Best Infant Changing Pad Reviews

Top Infant Changing Pads in 2017


Expectant mothers and their friends check out the best Infant changing pad reviews in order to get a pretty good idea on what product to get. An infant changing pad has to be of good quality and performance. Those two elements are evaluated based on several factors including comfort (a huge must), durability (because there are other expenses to think about), ease of use (you and your baby can’t possibly stay home all the time), and ease of cleaning (again, there are millions of other things to do when you have a baby). After having five children myself and attending dozens of baby showers, I have found five brands that mothers would love to use for their babies.


LA Baby 4-Sided 32-Inch


Best Infant Changing Pad ReviewsThe LA Baby 4-Sided Changing Pad carries an ergonomic design so baby can have her nappies changed in complete comfort. Thissoft changing pad is vinyl-covered so it is waterproof. That makes the LA Baby changing pad the best baby changing pad in 2017. It is perfectly sized to be a good fit for standard tabletops and changing dressers. The non-toxic cover is a breeze to clean: just wipe off dirt and it’s ready for another round of changing. Screws have been thoughtfully added to the package so you can mount the changing pad securely.

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Summer Infant Contoured


With contoured sides that protect the infant from rolling, the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad is surely the top choice in numerous best Infant changing pad reviews. Constructed of baby-friendly, non-toxic PEVA vinyl material, it is truly designed for baby’s ultimate comfort. Baby can rest securely on the pad thanks to the safety belt straps with quick-release mechanism. The design is quite versatile so it snugly fits regular table tops and changing dressers. The soft plush cover gives your baby added comfort while changing. The quilted vinyl material is resistant to moisture while being easy to clean.

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LA Baby Countour 30″


It may just be a simple product, but the LA Baby Countour 30″ Changing Pad has been recognized as the best baby changing pad in 2017. Cleaningup can be such a chore, but thanks to this changing pad’s durable vinyl cover, you can just wipe everything off and it’s ready for the next changing session. When it’s already soiled, you can simply throw this changing pad in the washing machine. It is waterproof and sized to be easily mounted to changing dressers and standard changing tables. Screws have been included for secure mounting. The LA Baby changing pad is supple, made just for baby’s delicate caring needs.

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Summer Infant 4-Sided


The Summer Infant 4-Sided Changing Pad has four contoured sides so baby won’t roll over and fall. As an added protection for the infant, this changing pad also has quick-release safety straps that hug the baby nicely and securely in place. It has a double layer made just for comfort. The top layer is of PEVA material and is PVC free, so baby can have dozens of changes without getting harmed from toxic chemicals used in changing pads of inferior quality. The changing pad’s vinyl cover also means you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning it. This is why dozens of top rated Infant changing pad reviews have had this changing pad in their list. Wood screws are included to let you secure the changing pad into place on any changing table or dresser.

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Summer Infant Quick-change Portable


This changing pad is fully padded for ultimate comfort to your baby. Make changes even on the go, as this portable changing pad can be easily tucked away into your vehicle’s glove compartment or a bag . A Velcro tab serves to secure the changing pad closed. With this go-anywhere changing pad, you can protect baby while changing, even when the surface of  the changing platform is dirty. The large size enables you to carry out diaper changes while keeping your baby safe and comfortable even on a hard, uneven surface.

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