Best Hydration Belt Reviews


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best hydration belt money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best hydration belt on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Fit Harmony 365 Roomy Zip Pouch is the best model for sale because it is designed to be durable and comfortable to wear. It comes with two 8 oz water bottles so you can stay hydrated throughout the day, and their BPA free design ensures that they are safe to use. It also comes with a convenient front zippered pocket that is perfect for storing small items. If the Harmony 365 Roomy Zip Pouch is not available, you could consider the Nathan Trail Mix as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


Whether you are working or playing outdoors it is important to stay hydrated. Since it is not always easy or convenient to lug a heavy cooler around, many people are discovering how convenient a hydration belt can be. You don’t just want to choose the first belt that you see, and the tips included in this buying guide will help you find the best one.



Hydration belts are great for runners and hikers, especially during the hot summer. They can be found in a variety of styles and colors, and at different price points. The best hydration belt reviews recommend deciding on a budget before you start shopping. Not only will this help to narrow down your options, it will also prevent you from overspending. The price of the hydration belt will affect the size of the water bottles, and if you are planning on running a marathon it might be worth it to spend a little extra on a large one.



The size generally refers to the water bottles and not the actual length of the belt. Most hydration belts are adjustable so one size typically fits all. The best hydration belt for running will come with water bottles that are at least 6 oz. If it is for a marathon you might one to choose one with 8 oz bottles.

Even though these belts typically come in one size, it is still important to make sure that it is easy to adjust as needed. The last thing you want in the middle of a run is to have your hydration belt slip off of your waist.


Other considerations

There are a few other aspects to consider when you are looking for a hydration belt. Front zippered pockets are a convenient way to keep track of your keys, id and smartphone. Belts that come with breathable linings and padding are comfortable to wear even when you are running over rough terrain.

Double stitching ensures added durability, especially around the water bottle holders. You also want to make sure that there is a top strap or belt that will hold the bottles securely in place.



Top Hydration Belts in 2018


Hydration belts are great for long runs or when you are working outside all day in the hot sun. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why you can find the best hydration belts showcased below.



Fit Harmony 365


1-hydration-belt-with-2-16oz-bpa-free-bottlesGreat for half marathon train or long runs, there is very little not to like about this hydration belt. The strap is easy to adjust for a comfortable fit, and to ensure the belt stays firmly around your waist. The front latch is easy to operate, and closes with an audible click. You will appreciate its ergonomic design when you are running since it won’t rub against your skin. It also comes with soft padding and a breathable mesh layer for added comfort. You never have to worry about dehydration during your run since the belt comes with two 16 oz water bottles. The plastic bottles are BPA free so you can rest assured that they are safe to use.



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Nathan Trail Mix


2-nathan-trail-mix-bottle-beltThis hydration belt is designed to fit almost anyone, and be comfortable to wear. It is constructed from a monofilament fiber that will stretch and move with your body so you never feel restricted on your run. To ensure a comfortable and secure fit the belt comes with two tension cords that can be easily locked into place. You will appreciate its lightweight construction that won’t wear you down during your run. There are also two side holsters that are designed to securely hold the two included water bottles. The bottles are angled to fit comfortably against your side, and to make it easier to drink from even when you are running. The belt also comes with a mesh and zippered pocket that are perfect for storing small personal items.


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Fitletic 12 oz


3-fitletic-12-oz-hydration-beltIf you need a hydration belt for your next marathon this might be exactly what you are looking for. It comes with a lightweight and comfortable construction, and it is also durable. There are two toggles to keep your race number prominently displayed. There are even reflectors on the belt so you can safely train at night. The latching buckle ensures that the belt stays firmly around your waist, and the strap can be easily adjusted so you can find the perfect fit. There are two 6 oz water bottles so you can stay hydrated on long runs, and since they are constructed from BPA free materials that are safe to use. You will also appreciate how easy the bottles are to clean since all you have to do is toss them in the dishwasher. There is even a small pocket that is perfect for holding your id, keys and smartphone.


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