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There are millions of passionate bikers around the world, which harness their energies in finding the best paths to ride. Out of the many bikes available on the market, it seems, as the latest statistics, that more and more people love to use hybrid bikes. Why should you choose a hybrid bike? The reasons are many: heightened stability, increased speed reach and durability. If you want to use a high quality hybrid bike, designed to help you ride with greater ease, then you should consult some of the best hybrid bikes reviews, meant to display the advantages and disadvantages of using a particular model and not another one.


Diamondback Edgewood hybrid bike


Best hybrid bikes under $500When it comes to hybrid bikes one brand stands out with clear quality design and enhanced durability: Diamondback. To this extent, Edgewood Sport hybrid is a great addition to any home, helping people ride with more pathos. Regarded as one of the best hybrid bikes under $300, this model comes with a butted 6061-T6 Aluminum hybrid frame, a powerful Shimano TX55 rear derailleur and also precise EF-TX51 7spd EZ-fire shifters. One of the coolest features of the bike is the SSW700 Double Tunnel Alloy rims, for added visual elegance as you ride. You will ride with greater ease and with more confidence.

“I bought this bike a while back and to this point I am very satisfied with how it runs. The aluminum frame means it is very light but at the same time very resistant and durable. The shifters work great as well so I really consider it a great bike to have.” – Jim Lescott

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Jeep Compass hybrid bike


If you want to use a high quality hybrid that won’t disappoint you during any ride, then Jeep Compass is exactly what you need. Considered one of the best hybrid bikes under $500, this bicycle is ideal for anyone. The model has a light weight and comes with a hand crafted and also a solid aluminum frame, 700C steel and also steel handlebars 620mm x 50mm. This bicycle has the right format in order to run errands, cruise around the neighbourhood and also travel around town. It comes with Shimano 21 speed drive train, Kenda 700 x 40C black tires and also reliable VP 990S plastic pedals.

“The Jeep Compass hybrid bike was the model I chose for me and I came across it after reading some reviwes. The 21 speed drive train made by Shimano is extremely precise and does its job to perfection. I am very pleased with purchasing it.” – Rick Elliott

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Critical Cycles Urban hybrid bike


Do you want a powerful hybrid bike? If you to use a high quality model that can improve the quality of your rides then you should use Critical Cycles Urban hybrid bike. Hand built, the bike is ideal for commuter lifestyle and various errands around neighbourhood or town. It has lightweight tig-welded steel frame and also an advanced comfortable seat that is perfect to ride, irrespective of the terrain. You can easily get on and off, the bike has a steel tubing and frame geometry, designed to experience the right position during rides. Long distances become a breeze and very comfortable.

“Buying this hybrid bike from Critical was a great idea from my part because I runs smoothly and I always have a nice time when I ride it through my neighborhood. I also like its classic design which got me hooked on it in the first place.” – Andrea Cook

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Critical Cycles Diamond hybrid bikes


It’s time to upgrade the quality of your daily riding experiences by adding a new member to your life: Critical Cycles Diamond. This carefully designed hybrid urban commuter bike is ideal for persons that love stability and elegance as they ride. Considered as one of the best hybrid bikes under $500, this lightweight bike comes with an upright steel frame, which makes it ideal for leisure rides or town strolls. It comes equipped with standard Kenda Kwest tires, Shimano 7-Speed drivetrain which suits perfectly modern and urban hybrid riders. You will experience a new riding set, bringing quality and efficiency into mix, during any ride.

“I definitely recommend getting the Critical Cycles Diamond bike because to me it has proven to be very reliable, durable and safe. For my little piece of urban environment this bike is perfect helping me get around easily through the crowded streets.” – Jack Jarett

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Diamondback Insight hybrid bike


Today, you have the possibility to add comfort and riding precision every time you want to take your bike out for a ride. How? Well, consider adding Diamondback Insight hybrid bike as a regular presence in your life, and let the improvements take hold. The model combines the best out of mountain and road bikes and sets forth on becoming the best bike you’ve ever owned. It has a large diameter, with 700c wheels, 6061-T6 butted aluminum hybrid frame, integrate headtube that simply enhances every part of the riding experience. You will benefit from more control over the bike, even while riding on hard terrains.

“The Diamondback Insight hybrid bike has been to me a very trusty friend which has always took great care of me when I am going through my town’s streets. The price I have paid for it is also very affordable and for sure I must recommend it.” – Anne Roberts

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