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Child safety is very important for any family. This is the reason so many parents are now searching for a high quality infant car seats in order to enhance the protection levels of the car to the little one. Being little, children a different set of protection during rides, long or short. A professional infant car seat will keep the child safe and far from any external dangers that might appear during unforeseen incidents. Consulting some of the latest best infant car seats reviews represents an important step in discovering the right model, suited to the child’s corporeal features and delivering optimal protection at every turn.


Britax B-Safe infant car seat


Best infant car seats under $200When it comes to child protection, one brand stands alone due to its quality and efficiency once the car starts: Britax. To this extent seeing Britax B-Safe among the best infant car seats under $200, comes as no particular surprise. The device delivers solid side impact protection that precisely distributes crash force and thus shields the user from vehicle intrusion by protection the head and various parts of the body. The car seat is tangle free and it presents 5-point harness system that distributes crash forces on the strongest arts of the body by maintaining a secure fit.

“Even before my baby boy was born I already bought for him all the necessary things which would make him comfortable and safe all the time. For my car I have the Britax B-Safe car seat which I bought especially for the extra safety features it has.” – Samantha Oliver

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Graco SnugRide 30 infant car seat


You are probably searching for an efficient baby car seat to equip your car. Well, your search is over, let us introduce Graco SnugRide 30 infant car seat, a model designed to protect rear-facing infants starting from 4 to 30 pounds and with a height of 30”. You need to know that the car seat is optimal for small babies because it has a starting weight of 4 pounds. The car seat was designed with EPS, energy absorbing foam that precisely ads efficient impact energy management during crash events. In addition to the secure protection system, this infant car seat includes LATCH stay in the car system with on-base level indicator that permits you to install it easy and safe.

“My little infant doesn’t cry at all in this car seat when I am driving around in the car with him and this must mean it is so comfortable for him. I especially looked for the energy absorbing foam that this seat has and also the steel bars for the frame, for his safety most of all.” – Lisa Campbell

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Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat


If you want to use one of the best infant car seats under $200, capable of delivering heightened protection to the little ones, then you should use with confidence Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat and base. Very easy to install and manage, this model was rated number 1 infant car seat in the United States of America. The model has 5 point harness system which can be adjusted with one hand and without any problems whatsoever. The car seat has a full body insert setting for new-borns of 4 to 11 pounds that can protect small babies with no problems whatsoever.

“The Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat I got my little daughter, to makes sure the car environment is very safe for her. It is very simple to install and at the same time it is very securely latched on to the backseat. The design of this seat is made so that my daughter feels comfortable.” – Emma Ross

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Maxi-Cosi infant car seat


As a concerned parent you are always searching for the right way to protect the child once you start off the car and go out for a drive. Well, we want you to get to know more things about Maxi-Cosi infant car seat, a model with a lightweight design that permits parents to transfer the child from the car base to a Maxi-Cosi stroller. Considered as one of the best infant car seats under $200, the device includes a side impact protection level and also a 5 point harness system for additional security during unwanted crash events with professional precision.

“I got this particular car seat because it looked like it could be so comfortale for my infant girl and when I started using it in my car, it was exactly like I pictured it to be. The 5 point harness system is also great which adds to its excellent safety features.” – Jessica Johnson

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Evenflo Nurture infant car seat


Child security is essential to any child and parents understand full well this particular aspect. Well, if you want a product that combines efficiency with tight child security you should learn more things about Evenflo Nurture infant car seat! This professional car seat delivers comfort and exclusive convenience as the child is in the car seat. The car seat incorporates ergonomically shaped handle which permits parents to comfortably carry their offspring from one place to another. The model also includes a pivoting canopy need to shade the child during summer days. You can use the car seat as rear facing children that weigh from 5 to 22 pounds, making it one of the best infant car seats under $100.

“This infant car seat from Evenflo has a really cute design and I am so glad my baby loves it, not crying while he is in the car. I easily take it out of the car and carry my baby back into our home, without exhausting myself trying to undo the latching system.” – Britney Walters

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