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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best hybrid bikes money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best hybrid bikes on the market by looking at customer reviews, expert opinions, brand quality and overall value for the money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Cruiser came up on top of all the others. The Shimano 7-speed internal hub allows you to shift through various riding styles, so you can use this bike for commuting, leisure rides or long distance trips. The seat is extremely comfortable and one of the selling points of this particular model. The frame is made of aluminum, so it is lightweight, which is ideal for city conditions, where you may have to haul your bike over a flight of stairs when the need arises. In case you cannot find the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Cruiser because it is no longer in stock, we strongly recommend the Schwinn Men’s Network, which is similar in quality and features.



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The definition of a city bike has changed tremendously over the years, and now people who like the freedom of being able to commute by bike have different tastes when it comes to acquiring such an item. Hybrid bikes appeared as a necessity to satisfy the need for a more versatile means of transportation, since they combine the benefits of a road bike with those of a mountain bike. We read the reviews 2018 had to offer so far, to understand what makes the most popular hybrid bikes stand out. Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind when you go shopping for a hybrid model.

A.1 Sixthreezero EVRYjourney



This buying guide is focused on providing you with reliable information about hybrid bikes and what makes them such a great choice for both city riding and outdoor adventures. When you are shopping for a hybrid bike, first take a look at the frame. This must be sturdy, but lightweight, so one made of aluminum would be a good choice. The material is just part of the solution, though. The design of a hybrid bike frame should be created for comfort, as well as efficient pedaling. Since you will be embarking on some really long commuting trips, you need to know that you will get where you want to get without giving all you got.




Hybrid bikes offer superior versatility when compared to regular road bikes. Bicycles made for city riding back in the days used to be heavy, incapable of reaching faster speeds and cumbersome. The hybrid models you can find now available for sale are created with versatility in mind. You can assume the upright position for a leisure ride, but you can also adopt a more speed oriented posture so you can achieve more speed, when you are out of town and you want to enjoy the power of your bike.



Comfortable seat

Hybrid bikes are created for longer rides, so they need to be comfortable, especially in the seating area. By reading through many comparisons and reviews available online, we noticed that most people are focused on how comfortable the seat is. Seeing that you will be spending quite a while in the saddle, it is important that the seat is to your liking. Search for models that come with seats with enough padding, so that you do not end up hurting after a long ride. Also, make sure that the seat is wide enough to properly sustain your weight. Especially for people who want to take on cycling because they want to lose some weight, a model with a proper seat is highly recommended.



Reliable tires

While there are many things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a hybrid bike, an essential list should not leave out tires. These have to provide proper cushion, so they can ride over bumpier terrain. For instance, when you ride on gravel, good tires will surely make a difference. 26 inch tires are common in hybrid bikes and they are just like the ones you see on mountain bikes. Some models allow you to install knobby tires, in case you want to ride on dirt roads. 29 inch tires are a better fit for such endeavors, so, if this is what you want to do when riding your bike, a model with 29 inch tires would be a better fit.

The 700 cc tire standard is common in hybrid bikes. This standard allows for easy rolling over pavement and it makes hybrid bikes a good fit for urban riding. When you are running errands around the city or you simply want to commute to work, such tires will make the difference. At the same time, these bikes are great for touring, too, which is why people love them so much in this day and age.



Top hybrid bikes in 2018


Now that you are familiar with all the important aspects to keep in mind when you are shopping for a hybrid bike, it is time to meet the most popular models around. The best hybrid bikes you can find right now are showcased below. Read our reviews to decide which bike best suits your need.



Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Cruiser


1.Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

This is a hybrid bike for men that comes equipped with everything you need in such an item. The frame is made of aluminum and it comes equipped with a Shimano 7-speed internal hub that allows you to shift through gears as you see fit. A good thing is that this bike is ideal for tall men, because the foot forward seat and pedal position lets you stop and place your feet flat on any surface without leaving your saddle. The seat is very comfortable and overall the bike lives up to the expectations from one of the best brands making hybrid bikes right now.



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Schwinn Network 3.0


By examining the best hybrid bikes reviews you will observe the quality and suited characteristics of a perfect leisurely ride or a healthy way of moving out throughout the day. The Schwinn Network 3.0 700c Men’s Hybrid bicycle by Pacific Cicle is one of these choices. The bike has 18 inch wheels equipped with some top parts such as strong, lightweight alloy rims, Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur, EZ Fire Shimano shifters and the Schwinn suspension fork. A Hybrid frame guarantees the durability and comfort of your ride together with the suspension of a padded seat post. Also safety comes first in this bike with the firm stopping power of the pull brakes.

