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There are many power tools present on a construction yard and in the working arsenal of professional firms. Yet, one particular tool seems to present, due to its wide range of fastening applications and precise touches: impact driver. Today, a growing number of construction workers and home handymen try to identify the most efficient impact driver and equip their tool kit with it. The quickest way and efficient as well, to accomplish this feat, is by reading some of the current best impact drivers reviews. Once you’ve consulted such technical and popular bits of information you will be able to find a product suited to your needs.


Dewalt DC825B impact driver


Best impact drivers under $200Dewalt has always released on the market high quality power tools, which professionals love to use during their works. To this extent seeing DC825B among the latest best impact drivers under $100 comes as no surprise, status consolidated by the huge number of satisfied customers. The device is equipped with a frameless motor that manages to enhance the tool’s durability and life. It has a compact size and is lightweight, allowing the right access into tight areas while also reducing fatigue. Furthermore this impact driver has a powerful 1.330 in lbs torque in order to safely perform a variety of fastening applications.

“I think of myself as a pretty decent handyman and I know I have to own a very impressive tool collection in order to do the things I want. This si why I have this impact driver which really works well and gets the job done in a very professional manner.” – Dan Hosner

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Dewalt DC820B impact driver


It’s important to have at your disposition a high quality impact driver, capable of delivering precise results and thus limit the amount of effort put in. This is where Dewalt DC820B impact driver comes into play, a model designed with a frameless motor that enhances its durability and life. It has a compact size and is very easy, permitting you to access tight areas. This particular model incorporates the force of 1740 in-lbs of torque which is ideal to perform various fastening applications and thus keeping the project going. You can use the 0-2400 rpm to 0-2700 ipm in order to accomplish various actions.

“I have this impact drive for some time now and it has performed really well in this time. With the rpm an imp it can work at I can do multiple tasks easily and without any complications. Also I must point out that its price is very affordable for what it offers.” – Scott Harper

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NitroCat 1200-K impact driver


One of the best impact drivers under $200 is NitroCat 1200-K model, one of the most powerful devices in its class. This precise 1/2 inch impact driver has a carefully embedded Kevlar composite housing which an ergonomically designed handle. The tight grip of the handle gives you the opportunity to work more with less the effort. In addition to its solid structure, this impact driver includes the patented quiet technology of only 86 decibels while you work on different projects. Easy to operate, it also includes a hard hitting twin clutch mechanism and also a system through the handle in order to exhaust debris.

“I bought the NitroCat 1200-K for the sheer power it has which can be put to good use in the right hands and those happen to be mine. As powerful as it is, it actually operates very quietly, a feature which really impressed me. In conclusion I recommend it as a very useful and powerful impact driver.” – Frank Richards

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Kawasaki 841337 impact driver


If you don’t have a lot of money but still want to purchase a high quality impact driver, then you should consider using with confidence Kawasaki 841337. Regarded by thousands of handymen and engineers as the best impact drivers under $50, this model has a power cord length of 11 feet and can achieve a maximum torque of 280 feet per pound. You should also know that the model is accompanied by a variety of accessories such as 2 piece double end sockets of around 11/16 inch and also 3/4 inch and 2 pieces of 10A safety fuses, expanding the whole process and making it easier.

“For my needs this little wrench kit is just the thing and I always manage to do some great things with it. Even though it has a reduced size it still manages to produce some decent performances. It can’t rival bigger wrenches but it is very good for certain jobs.” – Adam Froom

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Makita BTW450Z impact driver


During any construction project, small or big, you need to have by your side a reliable and professional impact driver. Well, if this is your wish then you should consider using with more empathy Makita BTW450Z. This powerful impact driver comes with a build-in motor that can deliver around 325 lbs of maximum torque with an impressive range of 1600 RPM and also 2200 IPM. It has a compact and ergonomic design, weighing only 7.5 pounds thus reducing the fatigue level on the user. The model has a built-in LED light and also comes with a long-lasting Makita LXT lithium-ion battery that gives you the possibility to work without interruptions.

“The Makita BTW450Z impact wrench has been in my tool shed for a long time and in this time it has performed always at high levels allowing me to complete my jobs faster. It has also a low weight so I don’t get any muscle fatigue when I’m using it extensively.” – Rick Hanson

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