Best Hunting Knives reviews

Top hunting knives in 2018


There are thousands of Americans that love to hunt, on various places of the country. Whenever they are on a hunt, finding the pray and taking it as a trophy. There are many hunting instruments which need to accompany a person while on the terrain. Yet, one particular object seems to be present in the “arsenal” of any experienced hunter: knife. This is why we find so many people reading the current best hunting knives reviews in order to find the most efficient model. With a professional hunting knife you will be able to hunt with greater precision every time you go out.


Survivor HK-106320


Best Hunting Knives reviewsSurvivor knives are considered the best models that money can buy, the perfect companion on any hunt. To this extent, HK-106320 hunting knife comprises the cutting precision and solid design that Survivor impressed thousands of people around the world. The model comes equipped with a full-tang and a precise matter-finish which helps you cut with ease anything that you need to. It has a black stainless-steel tanto blade that delivers a military design, making it the ideal hunting tool, which can be used with efficiency on any hunting expedition. The knife comes with a durable green nylon belt sheath and a carefully designed with a Velcro securing grip, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

“Whenever I go into the wilderness to hunt or for other reasons I always have my trusty Survivor HK-106320 hunting knife. The quality stainless steel blade really makes the difference, cutting easily through anything. The hadle has an ergonomic shape which lets me have a solid grip on it.” – Henry  Logan

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Gerber 31-000751


A growing number of the latest best hunting knives reviews, written by thousands of skilled adventurous, underline the efficiency of Gerber 31-000751, a model endorsed by the famous survivor expert Bear Grylls. This high quality hunting knife comes with a molded rubber grip for added security and comfort while using it on various actions. The model has a knurled striking surface accompanied by a saw ground back blade, managing to cut everything you want. It integrates a precise fire starter and also a solid diamond sharpener. You will be virtually prepared for anything. The hunting knife is completed by an emergency micro lanyard whistle for various unwanted situations.

“I recommend getting this hunting knife if you are the outdoor type because it has a very sharp blade which is rust resistant, a very low weight so it is easy to carry around and also a very good price range. It hasn’t let me down once to this point.” – Wayne Murphy

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Kershaw Cryo


Do you want a useful and very handy hunting knife by your side at all times? Well, if the answer is yes then you should consider with more attention in using Kershaw Cryo hunting knife, a model ideal for any hunting trip. This powerful hunting knife is made out of a solid steel of 8Cr13MoV and a sharp titanium carbo-nitrade coating for added cutting precision. It has a tight handle made out of the same steel material which allows feeling the blade like an extension of your arm. The length of the blade is of 2 ¾ inches while the knife can be tipped up or down as a pocket clip, safely placed in your pocket, for additional usage actions.

“Compact, light and very effectiv, these traits characterize the Kershaw Cryo hunting knife in the best way for me. I always carry it with me when I’m going hunting or to spend some days in the great outdoors. Only quality materials go into its construction.” – Erick Johnson

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Buck Knives 110


With a modern and quite brilliant design, Buck Knives 110 hunting knife is the ideal companion during any hunting expedition. This folding hunting knife comes equipped with a nail-notch lockback format which opens safely and closes without problems. The knife is 3-3/4 inch stainless-steel blade represents the ideal hunting instrument for detailed work, which can be used as cutting even during in tight places. The hunting knife has wood-grain handles and also a polished brass bolter that delivers a bit of elegance while hunting. It has a blade material of 420HC stainless tell and a length of 4-7.8 inches, weighing only 7.2 ounces.

“I found this knife from Buck to be very realiable helping me to cut through anything easily. The weight ratio is well balanced so it feels very well when I’m holding it in my hand. The blade also folds and unfolds very easily.” –  Jake Nole

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Ka-Bar US Marine


Most of the present best hunting knives reviews, written by professional hunters and beginners underline the stunning format of Ka-Bar Marine model, originally designed for the American troops that had to fight in WW II. This sport hunting knife has a brilliantly created leather handle and also a 7-inch blade made out of solid 1095 cro-van steel that can cut virtually anything. It weighs only 0.70 pounds and has a blade length of 7 inches, making this hunting knife easy to use and portable. Made in the United States of America, this knife is certainly a great hunting companion, always present to have your back.

“This classic looking knife has been with me this year in all my hunting trips and has managed to perform high above all my expectations. The 7 inch steel blade is really something special and also it feels very light in my hand when I use it.” – Henry Wilson

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