanted smells. Once you wear this pair of hunting boots, you will push aside any former restrictions that a terrain could offer and walk freely towards your hunt.

“When I go hunting I always make sure I have the best equipment with me because that can make the difference in many situations. For my pair of boots I have the Bogs hunting boots, which keep my feet dry and warm, plus they have a solid grip on even the slipperiest of surfaces.” Walter Boyd


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MuckBoots Excursion Low Hunting Shoe


The need for comfort during hunting session is high, given the roughness of some terrains and ultimate thrill of the hunt. According to the present best hunting boots reviews, written by experienced hunters it seems that the most efficient pair from the ones available on the market is the Muck Boots Excursion. This model is made out of leather, has a solid rubber sole and the whole construction resists to water, being 100% proofed. You should also know that this pair of hunting boots comes with an air mesh lining, a safely cushioned EVA midsole and an extremely flexible radial rubber outsole.

“I looked at a lot of hunting boots models but finally I decided that the Muck Boots Excursion hunting boots were the ones for me. When I put them one the first time, they felt very comfortable, warm and each time I go hunting with them they make me feel secure so I concentrate more on shooting, so I rarely miss.” Richard Chamberlain


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Bogs Classic High New Break Up Boot


Are you searching for a pair of professional hunting boots capable of taking you a step closer to your prey? Well, if your answer is yes then you should take a closer look at the Bogs New Break hunting boots, a model which seems to impress through its solid contrition and level of comfort maintained even while walking on rough terrains. This professional pair of hunting boots is 100% waterproof and warn at extreme temperatures such as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The model features a neoprene upper and also an efficient removable moisture sock liner, a feature which manages to reduce heat and also eliminate nasty odor.

“These boots have a great design, but this is not even their strong point. I got myself in all sorts of situations with them and not one drop of water has penetrated their waterproof coating. I have been with them in near freezing temperatures and my feet felt warm all throughout the hunt.” William Dudley


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Muck Boots The Woody Armor Premium Hunting Boot


Today’s best hunting boots reviews, written by thousands of satisfied customers underline the efficiency of the Muck Boot Woody Armor model, which seems to combine efficiency with durability. Once you start wearing them, your feet will be safe and comfortable irrespective of the terrain’s conditions. The boots provide protection against snakes, keeping you safe from such unwanted attacks. The model has a full rubber upper, accompanied by a rugged MS-1 outsole which keeps feet and legs safe against pest bites. Comfortable and lightweight due to the CR flex-foam bootie, this pair of hunting boots is scent free which allows you to stalk your prey.

“For hunting I can’t think of a better model of hunting boots than my very own Muck Boot Woody Armor. In the description it says they are snake proof and I learnd the hard way that this is true. While I was duck hunting a water snake tried to bit me, but failed because of my boots.” Errol Johnson


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Danner Canadian Hunting Boot


When it comes to a good pair of hunting boots, people need to consider some important factors: commodity, durability, efficiency and protection level. These essential factors for a good hunt can be found in the Danner Canadian 600 model, which seems to capture the hearts of thousands of people around the world. Made out of full grain leather, rubber sole and the famous stitch down format, these boots will certainly improve the way you move on the field, pushing you to overcome former fears. The 600 grams of Thinsulate will deliver additional protection when you are dealing with harsh and cold climates.

“They may be Canadian but they are one hell of a hunting boot, I can tell you that. Even the smell of their leather is nice and for me at least, it  inspired confidence that my feet are well taken care of by these boots. I have been also in low temperatures with them and my feet didn’t experience any cold, which is not what I can say about my face.” James Lafferty


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