“All the latest technology has gone into building the Schwinn Network 3.0 700 bike. Based on its positive reviews and excellent design I went ahead and bought it. The 18 inch wheels and the 21 speeds are my favorite things about this bike.” Adam Hooper



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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Touring


2.sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's

This manufacturer is renowned for making great bikes for both genders. The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Touring is a model made for women, and everything about it spokes ease of use and convenience. Let’s not forget the pretty overall appearance of this bike that many girls and women love, despite it not having many accessories. Whether you want to get a bit competitive and ride along with friends at cycling events, or you are searching for a great bike to commute to work, this nice looking model will help you out. The semi-slick tires can handle any type of terrain with ease and will make riding around the town really easy and enjoyable.



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Schwinn Discover S5397


Many buyers have named this ride as the best hybrid bike of 2018. First of all, it is a beautiful and elegant choice for women and will help them find their way around the town. It comes with an aluminum frame, a suspension fork and an alloy crank. Users can opt between the 21 available speeds.

The bike is so versatile and easy to use that even 70 year olds find it user-friendly. According to many buyers, it’s easy to put together and turns any bumpy ride into a smooth one. Some people have owned the bike for more than 2 years and have encountered no issues.



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Critical Cycles Step-Thru


The current best hybrid bikes reviews, written by thousands of satisfied customers and even professional riders underline the great design of Critical Cycles Step-Thru model, hand built for any riding expectation. This lightweight bike is ideal for riding around town, simple exercise or even beach boardwalk. Step-thru was created for an easy on and off while also delivering a comfortable riding experience. As one of the most efficient hybrid bikes currently available on the market, Step-Thru has rear and front fenders and also a vintage bullet headlamp for additional elegance while riding and irrespective of the terrain conditions.

“The fact that it is so popular throughout the US and that it has some excellent reviews were deciding factors in my decision to purchase this bike. I also love the great retro look which turns some heads when I’m riding it through my town.” Ryan Watson



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Critical Cycles Diamond Frame


Critical Cycles always delivered to the public high quality bikes worthy of taking around the block for long drives, and Diamond frame model makes no exception. This lightweight hand-built has a superb Diamond Steel frame, created with an upright position. Diamond bike is ideal for strolls around town, leisure rides or even part of exercise programs. Critical Cycles comes with standard Kenda Kwest tires which represent the right type of hybrid and touring tire. You won’t have to worry about water dispersion on you while you ride because Diamond Frame comes with protective grooves. It’s time to ride with style and experience something truly special while you are on the streets.

“Even though its frame is pretty light, this is a sturdy bike. I own one and it has survived quite a few crashes very well. The feeling of riding such a stylish bike is indescribable, being also very comfortable at the same time. If you are a hybrid bike fan, my suggestion is to get this one.” Lance Hart



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Diamondback Edgewood


Are you searching for professional and high quality hybrid bike capable of taking you everywhere you want without any problems? If the answer is yes, then you should take a closer look on Diamondback Edgewood hybrid bike, a model very popular in the US. This bike combines with style comfort and efficiency, transforming Edgewood in more than a simple road bike. This hybrid bike comes with the DB 6061-T6 aluminum hybrid geometry frame and also a derailleur hanger that delivers extra stability during any ride. In addition to its beautiful design, Diamondback Edgewood is coupled with a solid suspension 63 mm travel fork.

“I wanted a bike which had all the latest features, that was stylish and reliable, so I settled for this Diamondback model. It runs just perfectly, changing speeds and everything, allowing me to recommend it to other bikers who are interested in hybrid bikes.” Luke Smith



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Pacific Cycle Schwinn Wayfarer – Not available


Best Hybrid Bikes reviewsWhen it comes to hybrid bikes, people are interested in discovering the best model, capable of helping them ride in style irrespective of the terrain. One of the coolest hybrid bikes currently available on the market is Schwinn women’s Wayfarer 700C, a model that combines elegance with great functionality. This bike comes with steel retro city frame that catches the eyes and also a sturdy fork which delivers durability. Pacific Cycle 700C has alloy rims which are lightweight and extremely strong thus helping the rider reach any destination. Furthermore this hybrid bike has fenders that keep water off the rider which is pretty convenient.

“Getting the right bike for me took a bit of time, but I found out about the Pacific Cycle Schwinn 700C bike and after I saw it I just had to get it. Its retro design took me over and now I ride it as much as I can in my spare time.” Jessica Hughes