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Creating the right fitness program in the comfort of your home represents an important step in becoming healthy and fit. There are many ways to strengthen the body and implicitly revitalize the general physical wellbeing. Today, more and more American men and women are using with confidence inversion tablets in order to strengthen certain areas of their muscle groups. Still, finding the right model might prove to be trickier than ever. Once you manage to read some of the current best inversion tables reviews you will have the right information in finding and using an advanced device in the comfort of your home.


Emer Deluxe INVR-03 inversion tables


Best inversion tables under $200When it comes to fitness devices and especially inversion tables, Emer Deluxe INVR-03 model represents an important and quite smart addition. Considered one of the best inversion tables under $100, this particular model is recommended by doctors in order to solve various back problems and improve the muscle strength. The table is a proven therapy to alienate back pain within a short period of time. Once inverted the force of the gravity progressively counteracts compressions in the joint area, precisely concentrating on the back, hips and neck. It is convenient and quite enjoyable, decompressing spinal discs and also enhances the blood circulation.

“After careful consideration and studying the feaures of more than one inversion table I decided to get for myself the Emer Deluxe INVR-03. My muscles feel much better after I use it, my whole body feeling lighter in the process.” – Jack Rogers

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Body Max IT6000 inversion tables


As thousands of medical studies pointed out inversion table therapy is extremely beneficial for the back. Regarded as one of the best inversion tables under $200, Body Max IT6000 is the ideal choice if you want to feel better and alienate pain. The device uses the forces of gravity on the back region, by safely decompressing and elongating the spine lines. It also relieves pressure on the spinal cord’s ligaments thus precisely relaxing the back muscles and provides the right support to the vertebrae. This model is fairly easy to adjust, being equipped with a deluxe dual-pin system which allows you to quickly find the optimal position.

“My doctor actually suggested that I get an inversion table for myself in order to take care of my back problems. I followed his advice and got the Body Max IT6000 which really has done the trick to me, my back pains being almost gone.”- Rick Andrews

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Body Max IT8070 inversion table


It’s time to get rid of that aching back pain and safely feel better! How? Well, use with confidence IT8070 inversion table from Body Max, a fitness therapy device that can relieve pain from the lower back region. This model comes with a deluxe dual-pin customizable system, which allows you to select from the height range of 4’ 7” to 6’8”. Furthermore this powerful inversion therapy table which accurately elongates the spine and relaxes any existing back muscles. It has a capacity of 250 pound and safety straps that allow you to precisely control inverting the angles and keeps the whole table secure and stabile.

“I knew the advatages an inversion table would bring and the positive effect it would have for my muscles and this is why I got this model from Body Max. Whenever I use it, the table feels so secure and stable, allowing me to correctly stretch my muscles.” – Emily Hubert

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IronMan Gravity 1000 inversion table


If you want to use one of the best inversion tables under $200 currently available on the market then get to know more details on the functionality of IronMan Gravity 1000. The model has a sturdy construction, which safely reduces the back pain, stress or pressure by stimulating the existing blood circulation in the area. The model is made out of a durable tubular steel frame, a superb powder-coated finish and is completed by a tough nylon backrest. Furthermore the inversion table is equipped with ergonomically molded ankle cushions that can hold with ease 300 pounds, without any problems at all.

“I recommend getting this inversion table because it is solid and from my experience with it, this table has helped me get rid of my back and neck muscle pain. The whole package didn’t even cost me that much so overall I am extremely pleased with what I bought.” – Samantha White

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Sky Enterprise USA Pro Deluxe inversion tables


If you want to deal no more with back pain and relax the muscles then you should Pro inversion table from Sky Enterprise USA. The particularities of the device manage to precisely relieve back pain within a short period of time. It is regarded as one of the best inversion tables under $75, which significantly diminishes muscle tension and additional stress. In addition, the table also stimulates the blood circulation in order to cast aside the presence of pain. It has a weight capacity of 300 lb while also reducing the dire effects of aging. You won’t regret using this advanced inversion table!

“For a low price inversion table this model is great. I have had it for more than half a year and in this time that I have used the Pro Deluxe inversion table I have been feeling great. Also when I’m done with it I just fold it and put it away for when I need to use it again.” ­– Paul Willis

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