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Music is a big part of our lives, letting step in parallel world, where artists sing their hearts out. Country, rock, pop, jazz or hip-hop music can become a constant companion everywhere you go. But in order to accomplish this particular feat you need to have by your side a powerful and advanced iPod! There are so many models, with various features, prices and designs that make the selection process pretty hard. To this extent, it is important for you to read some of the current best iPods reviews which will help you discover the model just right for you! With a bit of info magic, you will be able to listen to music anytime you want.


Apple iPod Nano Slate


Best iPods under $300Who doesn’t love Apple iPod Nano? According to the present Tech statistics it seems that not many persons. This is one of the best iPods under $150 models, designed to establish a solid link between you and the music you love. The device features an impressive 16GB storage system which allows you to watch all of your favourite TV shows, movies or even free video podcasts, on the widescreen 2.5 inch multi-touch display, where vibrant and rich colours await. The model has a cool design, about the size of a credit card with 0.24” thin. It features Bluetooth 4.0, completed by Bluetooth enabled headphones and even supported speakers.

“I guess that in today`s world an iPod is a clear-cut necessity so I complied with the way society is heading so I bought the Apple iPod Nano. The reviews suggested it was the best and based on what it does, I must comply again.” – Robert Thomas

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Apple iPod Touch


One of the best iPods under $300 is the 16 GB model from the 5th generation wave. Apple managed to launch a model that impresses through its high quality design and advanced set of features. The basic package comes with the highly appreciated Apple EarPods that keep away external noises. You should also know that the device is completed by a brilliant 4 Retina display with the advanced Multi-Touch IPS technology which gives you the possibility to safely control all the features of the device, making the whole audio experience quite special. It has FaceTime camera with 1.2 MP and also 720p HD video resolution.

“Nothing beats the Apple iPod Touch when it comes to playing music all day long, wherever I go.         It beats any mp3 for qualtiy and this is why I got it for myself. I also like the EarPods which come with the iPod because they have and excellent quality sound.” – Jessica Lewis

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Apple iPod Touch Black


If you want the coolest way to hear quality music just the way you like it then you should complete your life with Apple Touch iPod 32 GB, from the 5th Generation wave. The model is mad out of Anodized aluminum unibody format, which is elegant and quality beautiful to behold and wonderful to hold. It is 6.1 mm thin and weighs only 88 grams, making it a great device to have around. It has a 4” Retina display which allows you to see with clear details movies, videos or even documentaries. You will also be greeted by Apple EarPods the fit with ease in the ears.

“Buying this iPod was a great idea from my part because it has all that I could possibly want from a portable audio device and more. The design is awsome, it is so light and also has an internal memory of 32 Gb. I believe it is worth every penny.” – Gregg West

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Apple iPod Touch 8 GB


One of the best iPods under $200, Apple Touch iPod 8 GB from the 4th Generation is the ideal option if you want to escape the regular barriers of listening to music, irrespective of your location. It is the world’s most popular music player, running on the powerful iOS 5 that comes with over 200 new features, including iMessage, Twitter, Facebook integration and many more. You can record videos in high definition and even make FaceTime calls to your friends and family members. On the App store there are around 500.000 applications that are waiting for you to pick one out.

“I have had this iPod for quite some time now and in all the time I have had it, this white marvel has never failled me and has always delivered quality sound to my years. I also have access to every social network site so really I can’t wish for more.” – Anne Kendrick

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Apple iPod Touch 16 GB


Do you love to run and hear quality music? If the answer is yes then you should consider taking Apple Touch iPod, 16 GB white from the 4th Generation along. Considered one of the best iPods $200, this model runs on the precise iOS 5 operating system and is equipped with FaceTime camera. The model features 2 cameras, one on the front and the other one on the back. The camera allows you to record in an impressive 720p high definition resolution. Take a photo, post it on the internet while you also listen to music, the favourite songs that you love.

“Apple have really done a great job when they created the iPod Touch of which I am a proud owner. The operating system, its HD capable touchscreen, the 2 cameras it has, everything is of top quality and this was exactly what I wanted.” – Jake Cooper

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