Best Infrared Grills under $500


Top rated cheap infrared grills


In the present, millions of Americans love to prepare grilled food during the weekends or on special occasions. Fried chicken, stakes, hamburgers, hot-dogs and even fried vegetables with the added special grilled flavour. To this extent you need to use a high quality infrared grill that can deliver the much needed culinary assistance! The market is packed with infrared grills, of various brands and with distinct functions and finding the right for your needs can be pretty difficult. Reading some of the current best infrared grills reviews represents an important step in using a powerful grill in your back yard every time you desire to prepare grilled food.


Char-Broil Urban infrared grills


Chair-Broil is the brand that every grilled food lover knows, gathering new supporters with each passing year. To this end, seeing Urban infrared grill among the current best infrared grills under $300 comes as no particular surprise. This award winning TRU infrared grill has a powerful cooking system that manages to help you enjoy delicious food, moist and juicy and uniformly heated. The model delivers an impressive 320 square inch of cooking surface which more than enough to prepare quality food just the way you want. In addition, the grill has a secondary 125 square inch cooking area which raises your cooking potential.

“The Char-Broil Urban infrared grill was my investment so that I could have the best grilled meat ever. My family absolutely loves the meat I grill on it making me recommend it for its quality and also for its very affordable price.” – Henry Parker

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Char-Broil 12601578 infrared grill


It’s very important to have around the house a professional infrared grill, designed to enhance the cooking process, making it easier and safer. Today, one of the best infrared grills under $200 is at your immediate disposition: Char-Broil 12601578, a model that is perfect for your cooking experience. You have the possibility to command around 1750-watt of electric burner which accommodates any culinary projects. The model comes with a 240 square inch porcelain-coated primary cooking surface and also a solid 80 square inch secondary surface, giving you complete culinary liberty. Easy to manage and clean, this infrared grill makes it very easy for you to cook any type of grilled food!

“When I saw what features this grill from Char-Broil had I didn’t think too much about buying it. Everything I do on it ends up being delicious and also I like the fact that it has two wheels which means it is very easy to move it around.” – Stan Wright

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Char-Broil TRU infrared grill


If you want supreme cooking quality that never fails to impress whenever it is used then you need to use with confidence Char-Broil TRU infrared grill, a model that has a solid structure and excellent cooking features. Regarded by thousands of Americans as one of the best infrared grills under $500, this model features the award winning TRU cooking system which delivers a uniform heating force on the food, while keeping its moisture and juiciness. It delivers an impressive 500 square inches of cooking area, completed by a secondary one of 180. The SureFire electronic ignition system limits the apparition of burn accidents.

“My mind was set on getting an infrared grill because of the numerous advatages it has and I settled for this model which is exceptional in my opinion, perfect for grilling juicy and tasty meat, stakes, sausages and so on. The electronic ignition is another great touch to it.” – Michael Cooper

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Solaire Anywhere infrared grills


In the present, millions of American families use with confidence Solaire Anywhere portable infrared grills in order to sooth any culinary activities concerning grilled food. Designed with attention to details such as electronic push-button ignition system, using 1 pound propane cylinders in order keep the culinary process going. Considered one of the best infrared grills under $500, this model offers a reliable 155 square inches of grilling space which can fit with ease 4 inch hamburgers. The model delivers a heightened 14.000 BTU per hour which more than enough to prepare any type of food such as chicken wings, legs, stakes, hamburgers or vegetables.

“The Solaire Anywhere infrared grill is really something and it has made my family BBQs that much more enjoyable, thanks to the quality food it grills. Its shape is really somehting as well and I recommend it for other households as well.” – Jack Robinson

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Magna Products Catalina infrared grill


It is important to have by your side a professional infrared grill which can deliver right culinary assistance. Using Magna Products Catalina infrared grill was designed with 18-9 mirror polished marine stainless steel material that protects it from external harmful agents. The model includes the Infrared technology, Anti-Flare screen system which manages to safely evenly distribute heat. The smoky flavour that only a grill offers will be present on the food you desire to prepare. You can fold it, which makes Catalina grill ideal for camping and also a quick picnic with friends of family. Easy to manage and clean afterwards, it is a great addition to your culinary projects.

“This infrared grill has made my BBQ even better than before and I am really thankful that I had the chance to get it. It has high quality stainless steel going into its construction so this meant it was durable and also the meat I cook on it has a wonderful smokey flavour.” – Matt Brostein

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