Best IP Phone reviews

Top IP Phones in 2018


The Best IP Phone reviews online tell us that IP phones have indeed become a necessity in today’s time. I have carried out an extensive research and have been talking to many IP phones manufacturers which have further helped me filter out the five most durable and handy IP phones in the market. Most of these have features of Hold, mute, auto answer, flash and redial. Acoustic clarity technologies employed by all of these ensure that no information over a call is misheard. Most of the IP phones listed below consist of 2-5 lines. Some of these also have the enhanced Bluetooth feature which allows you to connect your IP phone to your mobile and import data successfully.


Yealink SIP-T22P Professional IP Phone


Best IP Phone reviewsThe Yealink IP phone features 3 lines and HD voice. When you order this phone, you also get an HD Codec, HD speaker and HD handset. It’s extremely user friendly interface and apt functionality makes it easy for the people to interact through it and hence maximizes productivity at any office. The TI voice Engine and the TI Titan chipset give high definition audio, fexible delpoyment, outsourced management options and possibility of third party communications. With so many functions, it is indeed the best IP Phone in 2018.

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Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line IP Phone


In the best IP Phone reviews, the ciscoSPA525G2 is a 5-line business IP Phone is known for its enhanced connectivity.  Its 3.2 inch colour screen gives a high resolution and better readability to the viewer. It has enhanced connectivity with a PoE feature, “Power over Ethernet” and 802.11g Wi-Fi. The Headset also has a Bluetooth support and a Wi-Fi protected system. Owing to the Bluetooth support, the IP phone can be made to connect with all mobile phones while making and receiving calls. You can even import all your personal contacts using this Bluetooth feature. It is as smart as any other smartphone.

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Cisco SPA 504G 4-Line IP Phone


This particular IP phone can support up to four phone lines including features like headset, full-deplex speakerphone, message waiting indicator and dynamic soft keys. Using the 4-way navigation key system, one can easily scroll through the phone features, view the call directory, phone apps and call history. As one of the best IP Phone in 2018, it incorporates HD voice quality and a highly enhanced speaker quality. For ease of use, this IP phone has dedicated buttons for headset, volume, speaker phone, mute, hold, menu settings and voice mail access.

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Polycom SoundPoint IP 550 with Power Supply


As a top rated IP Phone in 2018, Polycom sound point IP phone gives a very high quality sound no matter how many people are sitting around it. It is great for offices where conference calls have to made during meetings with a number of people on board. It is important that once you buy a polycom phone you keep its software updated. These configuration files can be easily available on the server and reboots the phone, so it updates automatically. 

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Polycom SoundPoint IP 331 Phone


The soundpoint IP 331 is an entry level IP phone since it has 2 lines only. It has an amazing voice quality and an integrated PoE support. The 102 x 33 pixel graphical LCD ensures that the viewer is able to see all the required information correctly without any discrepancy at all. It can be used in any sorts of call centres as well in an office cubicle. If multiple people are around the set while a call is being made, a full-duplex speakerphone employing the acoustic clarity technology will ensure that no background noise interrupts the call. 
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